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Do rechargeable toys "die" after periods of no use?
I might be traveling for my job for approx. 2-3 months and won't be able to take all my rechargeable toys with me to keep them going. Does anyone...

Rechargeable versus Battery-Fueled Fun?
Just curious here, but I was wondering which you preffered and why. Batteries can make for easy travel and some last a long while, and the overall...

Using rechargeable batteries in sex toys
I love rechargeable batteries. Just about every battery-operated gizmo I own gets rechargeables, and they do just fine. The only time I've ever had...

Rechargeable vs regular batteries: which do you have more of?
how many toys do you have that are rechargeable vs batteries?

Rechargeable N-type batteries?
Has anyone used rechargeable N-type batteries with success? I want to order this toy for my girlfriend:...
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