Romance Gets Its Pornographic Training Wheels

Almost Heaven is a very well-executed romantic film with some great sex. The high quality production values are apparent throughout. The beautiful actors have real chemistry and are convincing as couples in love. This is a great film for couples and those who appreciate softer vanilla porn.
High quality production
Beautiful actors
Annoying Public Service Announcement
Excessive bright "Heavenly" lighting
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Content / Genre / Audience

Almost Heaven is a New Sensations film from their Romance Series. It can best be described as a pornographic love story. My wife said it was like a watching a Lifetime Movie with really great sex scenes sprinkled throughout. This movie has a lot of variety in the sex scenes: cunnilingus, fellatio, missionary, cowgirl, and doggie style. This is probably best enjoyed by women and couples who are looking for something a bit less crude than much of the male targeted porn. We found this to be a good change of pace for us.

Fellas, this would be a great movie to ease a reluctant partner into watching porn. This movie is pretty vanilla; no gagging, choking or spitting, no anal, no threesomes, no excessively filthy talk. In fact, the case that the movie arrived in is very discreet and does not indicate in any way that it contains a pornographic movie. You could leave it in plain sight and most people would not suspect it’s a porno. With Almost Heaven, romance gets its pornographic training wheels.

This film does have a pretty decent plot. The premise is that Angie, played by Kiara Diane, must choose one memory to take with her into the afterlife. Or, something to that effect; I’m not sure because I was busy checking out her rack. No, but seriously, there is a romantic theme to this movie. I actually enjoyed watching this with my wife.


Scene 1: Brooke Lee Adams and Danny Mountain

This scene is well executed and they didn’t forget anything. It is in a beautiful setting, and the music is soft and romantic.

Brooke Lee Adams and Danny Mountain are taking an after dinner stroll in the early evening when they decide to have a romantic romp in a beautiful garden. The lovely Brooke Lee is a natural beauty and I really enjoyed watching her. These two have some great chemistry together and seem to really enjoy each other. Their passion seems genuine.

There is some oral sex for both, fingering for her, and PIV sex in various positions. It ends with Danny cumming on Brooke Lee’s belly and breasts. In fact, each scene in the movie ends with the guy cumming on the woman’s belly and/or breasts. This is a refreshing change from the typical facial target practice that is prevalent in many pornos.

Scene 2: Allie Haze and Xander Corvus

Allie Haze and Xander Corvus give a very believable performance in this scene. They have amazing chemistry and seem to really be in to each other. They made constant eye contact and kept their hands on each other throughout. Allie Haze is absolutely gorgeous and a joy to watch. My wife insists that I point out that Xander is gorgeous too.

This scene took place in the worst setting of the movie, the break room. There is some fantastic extended oral play and a little bit of standing doggie up against the kitchen counter before they move to the floor. At least Xander was kind enough to lay down his jacket before boning Allie on the hard tile floor. He’s such a gentleman!

I didn’t really care for the bright white lighting and the music wasn’t there until the scene was almost over. But overall, this was a pretty hot scene because of their chemistry together.

Scene 3: Victoria White and Rocco Reed

This scene is set in a somewhat attractive bedroom, but the lighting is washed out again. There is some kissing and petting before they move under the pillowy white comforter that is somehow magically suspended overhead like some sort of romantic fuck-tent.

Once again, both performers seem to really enjoy each other. They play oral tag before they progress to vanilla intercourse in various positions. The scene concludes with Rocco cumming on Victoria’s belly.

Scene 4: Kiara Diane and Chris Johnson

In the final scene, just before Jake (Chris Johnson) goes off to work, he and Angie (Kiara Diane) wrap everything up with their own little romantic session at home in their bed. The scene fit the formula for this movie with a lot of kissing and more touchy-feely that progress to oral sex for both. They then move on to various forms of intercourse, ending with him spraying on her belly, just like the other scenes ended.

DVD Features

The DVD starts with a Public Service Announcement by people in the adult film industry asking that you beware of unscrupulous websites that pirate the adult movies. We agree with the message, but it's kind of annoying that you cannot fast forward through this; you have to endure it every time you play the movie.

The DVD also includes 50 minutes of Behind the Scenes footage of the actors telling us what they think romance is. They spent an awful lot of time interviewing some of the actors that only had bit parts in the movie. Most of this was pointless and boring and not worth sitting through.

The Photo Gallery features still shots of the actresses as well as some of the scenes from the movie; there is no music accompanying the pics. It takes about 3 ½ minutes to play through the 42 pictures.
Additionally, there is a cool Pick Your Pleasure feature that lets you select from Tease, Blowjob, Missionary, Doggystyle, Cowgirl, and Popshot.

Lastly, there are Trailers for several other movies in the Romance series.

Personal comments

My wife wanted me to get this movie based on the preview trailer alone, and I must confess that I was very reluctant. It looked like too much of a chick flick. Romantic porn? What are they thinking? There better be some boobies! My wife and I agreed that she would watch it for the romance, and I would watch it for the porn. But in the end, we were both pleasantly surprised.

Almost Heaven managed to successfully merge romance and porn into one high quality film. It left me feeling romantic and her feeling hot and ready for action!

If you are looking for gangbangs, gagging blowjobs or ass to mouth, you'd be wise to move along to something else.

Almost Heaven is geared more to those looking for something more couples friendly. It actually has a reasonable plot along with some good quality vanilla sex. This is a film that couples can enjoy together.
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  • Contributor: liilii080
    This one has gotten a lot of negative reviews and I really appreciate your take on it here. Something for everyone! Great review.
  • Contributor: leatherlover
    Great review. My wife hasn't watched this yet, but I do think she would enjoy it. And I was surprised by this as well.
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