Communication and Distance

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I've been dating my current boyfriend for a while now but we recently spent a large amount of time together during a vacation but now we're back to the hum drum of things and I've noticed he's not as affectionate. I was thinking and feel like we need some time away from each other (not a break, but just not staying the night together all the time) but not sure how I should approach it. Would asking him to set aside a couple days (more like time-periods) for me a week and then just if we see each other in addition to that it'd be bonus work? That way I'd be more content (I tend to like more of a schedule and knowing what I'm going to be doing that week) and he's be able to have bro time without it bothering either of us. How do you handle situations like this? Any examples or advice?
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Taylor Taylor
I would say just talk to him about it. He will probably understand if you want a night or two to yourself (me may want some as well) as well as a few nights with him

I would be very surprised if he wasn't willing to work with you on this. Just let him know that you like to plan things a few days in advance and that you would appreciate if he would work with you on that. You're definitely not asking for anything unreasonable
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