Want the rechargeable toy with out $

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I want a rechargeable toy with $ but i dont want to get shorted on the fun. So which one is the best?
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- Kira - - Kira -
The good quality rechargeable ones cost money. I don't know of any rechargeable toys that are decent and cheap.
charletnarouh charletnarouh
You can find some decent mid-strength rechargeable clit toys starting at around $50. Fun Factory has some of their mini-vibes on sale right now starting at $68, normally $85. Truth is, for the most part, you do get what you pay for. The luxury brands are popular and well rated because they are well made. Join the review program and once you are an advanced reviewer, you can do a buy out for a great discount on more expensive toys. I've purchased a few items this way. The points program has also helped me afford some of my pricier toys. Rechargeable toys are more expensive than battery toys, but I find them to be worth it and more expensive toys are usually just better quality. Better materials, better vibrations, better battery life, better features and ergonomics.
ToyGeek ToyGeek
If you participate on the site long enough, the points build up and things suddenly become much more affordable.
mistressg mistressg
I just got this, I'd recommend it.
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