Spring Clearance... Please don't tell me...

Kissy Kissy
I am STOKED about the amazing deals on the Spring Clearance! Problem is, I can't afford everything I want on it! There are items I've had on my wish list forever. So my question is...

IS EF clearing out these items for good? Getting rid of them? No more? Is there any way I can tell if they are discontinuing?

Thanks for your reply, this will help me decide if I need to get some items over others (if they are being removed!) !!
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Ghost Ghost
Based on past clearance events, a lot of the items do disappear forever. But not all of them! Some are just poor sellers and they want to lower their stock.
js250 js250
I would suggest sending a ticket to support for the items you are most worried about, they can tell you if they are going to continue stocking the items or if they're moving them our for new ones.
Peggi Peggi
There is also a list of items that are discontinued, sorry I don't have that link, but if you search for it in the forums I'm sure you can find it. Maybe you can check around there and see if anyone knows, too. Or just send in the support ticket like js250 suggested
Kissy Kissy
Thanks everyone! I better get shopping!
underHim underHim
I ordered the luxe cuffs that were on half off yesterday and they have not been discontinued (not out of stock, discontinued) so some are being discontinued. I got them at half off and have wanted them for quite some time, so I am happy.
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