Almost Heaven by New Sensations - review by Viktor Vysheslav Malkin

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Almost Heaven shows that adult films can feature romance and still be very appealing to both male and female audiences. Almost heaven features some of the best acting (excluding Kiara Diane) and some very hot action. The unique storyline is great and a change from the usual adult film story line. To put things over the top, Almost Heaven features a very strong soundtrack, not to mention the awesome bonus features.
Great Acting, great storyline, great sets, and great special features!
Kiara Diane’s acting was the only blemish on a film that was really well cast.
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Front Cover:
The front cover has an awesome and sensual picture of Xander Corvus and Allie Haze embracing. There is no nudity or notion that this is an adult film. The front cover is very effective at catching the eye. This is the classiest adult film cover I have come across.

Back Cover:
Much like the front cover, the back does not feature any nudity, but does show more sensual moments, such as characters embracing and kissing. There is also a nice and helpful description of the films plot on the back. I really liked the back cover; there is no notion that this is an adult film. What I really like about it is the fact that it is not shoving provocative images in your face; it utilizes the romance to win people over not just the sex.

The menus are among the easiest to navigate, yet they are very good looking and fit the film perfectly.

Film overview - with potential plot spoilers
The film starts out with Angie (Kiara Diane) and another woman sitting on a couch together in a room filled with people. A woman in all white comes in and asks the woman sitting beside Angie follow her, moments later another woman in all white by the name of Sara (Allie Haze) enters the room and asks Angie to follow her. Sara leads Angie through an elegant home and to a room with a male dressed in all white, his name Michael (Xander Corvus). Michael explains to Angie that she has passed away and that she is now in the pre-afterlife stage. Michael explains to Angie that everyone in pre-afterlife is giving a task, and that task is to choose one memory in which they will be able to take with them into the afterlife.

Angie is confused, and she requests an example. Michael tells her of a woman (Brooke Lee Adams) who chose a memory of a day when she and her husband was on a romantic getaway. The two had just finished with dinner and decide to take a walk through the garden, while on their walk the two begin to kiss, and the couple has sex in the garden over looking a lake. The scene ends with the guy pulling off the condom and ejaculating onto the woman’s belly and pelvic region.

Angie needs some time to think things over, and come up with a memory. Michael tells her to make sure she has it in by the end of the day. Michael leaves the room and enters the break room, where he meets up with Sara, who offers him a cup off coffee; he thanks her for the note that she slipped him earlier and kisses her. The two kiss, caress and then finally undress. The two have sex in the break room, the scene ends when Michael ejaculates on Sara’s belly. The camera then shows Sara spilling coffee on herself, waking herself from the daydream, that is correct, none of the sex actually happened.

The other workers come back to the break room and ask Michael if he would like to join them for lunch, and only ask Sara out of obligation, she rejects the offer. The bummed out Sara goes outside to relax in the Gazebo, where she meets Angie. Sara explains to Angie that she loves Michael but he doesn’t know that she exists. Sara then asks Angie to share a memory with her. Angie shares a memory of her and her husband having dinner. Angie’s husband gives her a necklace for her birthday.

The next scene shows two of the Afterlife workers making out (Rocco Reed and Victoria White), the two kiss and caress on a bed and soon disrobe and have passionate sex.

Meanwhile Angie meets up with the receptionist and signs in, and the receptionist gives her directions to her room. Once in her room, Angie lays down for a nap, as soon as her head hits the pillow she has a dream. Angie dreams of her husband.

Later while talking to Sara and another worker, Angie comes up with a memory after the other worker said “Its all in the little things”. She sets off to tell Michael the memory, she explains that it was a memory from a couple days before their wedding; they were having dinner with a group of friends. All of the friends were complimenting and congratulating her husband. Angie explains that it was all the little things he did for her that she loved, she takes the crumpled up note that Sara gave Michael out from the trash can and gave it to him, and she then left.

The next scene shows Sara writing on a pad of paper while sitting on a couch, Michael enters with the note, and tells her that he forgot to thank her for giving him the note, the two then share a kiss and he leaves, telling her he will see her tomorrow.

Angie lays back go to bed, and when she awakes she is transported back in time, the time she mentioned to Michael. Angie then has sex with her husband, before the scene ends with her husband ejaculating over her belly. The two kiss and tell each other that they love one another.

The picture quality was superb, as was the camera angles. The sound quality was also superb!

Personal Comments:
The film itself was great. I loved the story line, and I think that it has a unique idea, one that you do not see in adult films. I loved the use of white, white can symbolize many things to many different people, and I loved the brightness of the film.

The acting was very good; I would actually put this up in my top 5 in the quality of acting list. I think that Kiara Diana the actress who played Angie had a slightly poorer performance than everyone else. She even appeared to look at the camera (that was located behind her and off to the side) when she should have been looking at the guy who played her husband. Kiara’s acting was the typical porn star acting; I would go as far to say that her acting was on par with the common stereotype of porn star acting.

Xander Corvus’s performance in this movie was top notch, acting wise he was the highlight of this film. Xander delivered his lines to perfection, and just like you do in Hollywood films, you get lost in the moment and start to believe that he is the character he is portraying and not just an actor playing a role. When an actor can do that, you know that he/she has done something right.

Allie Haze was another highlight of this film, she was amazingly cute and did a great job with her acting, and she was a close second to Xander in the acting department. When it comes to sex, she shines even brighter, she did an excellent job in her sexual performance. This was one of my favorite scenes of the movie.

Another favorite scene from the movie was the Brooke Lee Adams and Danny Mountain scene. Brooke Lee Adams is just 100% sexy and she and Danny had some good chemistry going on. The location of the sex scene really put this scene on one of my top favorite lists.

One thing that should be noted was the fact that condoms were used throughout the film, which some will love and others will hate. I have no strong opinion on condoms in porn, I think if its done responsible and to send a good message then its great but one thing I do not understand, and it happened in this film is, why bother with a condom if the guy is just going to rip it off and ejaculate on the woman’s vagina? It doesn’t make since to me, it seems like a contradiction.
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