What's up with different Butterfly Kisses?

What's up with different Butterfly Kisses?

Wild Orchid Wild Orchid
Butterfly kiss
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When I bought my Butterfly Kiss I thought there were only 2 versions - the standard and the Platinum Edition. Since I couldn't find the PE in my country I went with the regular one. I was so bent on getting it after watching Kara Sutra's review of it. She said it was TPR. I got my Butterfly Kiss. On the packaging (plastic shell with a piece of paper) it said that it's "phthalate-free" and made of TPR. I'm inclined to believe it as it didn't smell, didn't turn ugly yellow even when I had it for more than a year, didn't sting my bits (jelly does).

Now, however I see those jelly Butterfly Kisses. What's the deal? Was my vibe mis-labeled or are there more than 2 versions? I still have the paper insert from the packaging if you'd like to see it. The vibe itself looks a bit more opaque than what I see in EF catalog - it's always looked like this.

I would also ask people from EF who deal with the Review Program. Is my Butterfly Kiss same as yours (and thus qualifies for a review) or is it a different product?
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Nichole G Nichole G
Hi there!! California Exotic Novelties was the 1st to come out with this fantastic design. & yes we only have 2 versions, the platinum & the original. Check it out on our website link

Many other companies have tried to duplicate our product but have had no success. We are the original creators with the best product Hope this helps!
Nichole G Nichole G
All butterfly Kiss items are made from Safe&Pure TPR
Wild Orchid Wild Orchid
Thanks! That answers all my questions.

You might contact EF staff to have the description corrected 'cause it says that yours is made of jelly.
Nichole G Nichole G
I will. Thanks!
Kayla Kayla
The product specifications for this product have now been updated. It now says TPR. Thank you for letting us know, Nichole!
Nichole G Nichole G
Thanks so much Kayla!!
rnsice79 rnsice79
i want one of these!
nanners nanners
Definitely good to know!
kaylajoy89 kaylajoy89
thanks for the clarification
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