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Almost Heaven for us

Almost Heaven, by New Sensations, is a romance type porn that has a plot. There are four sex scenes spaced out within the story of a woman's need to find a memory that she will take into the after life. The actors are all good looking, natural and seem to be genuinely having a good time. Somewhere between soft and hard core, this is a good movie for couples to watch together.
Has a plot, Good looking actors, Couple friendly
Too much white in some scenes, two lame pop shots
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Angie (Kiara Diane) has passed away and finds herself sitting next in a waiting room with Alice (Victoria White) and a couple of guys; Angie is not sure why she is there. After some talk about why each is there, Alice is called away and Angie is left sitting with the two guys until she is called by Sara (Allie Haze) and taken back to meet with Michael (Xander Corvus) . Sara hands Michael a notebook with a note that says, "Have a great day! MUAH.” Michael takes a look at it and sets it aside. Angie is informed that she has died and must choose a single memory to take with her to the afterlife.

She has a hard time choosing a memory, so Michael gives her an example of a woman that was in the week before. This leads us to the first sex scene.

Sex scene 1, Carine (Brooke Lee Adams) and David (Danny Mountain) have just finished a romantic dinner on their vacation. They decide to take a walk around the garden. After smelling some flowers, they share a kiss and this leads David into suggesting they head off to their room, but Carine has a better idea.

This scene starts with kissing and caressing while they take each other’s clothes off. There is oral from both of them, and then they get down to it in three different positions ending with the pop shot on her chest, stomach and pussy. For me, this was the best pop shot of the whole movie. She gets it from tits to pussy.

Angie and Michael talk some more about her husband and possible memories, and she decides to think about it some more. Michael informs her that she has until the end of the day to give him the memory. When Michael gets up to leave, he throws the note from Sara in the trash.

We jump to the break room and find Sara and another guy talking about work type stuff. Michael comes in and the guy leaves. Sara offers to make him some coffee, just the way he likes it. He thanks her for a note she left for him and starts to kiss her. This leads to the second sex scene.

Sex scene 2. Sara and Michael. Again, lots of kissing and fondling while clothes are removed. This leads into oral on both sides starting with Sara getting some first while sitting on the counter. She then gives him a nice blowjob/hand job. (My favorite blowjob scene) They have sex standing, on the floor and ends with Sara back sitting on the counter for the pop shot. This pop shot could have been much better if the background was not all white, or the camera was closer. I could not see any of the ejaculate as it came out. It ends with Sara pouring coffee; it starts to overflow and she comes out of her daydream (And a good one at that).

Sara and Michael talk about Angie until some other workers come in and ask if Michael wants to go have lunch in the cafeteria. As they are leaving, one of the guys asks Michael if they should invite Sara. He kind of laughs at the idea, but the guy invites her anyway. She declines and heads outside, wondering why she even tries to get Michael to notice.

Sara finds Angie sitting on a bench, and they talk about how Sara cannot get Michael to notice her. They talk about one of Angie's memories. Sara confesses that she has not come up with a memory, and that’s why she is still there. Sara would like to take a nap and Angie leaves. Along comes Alice and Joe (Rocco Reed). They talk about how the day is going for Angie and about how Alice and Joe decided to make a new memory.

Sex scene 3. The new memory. We jump to Alice and Joe entering their room for the next sex scene. Pretty much the same thing here, kissing, caressing as clothes are taken off. After Joe has taken Alice's clothes off, she grabs the covers and pulls them over the two of them. Joe gives her some oral and really seems to enjoy it(My favorite oral on girl scene). They flip over, toss the covers and she proceeds to give him a blowjob after taking off his pants. She rides him cowgirl first, followed by some spooning, and ends with Alice on her back and Joe kneeling with her leg on his shoulder. The pop shot has him dribbling on her lower stomach. I felt that this was somewhat lame, almost like this was his second time coming that day.

We find Angie asking one of the workers where she can find her room. She signs in and is directed on where to go. She enters the room and finds a note pad and pen. She starts to write something, stops and lies down instead. She dreams about the first time she meets Jake (Chris Johnson) and some of the memories she has about him. Some good and some bad. She wakes up and heads to the waiting room. Sara and another guy, Paul, come in and they talk about what kind of memories to choose. Paul inadvertently helps Angie decide what memory to chose. Sara heads off to see if Michael is available, while Angie asks Paul why he has not chosen a memory. Sara comes back and takes Angie to see Michael.

Angie and Michael talk about how she came up with her memory. Angie tells Michael about her memory. She has chosen this one because it is about the little things that matter most. She takes the note that Sara gave to Michael from the trash can and hands it to him. Michael takes the hint. Angie leaves Michael to think about the note.

We find Sara writing on a note pad as Michael comes into the room. He takes a look at the note, approaches Sara and gives her the note and thanks her. They share a warm kiss and he walks away. She is very happy and crosses something off her note pad.

Next we find Angie sleeping in a bed, and she wakes to Jake coming into the room to ask which tie to wear. She is very happy to see him. Jake informs her that he left something in the bathroom for her. She enters the bathroom to find a note. As she is smiling, he comes in and says "One more thing, I love you.” They share a warm kiss that leads to them heading to the bed.

Sex scene 4. Same thing, different people, almost to a tee. Clothes off amidst kissing and caressing. She gets oral, he gets oral, and they have sex. She starts on top, followed by some spooning, doggie style and finishing with her on her back at the edge of the bed with her legs folded to the chest. The pop shot, like the others, is on her stomach and is the second best one, in my opinion.
This is the first porno that I have bought/received for many years. Furthermore, it is the first I have watched that had any kind of plot to it. Based on that, I was very happy with it. The sex was good and the actors looked like they were into it.

Overall this was a good film, better than I expected. All the sex scenes showed a good representation of romance and the actors had good chemistry. The sound was good as well as the camera work. My only complaint was in some of the scenes there was entirely too much white. Background, wardrobe and furniture all being white helped to make bodies stand out, but I would have liked to see more color thrown in.

Four starts from me, one unseen/one lame pop shot and all the white take one star.
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  • Jobthingy
    Yeah I found the white to make it look more sterile than "heavenly"
  • ToyTimeTim
    I understand the reason, but it just was kind of...meh.
  • macho99
    Great review! I personally liked the white. or maybe my screen was angled wrong. LOL.

    Did anyone else cry at the scene where Michael finally acknowledged Sara? ugh. I'm a softie. haha
  • ToyTimeTim
    I did not cry, but I was bummed they did not get it on again, ya know? lol
  • Joie de Cherresse
    Great review! I agree with you about the white too. Seems like they were trying a little too hard there with that, lol.
  • macho99
    yeah! i think they had the best chemistry.

    that's make it official. i'm a wuss. haha
  • Redboxbaby
    Nice review. We did not care for the white washed out look either, hard on the eyes. Thanks.
  • ToyTimeTim
    Thanks y'all. Seems pretty much unanimous about the white.

    No worries macho99, thats what romance movies are for.
  • Mr. & Mrs. Peg
    DWTIM, great review!. I didn't mind the white at all....of course, I really liked it in Love and Other Mishaps too!
  • ToyTimeTim
    Thanks. It has grown on me a bit. it is better if I watch it on my laptop. lol
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