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Almost Heaven reviews

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33 reviews

Almost heaven almost creates a bridge between a romantic movie and porn... almost, but not quite. There's not enough plot for it to be a movie nor enough sexual variety for it to be great porn. For those who like to take things slow or prefer to watch tame porn this one could be for you. Those who like their sex dirty, raw and hard such as myself I strongly advise you to look elsewhere.

I would suggest this DVD to couples; it's very romantic and sensual, and it appears that was the purpose behind the scenes. It was a little too sensual and romantic for me, but I would recommend it for a more soft core audience.

This one rolls porn, a storyline and romance into the one great movie. Enjoy this one with your special someone on a quiet romantic night in together. Let the movie help set the mood. It delivers a soft sensual atmosphere that can draw even the un-romantics (such as myself) into enjoying it. It's as though you're watching a movie on TV, but this time you get all the nudity and sexual moments that we are normally denied.

A good beginning porn film for couples to watch. If you're into romance novels, this might be a movie that will appeal to you.

"Almost Heaven" is a delightful foray into romantic porno. Lots of sweet tenderness intertwined with a gentle ethereal score, finished off with a surprise ending. Totally worth it.

This movie is very sexy. All of the male actors wear condoms which I have never seen before; but it makes for a nice little twist. The sex is good, I like some scenes more than others but when watched in sections all of the scenes rate about the same.

Almost Heaven is a sweet, romantic, and sexy porn. If you like a story line and some passionate scenes, you'll probably love this. For those who don't love a story with their porn, check out the DVD extras and the awesome 'Pick Your Pleasures' feature!

Almost Heaven is a very well-executed romantic film with some great sex. The high quality production values are apparent throughout. The beautiful actors have real chemistry and are convincing as couples in love. This is a great film for couples and those who appreciate softer vanilla porn.

I was stunned by this porn. It went the extra mile trying to make a heart-wrenching romantic movie. The lighting and music selection were superb, but I was bothered by the main character. If it weren’t for Allie Haze and Xander Corvus, I can safely say that this movie would have been a failure. I couldn’t bring myself to care about Kiara Diane's character. She’s boring and her character showed no range of emotions, but then again, maybe that’s just because she just died; death is a bummer.

As part of the New Sensations Romance series, Almost Heaven is a perfect movie for couples. The film accomplishes its intended goal by combining enjoyable, sensual sex scenes with an interesting and romantic plot. The sex is not hard core but is still worth watching, as the actors are attractive, natural, believable, and genuinely seem to enjoy themselves.

Almost Heaven is a great movie for couples with all the couples scenes that are tender loving and have good chemistry. I would recommend this movie for couples. It really turns me on. If you like hardcore movies, skip this one.

Almost Heaven gets 5 stars for being romantic, great for couples, and still super hot. While it does not contain anything that I would consider 'gonzo', it still really got us in the mood. It also has a good story that kept our interest. I can't wait to see more from this romance line by New Sensations!

If you enjoy romantic porn with a watchable plot, Almost Heaven is a great choice. Although the movie has (to me) a very sad ending, it’s beautifully filmed, the story is good, and the couples are pleasing with nice chemistry. The sex scenes are a bit short and there are only 4 of them in all, so this is a better choice if you want to enjoy the sex scenes in the context of the story rather than get off on them on their own.

If you had to choose one memory from life to bring with you into the afterlife, what would it be? One womans search for the answer is filled with romantic insight and advice from those around her, all of whom are experiencing some pretty awesome moments of their own. This is a great couples porn for those who love romance; it is well produced and packaged in an appealing and discreet manner. It is almost hard NOT to like, (and this is totally way out of my genre of choice).

A great film if you want plot in your porn. The writing is good, as is the acting. Sex is good, with some real chemistry in some scenes.

If you like your erotica richly scripted, emotionally intense and beautifully realized, this is the film for you. It's a truly cinematic experience - very romantic and ideal for couples.

Almost Heaven is a pretty good movie for anyone looking for some plot and romance to their porn. It's well made, and the camera angles, lighting, and sound are all excellent for the most part. The acting and sex is hit and miss, but the good makes up for the bad. If you're looking for something a bit more hardcore, though, you won't find it here.

I have come to the conclusion that this movie would be perfect for couples or even for women to watch by themselves. It will definitely get you all juicy and wanting to participate.

This 106 minute porn film is all romance! From the sweet music that plays in the background to the glowing white light to the vanilla sex to lesson at the end of the story. If you, or your partner, has a love for romance novels and is a bit shy to watch porn, this would be an excellent beginning. To the more advanced viewers or fetishists, this could bore you real fast. But with it's classy cover and more modest scene caps on the back, it's perfect for gifting!

Almost Heaven shows that adult films can feature romance and still be very appealing to both male and female audiences. Almost heaven features some of the best acting (excluding Kiara Diane) and some very hot action. The unique storyline is great and a change from the usual adult film story line. To put things over the top, Almost Heaven features a very strong soundtrack, not to mention the awesome bonus features.

As far as any porn movie my husband and I have ever seen, this one hits the top. It has a plot you can actually follow, and the actors and actresses make you feel the emotions that they portray. We definitely hope there will be a sequel!

Overall, I am going to give this movie 4 stars. I really liked it, and I think it would be a great one to watch with my wife, who really does not like porn. It was not very hardcore, so if you are trying to introduce your partner to porn, I think this would be a good starting point. It really had a great story to go along with the sex.

Almost Heaven is a great couple's film. It has a decent plot with a focus on female satisfaction for him, and explicit hot sex for her (or which ever way that is supposed to go!). If you are new to porn or looking for something watchable that doesn't have any "cringe moments," Almost Heaven is the perfect choice.

Almost Heaven is an ideal porno for those who are scared or intimidated by porn because it's "dirty" or "corrupting." It features several married characters in romantic settings where the sex feels natural and simple. It's got foreplay, an interesting storyline, and is shot in HD. If you like your porn straight with no extra kinks on the side, this may be the right choice for you.

If you have a romantic nature or just love your porn to contain lots of intense facial expressions and soft loving looks then you should check out "Almost Heaven". If, however, you like hard hitting or shocking acts in your porn then I would recommend skipping this particular movie. The sex is soft, sweet and has an almost dreamlike quality about it. The plot is interesting and unusual enough to propel the viewer to watch the next scene. All in all it's a great piece of light viewing.

Ever wondered what happens when you die? What will it be like? Well, if you're like Angie it will be filled with people trying to figure out what memory to take with them regarding sexual acts past and present. Mmmmm, what else could be better? Join Angie for her adventures in the afterlife.

Almost Heaven, by New Sensations, is a romance type porn that has a plot. There are four sex scenes spaced out within the story of a woman's need to find a memory that she will take into the after life. The actors are all good looking, natural and seem to be genuinely having a good time. Somewhere between soft and hard core, this is a good movie for couples to watch together.

If you're looking for a porn movie with a plot to set the mood for a night of love-making, this could be the ticket. It can be a little boring to some. It reminded me of soft porn more than anything. If you like the hard-core, exciting porn, this is NOT your type of viewing material.

Almost Heaven has a sweet, romantic story line that carries through the entire movie. The sex in this film is genuine and respectful. One scene in particular is so good I may watch it repeatedly. Sadly, the sex in the other scenes didn't come close to the quality of that memorable scene.

Before going to heaven, Angie must choose one memory to take with her. She has a hard time deciding on just one.

This is perfect for the straight woman who is not really a fan of hard-core porn. If you love romance novels, then this movie would be great for you. If you like some banging sex then move on, this is not that kind of movie.

This is probably what they mean when they say "female friendly porn". This movie is sensual as well as sexual, but the scenes seem a bit long. It would certainly be a nice introduction to adult films for those not comfortable with gonzo type films.

"Almost Heaven" does a good job of making a soft, sensual romantic porn that makes a great choice for those who are looking for a movie that will appeal to a romance-lover and a pornography-lover. There are some smaller issues that may not make it quite as enjoyable, but it's still one of the better romance-type movies out there.

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