Best glass dildos for beginners.

Leaving Love Leaving Love
Which do you think is the best? I want one but really unsure of which to get.
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Woman China Woman China
Originally posted by Leaving Love
Which do you think is the best? I want one but really unsure of which to get.
Swirled Blue Dildo!!!!!!!!!

Heaven does come in glass

And then??? It is amazing if you let your imagination take over and get creative too!!!! Latest Swirled Blue Dildo fun
indiglo indiglo
My first glass dildo was the Midnight Twist. Very good for beginners to glass because it isn't too big and doesn't have too much texture. (But still DEFINITELY gets the job done!) I think it's good to start small and without much texture because of the unforgiving nature of glass - makes everything feel bigger and more textured than it is because it doesn't give or squish at all. Once you get comfortable with it, you can branch out to larger or more textured toys, and see what you like best. Best wishes and happy hunting!
Kayla Kayla
I personally am in love with my Bent Graduate as a beginner glass toy, but it really depends on what type of stimulation you are looking for. The Bent Graduate is amazing for g-spot stimulation.
Wild Orchid Wild Orchid
@ Kayla me too although I have the Amethyst. Best thing ever.
Antipova Antipova
I'm a big proponent of the Gold Laced G. What you'll choose should depend on what diameter you're interested in, and how tolerant you think you are of texture, but the Gold Laced G is a good one to start with, because even though I really like a lot of texture, the mild lattice on the Gold Laced G is still a welcome change of pace. I still use mine all the time.
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