Rechargeable N-type batteries?

Rechargeable N-type batteries?

crazyengineer crazyengineer
Has anyone used rechargeable N-type batteries with success? I want to order this toy for my girlfriend: link

but of course it uses watch batteries, which I absolutely can't stand. They are expensive for the time they actually provide, plus I hate the waste factor. What I would like to do is use a N-type bullet we already have in place of the watch battery powered vibrator provided. But then there is still the problem of using N batteries, at $2 a piece or whatever they cost. What I would like is a more cost effective and less wasteful solution.

So a quick google search found this:
Most of the things on that page are no longer available, but the important part, the rechargeable N-type battery, is. Here's a link: link

I already have an energizer recharger that I use for all our household AA/AAA needs, and the only thing I will need to make these N-type batteries recharge in it is a small piece of rod to make the length of the N-type battery the same as a AA, so that the the rod + battery completes the circuit with the charger itself. An example of what I'm talking about can be seen here:
Picture is taken from the robotroom link provided above.

I ordered the batteries tonight, but won't have a chance to test them until mid-May. I'm hoping others find this information useful in the meantime, and will report back with what I find out. Sorry for the rather technical post in a forum about vibrators, but less money in batteries means more money for sex toys to torture my girlfriend with. Have fun!
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Shellz31 Shellz31
Huh - ya can get rechargeable N batteries?
Awesome. I haven't come across them over here. I have a bullet that uses N batteries and I don't like it cause I only really like rechargeable batteries. I need to get me some!

Great idea on the rod to make it fit the charger.

Thanks for the info!
crazyengineer crazyengineer
Just an update, I found the rechargeable batteries cheaper here: link

$7.50 with free shipping, vs $8.99 and roughly $6 shipping on the radio shack site.
Sammi Sammi
Those are definitely something I need to look into getting!
yummyinmytummy yummyinmytummy
Well, I'm sure glad I read this. I love saving money
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