What, if any, is your level of familiarity with the transgendered community?

Robespierrethecat Robespierrethecat
several of my closest friends are trans*, and one of them who is genderqueer was actually going to be my roommate next year.
Hipposterous Hipposterous
I have been intimate with a transgender woman, my ex was genderqueer and now identifies as a man (FTM), and my current boyfriend cross-dresses and has stated several times (in a serious way) that he feels like a woman in a man's body, but does not desire to transition and is accepting of living as a man. But I would of course accept him and refer to him by his preferred pronouns if he decided to transition.

Two of my best friends are FTM, and I have 3 other FTM friends. However, I have not met many MTF women and am less educated on it.
KatPawz2003 KatPawz2003
I am not transgendered but have a number of friends, who range from I used to be semi-close with to some of my best friends, who are both transgender and gender queer. As a result I have become somewhat active within my local trans community along with my activity with the GLBTQ community as a whole.
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