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There's Nothing "Almost" About It

As part of the New Sensations Romance series, Almost Heaven is a perfect movie for couples. The film accomplishes its intended goal by combining enjoyable, sensual sex scenes with an interesting and romantic plot. The sex is not hard core but is still worth watching, as the actors are attractive, natural, believable, and genuinely seem to enjoy themselves.
Attractive actors,
Romantic, thought provoking story,
Ethereal quality to scenes
Sex scenes lacked any kink
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Imagine for a moment that you meet a stranger who tells you that you passed away and that you can only take one memory with you into the afterlife. What memory would you choose? Almost Heaven explores this question when the main character Angie (Kiara Diane) discovers she has just died and has only a few hours to choose a memory. Over the course of the movie, she hears many stories and encounters different people. She comes to the realization that it is the little things in life and love that make a difference, and it is this realization that helps her to make a decision. This film is part of the New Sensations Romance series and is directed by Eddie Powell. The movie challenges us to think about one’s own relationships and what makes them special. Could you choose only one memory to carry with you forever?

The movie opens with a group of people, including Angie, sitting in an all white “living room”, and no one seems to know what’s going on. Angie is led by a young assistant (Allie Haze) into an interview room, where Michael (Xander Corvus) is waiting to meet her. He informs Angie that she passed away this evening, and that before moving on to the next life, she must choose only one memory to take with her. Angie is shocked at the news and isn’t sure she understands what he means. She asks him for an example of someone else’s memory. Michael tells her that most people choose a memory involving a loved one, and he begins to tell her of one woman’s such memory.

As the memory begins, we find ourselves in a beautiful outdoor setting, where a man (Danny Mountain) and woman (Brooke Lee Adams) are enjoying a romantic dinner together. They go for a walk and end up on a patio, surrounded by lush and colorful flora. Soft music begins to play, and the two start kissing and undressing, leading to lots of foreplay. The scene (11 minutes) includes oral sex for both, fingering, and PIV and ends with him ejaculating on her belly. The scene is enjoyable to watch both because the setting is beautiful and because the two actors are attractive and have great chemistry. They are very believable as a married couple in love.

As the memory fades, we find ourselves back in the room with Angie and Michael. She tells him that she needs more time before she decides and leaves to consider her choices. Michael takes a break in the coffee room and finds his assistant Sara there. Unbeknownst to him, Sara has the hots for him. He is clueless despite all the notes she leaves him and the nice things she does for him. Sara offers him coffee, and Michael makes a move from behind. The scene begins slowly and sensually, with Michael kissing her and caressing her body. It takes him three minutes to get the clothes off, but once he does he performs oral while she sits on the counter. This scene goes on for a sometimes long twenty-six minutes. There is a lot of variety in terms of positions, but the sex is tame and predictable. As he comes on her belly, the light fades and we learn this scene was a dream as Allie is jolted back to reality. The scene included camera angles from extreme positions above and below the actors that added visual interest.

Angie is sitting outside as Sara walks by and offers her advice on how to choose a memory. Another couple (Rocco Reed and Victoria White) joins in on the conversation and say they are going to make a new memory to take with them. The scene shifts to a very white bedroom. The two are dressed in white, and we find them lying on a white bed. As they start to kiss, he pulls the bed covers over their bodies. Again, the sex is somewhat safe and repetitive including oral and PIV. After twenty minutes, he comes on her belly, and the scene ends the same as all the others. The scene was somewhat uninspired and Rocco Reed displayed very little, if any, emotion. I think we heard one little grunt from him the entire scene. This scene also bothered me because the whiteness was overdone. While I understand and appreciate that the director was trying to create an ethereal effect, there was really just way too much white to the point of being difficult to watch.
Angie finally chooses a memory and rushes to tell Michael about it. As she retrieves a note from the garbage can that Angie wrote for Michael, she tells him that love is not about one memory like a birthday or wedding day, but love is about all the little things. After she tells Michael, the light fades out and we find Angie in her bedroom at home, and she realizes everything that just happened was only a dream. Her husband Jake (Chris Johnson) is in the bathroom getting ready for work but comes back into the bedroom to say goodbye. Angie is so excited to see him, kisses him, and leads him to bed. He takes charge, and after undressing her, begins with oral. Eventually all the clothes are off and the two move between oral and PIV. Again, there is nothing risqué or new with the sex, but the two are fun to watch and definitely into it. One minor distraction is the very loud bed banging and creaking as the two go at it. The scene lasts sixteen minutes, and the movie ends with him coming on her belly, and the two living happily ever after, or so we think.

Almost Heaven offers the viewer a well produced, high quality film in which the actors are attractive and the story thought provoking. The feel of the movie is established from the onset with the opening credits, as a montage of family photos scrolls while music reminiscent of the fifties plays in the background. There is a feeling of nostalgia and innocence from the beginning. As we learn of the plot, it makes one think about one’s own love and what it would be like to be faced with the same question that the main character is. Although the sex could be described as vanilla and repetitive, it is still enjoyable to watch because there is a sense of romance and sensuality between the men and women. I felt like I was watching different scenarios that any married couple might experience, from sex after a romantic dinner, to wanting to create new memories, and to having sex after believing you may have lost your partner forever. All of the men wore condoms for penetrative sex, which may be a pro or con. I’m not a fan of condoms in porn, but I did not find them to be distracting or obtrusive in this movie. The bonus features are standard with behind the scenes interviews, a photo gallery, and movie trailers. One interesting bonus is a pick your pleasure option. This allows you to choose a favorite sexual position, and it will show a collection of all the couples engaged in that particular position. This movie is one of my favorites, mainly for the overall experience it offers to the viewer, with beautiful people and settings, a relatable story, and a good length.
Follow-up commentary
This is still one of my favorites. For me, it offers the combination of an intriguing storyline, quality cinematography, and attractive actors. The fact that it's a porn and features sex scenes is almost a bonus. While I don't typically re-watch porns in their entirety, I could enjoy watching the Danny Mountain/Brooke Lee Adams scene over and over.
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