Size Glass Plug

sweetpea12 sweetpea12
How big is the biggest glass plug do you have? Did you have to work up to the size?
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Missmarc Missmarc
I don't have a glass plug yet, I have a few glass dildos. I have the Njoy Medium that I am consider moving up to the large.
ScottA ScottA
Biggest is the Sasha Grey Large and the Sexy Spades Large (both about the same size, the Spades is a bit wider but shorter).

Sasha I can put in as a first-of-a-session toy if I take enough time (though it's much nicer with some warm-up play), the Sexy Spades could probably be a first-of-a-session toy, but I've always used it second. Make sure you warm them up if your butt isn't warmed up.

They're both 2+", so I did need to move up to them. I started with fingers, moved to 1.5" sized objects, then up.
slynch slynch
we don't have any glass plugs
permitdrab permitdrab
Sasha Grey Large is the only glass plug I own. It's the largest that I found on here and was well reviewed by other (ScottA above included). I didn't have to work up to that plug specifically, but I did have to work up to the Pure 2.0, which is a steel plug, but similar size and equal firmness. I had the Pure 2.0 first and didn't quite know what I was getting into. It took setting aside appropriate warm-up time and steps.
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