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Butterfly kiss sex toy review

Out of my entire toy collection the Butterfly kiss has to be my favorite by far. The size is perfect for anyone and not at all intimidating. The design of the Butterfly kiss is perfect allowing the Butterfly to hit the clitoris directly. The butterfly kiss is an all around great toy at a great price that I would gladly suggest to anyone seeking their first g-spot toy or just an addition to their toy collection.
Push button vibration settings. Strong vibrations. Perfect size. Great price. Waterproof.
G-spot shaft needs to be more malleable.
Rating by reviewer:
extremely useful review
My Experience - Out of my entire toy collection the Butterfly kiss has to be my favorite by far. The size is perfect for anyone and not at all intimidating. Its actually quite a small toy all together. The design of the Butterfly kiss vibrator|Butterfly kiss vibrator is perfect allowing the Butterfly to hit the clitoris directly during play. The shaft of the toy also hit my g-spot directly with little movement. The (Vroom) Vibrations of the Butterfly kiss can be set by pushing a small button on the battery cap and are very powerful when it is set to the third setting. I would rate the first setting at a 2, the second at a 3 and the third (last) setting at a 4. The push button is a great feature that allows you to switch through the vibration settings with out having to mess with turn dials, which I have noticed over time can become loose and need tightening. The (Bee) overall noise level of the Butterfly kiss can barely be heard when it is inserted. However the third vibration setting can very likely be heard through closed doors if it isn't being inserted.

Out of water play Experience - The Butterfly kiss is my first toy with a butterfly attachment. With that being said I was unsure as to weather or not it would directly stimulate my clitoris during play. Boy was i wrong. I used the third vibration setting while playing with it and reached orgasm almost immediately. For a toy that only requires 2-Aaa batteries and is considered small in all around size, I was quite surprised by the intensity of the vibrations. Again, the g-spot stimulator hit the spot each time. I do however wish that the g-spot shaft wasn't as limp as it is. I believe if it had some sort of malleable rod inserted in the shaft to allow you to bend it however you pleased would be a big plus. None the less it still hit the right spot with little to no effort at all. As with all my other toys and for a little added pleasure I like to use my Crystal jellies butt plug|Sex toys reviews: Crystal jellies butt plug junior along with the Butterfly kiss.

Bathtub play Experience - I was a little hesitant to use this one submerged under water because the battery cap doesn't have a rubber O-ring around the battery base like other waterproof toys usually have. Instead I decided just to use it in the shower to see exactly how waterproof it actually was. It worked perfectly during the shower and water did not enter the battery pack or any other crevice of the toy.

Care and Cleaning (Materials) - As with toys made from jelly you cannot clean them as well as toys made from other materials. I myself like to use a warm damp cloth along with my toy cleaner. I also suggest that if you plan on using this along with a partner you use a condom during play.

Overall I gave the Butterfly kiss 4 stars because I believe it would hit g-spot areas better on others if the g-spot shaft was more malleable and could be bent into place. It hits my g-spot directly but a bendable shaft would be a great added feature. The butterfly kiss is an all around great toy at a great price that I would gladly suggest to anyone seeking their first g-spot toy|G-spot sex toys or just an addition to their toy collection.
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  • Bulma
    Nice review.  Good that everything actually lined up for you like it should, I have a problem wiht not being able to find toys that hit my spots correctly.
  • CookieMonster
    Well this was my first g-spot vibration with the butterfly attachment so I was a little skeptical as to weather it would be able to hit that spot without the butterfly getting in the way but it worked out great. I do have other g-spot vibrators that are made from harder materials and I do believe those work better to achieve g-spot orgasms alone.
  • Dame Demi
    I agree the firmer materials stimulate the g-spot more effectively.  I do like this style of toy, though, because it does a lot of the work for you.  I've got several toys in this style, but they've all got nubs as clitoral stimulators instead of the butterfly, and I must admit I've been very, very curious about the buttefly's effectiveness.  Sounds like it works great for you.  Good review!
  • Essin' Em
    Glad it worked so well for you!
  • CookieMonster
    Its been an all around great experience playing with this toy so im pretty happy. Thank you all for the great comments by the way.
  • Jimbo Jones
    I always wonder whether or not a g-spot is going to do well for my female partner or not. The material being a little stiffer along the shaft would probably make this better. Thanks for the great review!
  • CookieMonster
    Maybe they will redesign the toy in the near future. Thanks again everyone for the wonderful comments.
  • Miss Cinnamon
    How limp is limp? The jelly toys I've played with all seem to be rather flexible but still have enough "form" to give a good thrust. Was this g-spot vibe that kind of limp or a "boyfriend gone soft" limp? How much do you think it impeded its quality as a g-spot vibrator?

    Thanks for the good review!
  • CookieMonster
    The vibrations of this g-spot vibe are really intense which in turn makes up for its "limpness"
    Its pretty limp none the less.....like you said kinda like a boyfriend gone soft....really soft.
  • megganmarie
    Thanks for a good review. I have a hard time finding a g-spot toy with a clitoris stimulator that hits both spots just right. Glad this one worked for you.
  • TheCleansing
    Lack of malleability is an issue. o.O
  • Glac
    thanks for the good review
  • freda
    nice review
  • mrssnyder
    nice review
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