Long Distance Relationships

PepperPot PepperPot
My brother and his wife will be apart from one another due to their jobs, but he's kind of clueless about romantic gestures, especially form afar. I've come up with some ideas for him, but what are some of the most romantic things you've done for a long-distance partner?
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My wife and I were long distance when we were engaged for over 5 years and I can honestly say it was rough. But I never did anything over the top romantic. Sent flowers when necessary but mainly we just talked and talked and talked. Communication is extremely important in all relationships but I would say even more so in a long distance one.
alesteph alesteph
We would buy each other small items and sent it to each other. We wouldnt tell each other so it would be a surprise. Nothing expensive, unless we chose to but it was the thought that counted.
gavind gavind
It doesn't work. Check out the movie Going the distance". In the end, they ended up with a compromise. EdenFantasys Logo
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