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With Love, From The Afterlife

I was stunned by this porn. It went the extra mile trying to make a heart-wrenching romantic movie. The lighting and music selection were superb, but I was bothered by the main character. If it weren’t for Allie Haze and Xander Corvus, I can safely say that this movie would have been a failure. I couldn’t bring myself to care about Kiara Diane's character. She’s boring and her character showed no range of emotions, but then again, maybe that’s just because she just died; death is a bummer.
believable chemistry, unique plot, excellent lighting, variety of camera angles
boring main character, the sex scenes feel repetitive after the first two
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Front Cover:

The front cover is romantic, yet chaste, showing Allie Haze and Xander Corvus embracing. Both are dressed in white, showing no nudity, but Xander’s shirt is open.

Back cover:

The back doesn’t include any nudity. It shows a large shot of Kiara Diane and several shots of her and her husband (Chris Johnson) together. The slightly provocative shots include couples: Kiara and Chris; Rocco Reed and Victoria White; and Allie Haze and Xander Corvus. There is also a non-sexual shot of Allie and Kiara.


The menu design is simple, elegant, and not pornographic. The menus are incredibly easy to navigate. The music doesn’t run very long before looping back to the beginning.

Plot Overview: With potential spoilers

Angie (Kiara Diane) and another woman are seated in a waiting room. Angie looks perturbed. The other woman asks her if she’s alright. Angie tells her she’s fine, and asks her if she knows why they’re there. The other woman responds that she’s waiting for her husband. Sara (Allie Haze) enters and escorts Angie up a spiral staircase to a room where Michael (Xander Corvus) is seated. Sara leaves a post-it note with Michael that reads, “Have a great day. Muah ”

Michael explains to her that she has passed away at the hospital just the night before and tells her that she is only able to take one memory with her into the afterlife. He suggests that she choose a memory that makes her happy.

Angie is overwhelmed and asks that Michael share a memory that someone else picked. He shares a memory of a woman (Brooke Lee Adams) and her husband (Danny Mountain) and their romantic getaway. The memory shows Danny and Brooke making love in the garden and includes oral and vaginal penetration. The scene ends with him ejaculating on her vulva and abdomen.

The scene cuts back to Angie and Michael who tells her she needs to choose her memory by that night.

Michael enters the break room interrupting a conversation between Sara and another afterlife employee. Sara starts pouring coffee for Michael who approaches her and says he wants to thank her for the note she gave him earlier. He kisses her entire body while undressing her. The scene includes gratuitous oral and vaginal penetration. It ends with him ejaculating onto her body. Sara comes back to reality from her fantasy when the coffee cup she’s filling overflows onto the counter.

A group comes into the room and asks Michael to join them in the cafeteria. Sara decides to not join them and decides to take a walk in the garden. She runs into Angie and they have a heart-to-heart about Sara’s feelings for Michael and Angie’s confusion over which memory she should choose.

Angie shares a memory of her and her husband on her birthday when he surprises her with takeout and a necklace. It turns out that Sara works in limbo because she has no memory and by hearing her memories, they hope that she’ll remember something. The two workers, Rocco Reed and Victoria White, run into them briefly and excitedly tell Sara and Angie that they’re going to make a new memory together.

Rocco and Victoria leave and head towards a bedroom. The scene progresses with light breast play, oral, and vaginal penetration. The scene ends with her ejaculating on her pelvis.

Angie asks for a private room and jots down some ideas about memories, before falling asleep. She reminisces about memories of her and her husband, including everything from the time they met, their flirtation, as well as the ups and downs of their marriage.

Angie wakes and runs into Sara and a male worker. She still can’t decide which memory to pick until he tells her that it’s the little things that matter.

Angie reflects on a memory of just a few days before the wedding. It was a time when she was happy and in love with him. She meets with Michael who gives her the green light to continue to the afterlife.

After Angie leaves, Michael personally decides to thank Sara for the note she gave him earlier that day. He kisses her and leaves. Angie goes to bed and wakes up her husband. He has left a note for her on the bathroom mirror that says “Have a great day.” They kiss and the scene progresses with oral and vaginal penetration. The scene ends with him ejaculating on her abdomen and pelvis. They kiss and tell each other that they love each other.
Camera work:

Lots of variety in camera angles which gave a refreshing and cinematic feel to this dose of adult entertainment. The lighting casts everything in a healthy, angelic glow.

Sound work:

The music is tender and appropriate. The music disappears during sex scenes and focuses on sounds of pleasure.

Personal Comments:

There are certain aspects of this porn that I really like, but there were some disappointing aspects.

I loved the cinematic aspect of it. I was absolutely stunned by the opening credits. The slideshow of pictures, presumably from Angie’s life gave the film a realism that I wasn’t expecting. The music is warm and nostalgic, but the slideshow takes a dark turn when it flashes a picture a casket followed by a gray sky filled with clouds and waning daylight.

The music and lighting were incredibly appropriate. The plot made it seem a lot like a soap opera, but swanky music from the seventies would have destroyed this movie. Ah, the power of music.

I was unimpressed by Kiara Diane’s acting. She was supposed to be the main character; however Xander Corvus and Allie Haze steal the show. Their scene was my absolute favorite. The chemistry felt real and there was a certain sweet naivety and sadness when we find her fantasy is simply just a fantasy.

The scene between Xander and Allie was perfect. I wouldn’t have changed a thing. It wasn’t over the top like in some porn scenes, it was erotic, and yet realistic. I’m always a fan of scenes that include women who haven’t had any plastic surgery. Their moans combined seemed tender and realistic, not overdone. The scene seems erotic, but still captures a hint realistic tenderness. The varied camera angles gave it a wonderful touch. I especially liked the shot from above when he’s giving her oral. It was sensual, stunning, and sweet. It almost felt like a POV. The only thing I found strange was that Michael (Xander) appears to be wearing a wedding ring.

I likewise enjoyed the scene between Brooke Lee Adams and Danny Mountain. I think that Brooke is beyond lovely and has a gorgeous body. Their scene was sexy and yet erotic and sweet. It was a nice touch to this movie.

The scene between Victoria White and Rocco Reed was decent, but it seemed like an afterthought that the director decided to sandwich in the movie just to include another sex scene.

I really didn’t give two shits about the scene between Kiara Diane and Chris Johnson. It was sweet, but by the time I got to this scene I was like, Meh, this movie needs to end already. I really wanted to like her, but I couldn’t. Her character had a flat personality and was completely uninteresting. Maybe it’s because she’s bummed out that she’s dead, but seriously, watching her act was like watching a valley girl watch paint dry. It was just sad and boring.
Follow-up commentary
Not that there's anything wrong with it, I just don't really feel like this movie is a for repeat viewing. It's pretty tame, but it was really awesome the first time around.

To be honest, when I show off my porn collection to friends, I never admit that I liked this one. It's too embarrassing for me.
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