Vibratex Rechargeable Mystic Wand-Question/Problem

Contributor: Switch Ophelia Switch Ophelia
Hello everybody,

I just received my pink Mystic Wand today. I am having what seems to be, a problem. I hope that somebody on here can help me.

When I plug in the wand to charge it the following happens:

-I plug in the wand. I make certain that it is plugged in firmly and that I am using a wall outlet.

-The wand indicator light at the top will blink pink steadily for a short time.


All of a sudden, it will COMPLETELY STOP BLINKING

The status light (the large light at the top) shows NOTHING!

I am very disappointed, and hope that it just might be something that I am missing or not aware of.

Please advise if possible!

Thank you!
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