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Damn heaven is really bright!

Overall, I am going to give this movie 4 stars. I really liked it, and I think it would be a great one to watch with my wife, who really does not like porn. It was not very hardcore, so if you are trying to introduce your partner to porn, I think this would be a good starting point. It really had a great story to go along with the sex.
Condoms, couples friendly, good amount of plot, romantic.
Condoms, a lot of bright white.
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Almost Heaven
New Sensations Romance
Written by K.
Directed by Eddie Powell

Kiara Diane, Allie Haze, Xander Corvus, Chris Johnson, Victoria White, Rocco Reed, Brooke Lee Adams, and Danny Mountain.

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Feature Presentation
The movie starts with Kiara Diane and Victoria White sitting around a waiting room with a few other people. Eventually Victoria leaves, before Kiara gets called back by Allie Haze. She is lead to Xander Corvus, and Allie gives Xander a little note, which he quickly dismisses and throws in the trash. In this meeting, Kiara is told that she has died and she has to choose one memory that will be her only memory forever. She is slightly confused, and asks for an example.

Scene 1
Brooke Lee Adams and Danny Mountain have just finished a romantic dinner in a garden, when they start to go take a tour. Soon they find a couch in the garden, and they start undressing each other. After a little bit of play for her, Danny quickly looses his pants and Brooke starts fellatio. Cunnilingus follows for her, with PIV intercourse with a condom, in which they change positions a few times. This scene ends after 11 minutes with the cumshot to her chest, pussy, and breasts. I give this scene 3/5 stars.

The movie then cuts back to Xander who is finishing the story about the memory we just saw. Kiara then starts thinking about what she wants her memory to be, and they walk out of the room. The movie then cuts to Allie who is in the break room, and Xander joins her after a minute. This leads into scene 2.

Scene 2
They start the scene with some very nice kissing and music in the background. As Xander is kissing Allie, he starts to undress her, and then she undress's him. She is first on the receiving end of the oral up on the counter, before she gets down on her knees to give him oral. This goes on for a few minutes, before he also puts on a condom and takes her from behind. They move to the floor, before he carries her back to the counter to finish up. After 26 minutes, the scene ends with the cumshot to her chest. I give this scene 4/5 stars.

Allie then wakes up from her day dream by overfilling her cup of coffee. She makes a little small talk with Xander, before a bunch of other people come into the break room, and they all head off to lunch without inviting Allie along. One guy comes up with the idea to ask Allie, but Xander says its ok, to not worry about inviting her. The guy goes back to ask her anyways, but she turns him down. She then heads off into the garden, and runs into Kiara. While sitting on the bench with Kiara, Allie tells her how she is trying to get Xander to notice her, but that he hasn't. She then convinces Kiara to tell her one of her memories from her life. Eventually we find out why Allie is still here and is a worker, and she leaves to go to the cafeteria while Kiara says she is going to take a nap. Victoria White and Rocco Reed then come to the bench where Kiara is sitting, and they introduce themselves. They mention something about making up a new memory to Kiara, and then the head off to a bedroom.

Scene 3
This scene starts on a bed with Victoria and Rocco, with some kissing. As they are kissing, they remove each others clothes, before she pulls the covers over them. Under the covers, the only thing we can make out are their bodies, as everything else is very bright white. A lot of the shots at this point are close-ups as well. Rocco eventually goes down on Victoria, before they emerge from under the sheets and she jumps on top. At this point she removes his pants to start on the fellatio. I found it interesting how he was just sitting there with his head up and not moving a single muscle during his oral. It was like he was a mannequin. After this, the condom shows up again, and she starts by ridding him cowgirl, before they start spooning, with them finishing with Victoria on her back with her legs up. They finish with the cumshot to her pussy after 20 minutes. I give this scene 3/5 stars.
We now see Kiara asking the receptionist for a private room for her nap, and when she walks into the room, the white bed comforter is glowing. She finds a pad of paper, and starts writing, before deciding that she really wants to lay down. This leads into a memory of hers, where she is introduced to Chris Johnson by a friend, and it goes from the introduction, to talking on the phone, to having an argument about working late, before she wakes up. Kiara is now sitting on a sofa, when Allie and Seth Gamble walks by and notices her. After a little bit of small talk, Kiara realizes what her memory is with the help of Seth. Seth mentioned something about the little things that matters most, and after Kiara hears this, she asks Allie if she can see Xander.

We then find Kiara and Xander discussing her memory, and she tells him the reason she has thought of these memories is because the little things are what matters. We then flash to a dinner with Kiara and Chris, with a few of their married friends. After this flashback, she tells Xander that she choose this memory because she loves Chris, and loved all of the little things that he did so she felt special. At this point, Kiara reaches into the trash can and pulls out the note that Allie tried to give Xander earlier. He is quite confused by this gesture, and is definitely taken back by it.

We now find Allie writing on a note pad, when Xander walks up with the note she gave him and thanks her for it. They also exchange a single, slow kiss, before he walks off for the evening. At this point, Allie crosses something off of her list that she was just writing on. Kiara is shown laying down in a bed, and the background goes from a white light to a bright sunshiny day. Kiara now wakes up, and immediately hears Chris's voice, which startles her. He tells her that he left her something in the bathroom, and it is a little note saying to have a great day. He then comes back and tells her that he loves her, which leads them back into bed.

Scene 4
Back in bed, Kiara is on top of Chris in a tank top and thong, and they are kissing. Soon he rolls her over, and they start to remove their clothes. He is having some difficulty with his, but they get it worked out as the scene starts with cunnilingus. After a few minutes of this, Chris is on his back and Kiara is removing his pants so she can start giving him oral. After this, the scene cuts to them starting to have PIV sex with her on top, before switching to a brief moment of cunnilingus, and then into spooning. Doggy style follows, with the final position of her on her back with legs folded up. After 16 minutes the scene finishes as Chris rips off the condom for the cum shot to her belly. This was the loudest scene in the movie, as it seemed that I kept having to turn down the volume, but it was my favorite. I would rate it 5/5 stars.
Follow-up commentary
In the ten months since I reviewed this movie, I have pulled it out to watch it again zero times. I have been tempted or thought about pulling it out, also zero times. It wasn't a bad movie, but when I pop in a porn, I am usually doing it for masturbation, and I like to get right to the action, and watch the action. I don't like to have to fast forward through the plot.
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