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138 reviews

If you are a new-be that has yet to find out exactly what works for you the Butterfly Kiss is a great toy to get on the cheap to explore, but not one that will last you for years upon years.

If you're looking for a beginner toy, I would definitely purchase this. I promise you won't be disappointed. It has just the right amount of length and vibration.

This is a great toy for beginners and for the more experienced. It's easy to use and the dual g-spot and clit vibrations are shockingly good. This toy is good for a quickie or a much longer session and is guaranteed to please without wearing you out. You will definitely get your money's worth out of this toy.

The butterfly kiss is a great for beginners or those who have a need for less stimulation. It is a great toy for the money...a lot of bang for you buck!

This is an adorable and good g-spot vibe with clit attachment. With some wild imagination, good porn, or even an adventurous lover by your side, this can be an exciting beginner vibe.

It amazes me how quickly this toy has been forgotten. While it provided a nice introduction to toys (since both of us were toy virgins), it is easily replaceable with other clitoral toys that have a stronger vrooms. Still, for the price, battery type, and target audience, it deserves a fair rating.

If I could, I would have skipped this toy, ladies and gents. Made of TPR, its small penetrable length, sticky feel and battery guzzling left me with quite a bit of buyers remorse.

Overall, a great toy to use everyday or if you're just starting out using toys. It provides good clit stimulation and vibration.

The design and the contact points make it definitely a fun toy. Beware of the speed controls, though, because some speeds may be too much or not enough to get you going.

For first timers or novices, this toy is worth it. It is a non-intimidating introduction to sex toys and dual stimulation.

The Butterfly Kiss is a fabulous bang for your buck. For the price of a few trips to Starbucks, you can have a quiet little friend who teases orgasms out of you, rather than demanding them. Quiet and flexible, this toy keeps me coming back again and again, which I never would have expected when I first bought it on a whim.

I was expecting something a bit bigger with a little more vibration. I was also expecting the butterfly portion to actual tickle my clit; it didn't even come close to touching it. I was not impressed.

This item is worth it because it is fairly priced, and it gives me the quickest orgasm out of all the different types of sex toys I have tried. It is a win-win situation.

I believe that the Butterfly Kiss is worth the money as it easily gets the job done! With only three settings, it's easy for a beginner and packs similar intensity to other expensive toys. The G-Spot stimulator hits the spot every time and can be used a variety of ways.

I would suggest this to a friend; it is easy to use and kind of cute! It is a standby and usually the first toy that I grab. When you buy this, know up front that it will go through batteries, but it will get the job done!

This is an excellent toy for beginners and light penetration. Is quiet and waterproof. Great for solo fun or with a partner.

I really enjoyed this little toy. I have actually given this as a gift to a couple of my friends and trust me, I would never give something I wouldn't like to be given.

Overall the butterfly kiss gave me pure bliss and will always have you coming back for more. But, remember to keep it down and don't wake up anyone; then they will know what you are up to in your alone time.

This is a great toy for a gal on a budget. It's cute and packs quite a punch compared to other toys at this price.

All in all a great, fun little toy. Simple and easy to use for you or your partner. If you are looking for something a little more intense and exotic then you might want to skip this one. It's a quaint little toy.

The price is right, but the toy isn't exactly thrilling unless your g-spot is in a position easily reached by the toy. I don't think this is inherently a bad product, it just wasn't right for me or my body type.

I've had my eye on this for a little while, and when I ordered it, I was practically sitting on my porch waiting for it to arrive. This little butterfly did not let me down!

All in all, I would not recommend this toy unless you are a beginner looking for a cheap toy to try out. For the more experience person with toys, this is definitely a dud. You truly get what you pay for.

The Butterfly Kiss is a simple but versatile toy with cute styling and enough power to stand on its own. The waterproof casing and push-button controls make it easy-to-use in just about any setting and it's quiet enough to use in a dorm or thin-walled apartment. Take off the TPR portion and you have a great alternative to a larger bullet or smaller slimline vibe that's completely gender-neutral and non-representative. Good for first-timers or anyone who wants an inexpensive vibe.

I would recommend this butterfly to anyone who is looking for help with solo play. What woman doesn't love having her clit and g-spot stimulated at the same time? It provides some very powerful orgasms by stimulating both areas perfectly. This would also be great for a beginner who was looking for ways to stimulate the g-spot.

If you are a butterfly fan than this little beauty will flutter right into your heart! I would recommend to everyone!

This toy is a perfect addition to any collection. At the price, there's no reason not to have one by your bed today!

If this was my first vibrator, I may have been impressed, only because of being inexperienced. Overall, I would not purchase this product again if given the choice.

The Butterfly Kiss is a perfect beginners dual stimulator, that will also be perfect for women with a shallow g spot and easily accessible clitoral area. It's also perfect because it's a waterproof toy!!

This little butterfly does the trick. It's low cost, lightweight and compact. In my opinion, it does what I need it to do and adds a special butterfly tickle right where you need it. It may not be the biggest, but it does get the job done!

In short, I can't recommend the Butterfly Kiss. I am a bit baffled at its popularity, but hey, maybe it really gets some women going while others need to look elsewhere to get their sex toy kicks. If you want to take a chance on it and see if it is for you, at least it's inexpensive. It's up to you if you want to take the gamble or not.

If you're a beginner looking for an inexpensive toy to try out, this might be for you. The price alone, when compared to other vibes on the market, is a huge selling point. For more advanced users, I recommend something else. Sometimes you really do get what you pay for. If you just don't like TPR material, this definitely is not the toy for you.

The Butterfly Kiss is probably not the ideal first toy for a virgin, which I had found out the hard way. The shaping of one's vulva and vagina plays a larger factor than it should in determining whether or not this toy can carry out its intended purpose. Also, if you plan to use the second or third vibration levels, be prepared to hear (and have others hear) the buzz loud and clear.

The Butterfly Kiss may be small, but he sure does pack a punch! It is worth every last penny and then some.

I got tired of big toys so I tired this and I am so glad I did. If you squeeze those kegels while using this it works best.

This is just a cheap toy that looks like it could be fun, but really isn't. Overall, not worth it.

The Butterfly Kiss G-spot vibrator is a powerful toy which unfortunately falters in the pleasure department. Despite a nice shape to the bulb and powerful vibrations, it leaves me wanting.

This product packs quite a punch for its small size and it's definitely worth the price tag. I'm really pleased with this product because it gets the job done and is cute to boot! I will re-buy it if something happens to it.

For being a cheap and cheaply made toy, with a loud BUZZ, It was great! Thoroughly satisfying. The Butterfly Kisses made me tingly in the right places!! It put a smile on my face for hours. Had I seen the Platinum edition I would have ordered that one, I hope this one lasts and if it doesn't I will definitively replace it.

All in all this product is great and is great for the price. I do recommend this to anyone looking at it. My wife has used this for about a year now and after trying numerous others that are way more expensive, this is still her favorite.

The Butterfly Kiss is well worth the small price. It is simple, yet extremely effective, as it is dual-stimulating for both an internal and clitoral experience you won't soon forget. It is easy to clean, easy to store, and adorable, to boot.

In short, this is a good, cheap toy to test out, whether you'd be interested in a more serious rabbit-style vibe, or one that is convenient for when you're traveling. Ultimately, as this leaves you wanting something more powerful, it is ideal for a little tease and denial. I would recommend this toy to beginners or those who prefer weaker vibrations.

I think everyone should have this in their collection. Great price. Feels great. Easy to clean, and easy to handle.

I had high hopes for this and ended up being disappointed. It is cute and small, which I was looking for, but it doesn't work with my body. It ended up being more of a caterpillar than a butterfly for me.

To sum it all up that Butterfly Kiss is a good inexpensive toy. Batteries last a while, providing several good uses before it slows down. There are no odd odors and no color changes over time. There are only three settings, but Butterfly Kiss is very powerful and pleasing.

Because I get such great orgasms using this toy, I can't completely knock it. It is unfortunate that I don't get any g-spot stimulation with it, but another person might. I definitely suggest this for a beginner, especially as an intro clit/g-spot stimulator, because of its cute, non-threatening size and shape. Because it goes through batteries quickly, I encourage using rechargeable AAA batteries. Insertion is more comfortable and clit stimulation is more intense with the use of lube.

Feels great, looks great, good price, what are you waiting for? Reaches my g-spot every time and the great vibrations are just an added benefit.

Overall, I would say that this toy gets done what it needs to, I would recommend it to those looking for an inexpensive and useful toy.

The Butterfly Kiss is a great alternative to rabbit vibrators. If you like rabbits, you’ll most likely like the Butterfly. It’s a fairly powerful dual stimulator. I found it better at stimulating the clitoris than the G-spot. It’s waterproof, easy to clean and operate. It’s made of TPR (not jelly!). It is a battery guzzler and there are no patterns of vibrations. However, it's a great value for the price and I had a lot of fun with it. I’ll definitely be going back to it again.

I was unimpressed with this toy and it probably won't get used much. It is inexpensive and made of TPR, but the vibe speeds and length both left me very unsatisfied.

This toy would make a good beginner's foray into the world of dual stimulation sex toys. It's affordable, easy to use, waterproof and not intimidating. However, if your anatomy does not line up with the toy, you may find yourself disappointed.

It's a decent vibrator and it works but I don't think it's worth it because it's very soft which means you can't feel the vibrations in the shaft and bulb. It does a much better job stimulating the clitoris than the g-spot. I consider it more of a clitoral vibrator with penetration than a dual clitoral and g-spot stimulator.

A good vibrator for just clitoral stimulation. The butterfly antennae offer general stimulation while the bulb offers pinpoint stimulation. It's also a good toy for g-spot stimulation via the bulb. The vibrator doesn't quite work for both at the same time however, which is a huge disappointment for a toy meant for double stimulation.

Overall this vibrator was a big hit. If you are a beginner, love water play, or have a partner who wants to join in the fun, then this is definitely a little joy of a toy in which you should invest.

The Butterfly Kiss is beginner friendly yet has qualities that appeal to anyone. If you've been looking for a vibrator with a worthy clitoral attachment, THIS is it. The butterfly is sure to flutter your clitoris to high places. Add that to a great price point and... SOLD!

I like this toy. It can get one off in mere minutes, but the only bad thing is that it can be a pain to clean if you are careless.

I bought this toy hoping to fall in love with g-spot vibrators, but now it sits in my drawer, never used. This might be decent for beginners, otherwise, look elsewhere.

For me, the Butterfly Kiss was an excellent introduction to rabbit-type vibrators. I think it would do very well for any other beginners, partially because it helps you explore what you do and don't prefer without leading you into a $100 or more commitment. However, it is lacking in the vibration department, primarily in variety, and it might not work for all anatomy types.

To conclude, the Butterfly Kiss is a great toy for solo or couple use. It's affordable and reliable on battery life, is water-proof and has three settings. It may not be for everyone, but it's certainly for me.

The best toy you could buy! It hits your G-spot combined with clit stimulation that makes for an amazing, sheet-clenching orgasm. Every Girl Must Own This Toy!

This is the first and only toy I've bought. It is small enough to hide nearly anywhere in my room, and even though the noise is very loud, the medium setting is good enough to get you off without the noise to get you noticed. I wouldn't consider it all that exciting as its more of a tool than a toy in many aspects. It goes exactly where it needs to without being too extreme. It is great for beginners! I love it.

Such a great purchase for the price! Don't let the small size fool you - this little toy can provide some of the strongest vibrations you'll ever feel. This will definitely be one of your "go-to toys"!

This butterfly kiss g-spot simulator is definitely worth the low price. Mine has literally lasted for two years and is still going strong. I am not disappointed with this item in the least and I still get pleasure from it, on a daily basis. It is very exciting but could be a little quieter. I don't mind the loud sounds from it because when it comes down to it, when a woman is in pleasure, we are loud too.

Overall a great starter vibrator and it comes with good color choices. I would definitely recommend this to first time users however if you're an all out freak then maybe it is not for you.

This toy is good for beginners that won't be using it very often. If you're a straight out freak, this toy is WAY too lame for you!

I was a little disappointed with this toy, but it's possible that it was just because of the way it fit with my body. It didn't hit where I felt it should hit. The vibrations were nice, and strong, but they weren't what I was looking for. I would have preferred that it was a more solid toy, instead of flexing; because it made it more difficult to get the toy where I wanted it to be. All in all, I don't think this toy is for the pros out there.

This is a must have for anyone wanting a small discreet vibrator made with a tantalizing antennae and wings! This would make for a fun travel item for you or a friend, so buy a few and pass them out at a girls night in party!

The item is definitely worth it. Especially for someone forging into vibes for the first time when considering the price, the design, how easy it is to use, and the different vibration settings.

For the price this item is more than worth it. The vibrations are fairly good and would be good for anyone wanting a little extra stimulation or anyone wanting to start g-spot play.

While this toy is cute looking it just isn't what I was hoping for. While I was hoping to be kissed by a butterfly, this butterfly missed. It's too small and flexible to do anything for my g-spot but the butterfly clit attachment does help a little. It is waterproof which is a plus in my book.

I don't think that this toy is exciting enough for what it's marketed as. Give it a go if light internal and clitoral or perineal stimulation is your thing; but if you're looking for a solid G-spot focused vibe look elsewhere.

A great toy for those new to vibrators. Its a good way to get your feet wet and find out what you like or don't like in a toy. Since its so inexpensive I would highly recommend it.

Looking to give a gift to a friend just starting their collection? Looking for your first rabbit? You need not look any further than the Butterfly Kiss. It's a great first toy with its short, thin shaft and cute little clit stimulating butterfly and three levels of intensity.

I enjoyed this product very much! I recently bought a second one to replace my original. It's a steal for the price.

What’s disappointing about the Butterfly Kiss isn’t that it’s a so so vibe, but that it’s a so so vibe which could have been great. But, it tries too hard to please with both g-spot and clitoral stimulation, and doesn’t quite please with either. I could enjoy the clit vibe alone if battery consumption was reasonable, but noticeable power loss starts right away. It’s a fine learning vibe, and was a good starter for me, but there are better choices.

This was a fun introduction into vibrators for us. As we used it, we learned what we do and do not like. For instance, I need something with longer length and possibly stronger vibrations. While this may not be perfect, it still makes our time together more fulfilling for both of us.

The Butterfly Kiss is popular for various reasons: it's cheap, it's travel friendly and it packs a punch. If you are curious about simultaneous stimulation or want a cheap, good quality "rabbit", this is an excellent option. A modern classic in the making.

Great starter toy but overall it doesn't provide enough g-spot stimulation and the batteries tended to die before I could reach orgasm. Good for beginners but the further away I moved from beginner the less I liked it.

Butterfly Kiss in my experience is an unassuming little toy that can cause the earth to move. It might be cheaply made, but because of its compatibility with me, can beat many more expensive and elaborate dual stimulators.

Overall I would say this is a great beginner's product. The size isn't intimidating, and it isn't noisy so there is no distraction. It doesn't give me those deep-down toe-curling orgasms that my Hubby can, but it's still fun and very enjoyable.

I would definitely buy this toy again and again, if only just to use it with my lover or in conjunction with other toys. The clit massage butterfly feels fantastic! It's very quiet and a bit small, so easy to stash away. Cleaning is easy and it's a very reasonable price!

Hardcore vibe aficionados are likely to be disappointed with the Kiss due to its many setbacks, but its good qualities make it a perfect casual or beginner vibe as either the external or internal portions are likely to tickle your fancy. If this toy came in waterproof silicone I'd easily shell out a hundred bucks for it. No, it's not perfect, but the Butterfly Kiss is a clear winner in its class of vibrators, and I highly recommend it to the curious or casual vibe user.

The design, in my mind, is classic and the toy isn't as bad as I make it out to be if you're into that kind of thing. If you try it and love it then that is all that matters. It is a decent toy for the price and isn't as intimidating, design-wise, as the other vibes I've seen. A good beginner g-spot toy.

This item is worth giving a try, you will not be disappointed. However, if you are looking for something big and long, this is not for you.

The Butterfly Kiss is powerful but very buzzy. The design is well-thought-out but simply doesn’t work. The jelly material is very porous and unsafe for use, and I definitely don’t recommend this for anyone.

The vibration just wasn't there, it left me hanging. I had to really work to hold the bulb in place just to try to get any stimulation on my gspot which was uncomfortable. It left me horny and needing a massage.

I can not speak for size queens, power queens, or those who have tried out lots of different toys, but as a beginner this toy is amazing. A great introduction into rabbits and g-spot stimulation. It is pretty to look at and still powerful. I love the flexibility of the head, which allows me to position it exactly where it feels good and also move it around for extra stimulation of my g-spot. A really great buy.

The Butterfly Kiss was my first vibrator, and I was not disappointed. I've had it for over a year now, and it's still working fine. It's waterproof, powerful, and easy to clean. This little guy is an excellent partner, and I hope he sticks around for a long time.

This toy is worth it if you are willing to risk having to use it in a manner different than intended and if you need a relatively quiet vibe with medium-strength vibrations. However, if you need it to fit just right, you are picky about smells, you intend to share the toy, or you need strong vibrations, skip this and move on to something else.

This toy packs the punch of an expensive rabbit vibrator without the cost. It's simple, it's strong, and it's reliable.

This is an excellent toy for beginners or professionals. It is very powerful, quiet, and discreet. It is orgasmic and definitely worth the money. Although small in size, it is very powerful. It is absolutely fabulous!

This Butterfly vibrator is satisfying but a little noisy. I was not disappointed by the results at all. I can't wait to play some more.

The Butterfly Kiss is a great toy that I would recommend to anyone, woman or man, looking to have some fun "Me" time or for couples looking to spice up their relationship. It is great for beginners, but I wish it had more variations of patterns of vibration.

This is an awesome product and I would definitely recommend any user to buy! A nice beginner product! It's also waterproof and extremely powerful!

This toy was very disappointing. I think it is built for the beginner because of the smallness of size. But for a beginner, it has its disadvantages. If you do not study what these toys are made of it could ruin a beginners opinion of using toys as a great sexual venue into pleasure. Especially if the beginner breaks out in a hideous painful rash or worse! This toy is promoted as both a G-spot and clitoral stimulator. Neither of these claims came true for this customer.

If you're looking for a new product, one that's easy to use, light weight, comfortable, body safe, nicely designed and easy to care for I highly suggest the Butterfly Kiss. Whether you're a beginner or someone who has lots of toys, I'm pretty sure you'll find the Butterfly Kiss a very worthy addition to your collection.

The Butterfly kiss would be a great toy for beginners. The vibrations are not earth shattering but can bring most to orgasm with the variety in textures and shapes.

The Butterfly Kiss turned me on to regular sex toy use! Its marketing as a "beginner toy" is for good reason. It has all the subtle qualities that are approachable enough to appeal to the curious yet uncertain, but still has enough power to drive you crazy and keep you interested. A dangerously addictive combination!

This is a great toy for those just exploring vibrators for the first time. It's a charming vibe and is a snap to use and powerful enough to get anyone off. My only fault with this toy was the butterfly was not long enough and that could simply be because my body is different than most others. It's a great toy and one of my faves.

This toy has a great shape that beginners should be comfortable with. The material absolutely killed this toy for me in a rather literal sense. If you like this shape and design, buy the Platinum Edition Butterfly Kiss.

Honestly, it's hit-or-miss with this one, and in my case, it just misses too often. It's small and affordable - not to mention easy to use - but it just doesn't do it for me. I wouldn't really recommend it.

This toy is very easy and fun. It is good for beginners or someone looking for a quick and dirty time. People looking for long sessions or more depth of feeling might want to look elsewhere.

This is honestly made quite well, but is too soft to stimulate internally. Other than that, this toy would be great as long as it actually hits the correct spots of your body. I would recommend getting something that is a bit more firm.

The long and short of it is; I love this toy! You can use it anywhere; tubs, in the car or wherever. It's so discreet you can pack it in your purse or overnight bag. This is a toy I will replace if it ever breaks!

This toy wasn't what I was hoping for. The size was too small for me. The stimulators didn't stimulate what they were supposed to. But it was cute.

The butterfly kiss is a decent toy for the price. The high strength and low volume are really great, especially if you have roommates. However if this toy is positioned wrong it can be a little painful. This would not be a bad choice for beginners, and I will probably continue to use this toy.

This toy gets me off quickly most of the time. It has become my go to toy if I am in a hurry. And the price is right even if I have to buy a new one every year.

This toy is a great beginners or advanced toy!! My new favorite and one I leave in the shower for those just in case moments.

It's a good cheap vibe for beginners, but not worth it if you're into more powerful G-spot stimulators. Save your money for something with silicone!

The butterfly kiss is an inexpensive, beginner-friendly style of rabbit vibrator with moderately strong vibrations. Best of all, it is water-proof and easy to travel making it a great addition to solo and couples play.

If you are looking for a first time vibrator that is not too intimidating, then pick this up. You won't be disappointed.

The clitoral stimulation on this toy is magic. It brings you from teasing to climaxing. Always use Duracell, they will keep the toy at its highest vroom capability. Pretty toy so it wouldn't be embarrassing if anyone found it. More of a clitoral stimulator than a g-spot stimulator.

This toy was a great introduction to dual stimulation. I found it easy to control and lots of fun to wiggle around with. Perfect for users of all different levels from beginners to advanced this toy is lots of fun to play with. With a design similar to that of a rabbit vibrator, it is just as cute and so much easier to use.

Unless you are looking for something that is very affordable and very small, this may not be the toy for you. I honestly really wouldn't recommend it to most people because even if you are looking for affordable and small, there are better options on the market. This one just didn't do the trick for me, in its intended capacity or in any other that I tried.

This product is great for beginners and advanced users. It provides amazing stimulations to your clitoris and g-spot. It is waterproof, but should be used dried well after use to keep from rusting the inside of the device. It has a low noise level, but is not silent for those with thin walls.

Although it looks so cute, it is definitely not great for anything else other than clitoral stimulation. I do not recommend this toy for anyone. Beginners would possibly do okay with this toy, considering they are possibly not seeking g-spot penetration. It is not at all satisfactory to me.

This is great for your first time. I'm looking to upgrade now and see if the other bad boys can't compete with this little guy.

Overall, this toy is good for beginners buying their first vibrator. It has multiple vibration settings. The material does attract fuzz, but it is really easy to clean. It gives great clit stimulation that is not too intense, but may be a bit too loud in, for example, a dorm room setting.

The Butterfly Kiss is a nearly flawless shape and design seemingly just constructed with mediocre materials. Battery life is poor, one of my settings died on me, and of course, jelly materials leave much to be desired. It feels great, but I would rather have a rabbit-style toy that I don't need to cover to feel I am using safely. Material has a slight odor. If they made an upgraded version, I'd get it in a second!

What can I say? I love it! Good strong vibration, easy to use controls. It delivers every time. Small enough for a beginner and powerful enough for a more advanced user. It'll be your BFF in no time at all!

If you are a beginner or new to vibrators, this is perfect for you! It allows you to keep your privacy and enjoy yourself. If you are looking for high power, higher quality..I would not suggest this buy. It is especially great for those wanting to pleasure themselves and have the extra power and stimuli. Overall, if you are looking for a toy to keep secret, this low-power quiet toy will give you just that

All in all the Butterfly Kiss is perfect for a beginning vibrator. The price is right and the clitoral stimulation is great. I recommend getting one so much, that I've convinced 3 of my friends to buy themselves one.

The greatest vibe ever!!! Versatile, perfect and easy. What more could you ask for?? Three levels of wow, the perfect amount of build up in vibration. I was very pleasantly surprised by it, I normally would not like such a small vibe.

This vibrator is over the top good for the price you pay. It's small enough for beginners, and powerful enough for the more advanced. It's girlie appearance works well for those who may be squeamish about toys, and it works well to get the job done. It's easy to use, easy to clean, and changing batteries is a snap. Overall, I'd buy this one again.

If you're a sex-toy virgin, this inexpensive, pretty, and water-proof vibrating toy could be the one for you. Give it a try!

This toy was not exciting, and did not deliver the double stimulation that it advertised because of a bulky and heavy design.

This item is a must buy! If you have never had a sex toy, or are looking for one that is great on the clit then this is the toy for you! It is cheap, but works like a charm for O after O after OOOOOOOOO.

Great girl and couple toy! Powerful and feels great. I definitely recommend this one. Great high speed and overall feeling makes up for weaker speed.

Instant Orgasm with this little Darling! Its a great toy for anyone wanting to acheive great orgasms and spice up any sex life.

I think this is a great toy. You can’t beat the price, and it feels great and is wonderfully designed. And if you don’t like it, you won’t have wasted much money, but I can’t think of a reason why you wouldn’t like it! It’s also easy to clean and not too hard on batteries.

At $17, the Butterfly Kiss is a real bargain. It's great for beginners or people who are terrified of larger vibrators.

This toy works well for the total price of it. Look to be quality built for the over all cost. We would recommend it to other toy buyers. Would have been 5 stars if the G spot part would have been firmer.

This is an excellent toy for anyone looking for a reasonably priced toy that is small, easy to use and gets the job done in a manner that will leave you blissfully satisfied.

Out of my entire toy collection the Butterfly kiss has to be my favorite by far. The size is perfect for anyone and not at all intimidating. The design of the Butterfly kiss is perfect allowing the Butterfly to hit the clitoris directly. The butterfly kiss is an all around great toy at a great price that I would gladly suggest to anyone seeking their first g-spot toy or just an addition to their toy collection.

I think this a good "starter" product, it is a good toy for your collection, it definitely does its job (trust me), and its not too much of an investment so if you decide you dont like it or you arent sure if a vibrator is your thing you didn't just blow $100 bucks

Overall, this is a great vibrator. This is a great first toy for anyone getting into the toys! This really spices up the bedroom and is very enjoyable!

This is possibly the most perfect toy that I own. The stimulation and overall performance of the Butterfly Kiss is simply amazing.

As he moved the Butterfly Kiss around inside of me, the little butterfly helped stimulate my clit. The wings and antennae fluttered back and forth, rubbing against me gently. I felt myself slowly reaching climax. I pulled the Butterfly Kiss out and settled myself on his lap, with my legs wrapped around him.

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