Long Distance Relationship

Contributor: Tangerine Tangerine
Visiting Situation:
I am in a long distance relationship, it didnt start out like that but the move was for a job. Its only around 2 hrs away. I visit her every weekend. (her work schedule does not allow much time off and never 2 days in a row)I go friday after work and leave VERY early Monday before work. She visits when she can if she has extra time during the week or mostly bc she may have a family thing going on. Sometimes she will come REALLY late Satuday night and stay Sunday.
Issue: Now I feel like I am making this HUGE effort and that the relationship is unbalanced. Because when she comes here it's never just to see me its to see her family and friends that she NEVER sees unless she comes here. I am trying to be understanding that she misses them, but I have a hard time because I now feel like I have to so much to see her (for only a few hrs on the weekend as she works all weekend most of the time)What can I do to not feel so I guess resentful at this point....
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