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25 reviews

A great buy if you're a fan of big names in the queer porn industry. It really was just an "okay" film, and the reason I bought it is because it's a little more personal than most mass produced porn and when I get in the mood for something like this, it works for me. I'm an avid watcher of queer porn and know that most of the stars have been together in other films, so I enjoy knowing there's underlying relationships already with the stars.

Live Sex Show from Trouble Films presents 6 scenes of masturbation and sex filmed in front of a live audience. Each scene features a redhead, and most of the cast is female. Though it has a very short run time, the DVD is worth getting for the scene with Nina and Jiz alone - these two are amazingly playful with great banter, eye contact, and chemistry, and they are fun and arousing to watch.

One of the most original films I have seen but played more like a documentary on sexual culture than that of one to get off too. With a variety of performers and people who really enjoy doing what they do, this is something I think everyone should at least give a once over. Courtney Trouble deserves all the awards shes received for making strides in original pornography.

Live Sex Show is a super hot film that has something for everyone. It ranges from straight scenes and masturbation to an all-girl gang bang and BDSM. This film is short and sweet and unique in that it was filmed in front of a live audience. I have utmost respect for many of the people involved in making this film and highly recommend you check it out.

While this could have been a really interesting and hot DVD for me it was more interesting than hot. After watching the whole thing I fell in love with the idea but found myself not quite turned on.

Definitely, not everyone will be a fan of this movie. Queer porn is targeted towards a very specific, niche, audience and might appear too unusual or even weird for some people. Live unscripted performance is a matter of taste either. However, I would say that there's something for everyone, and, with its freshness and unusual approach, Live Sex Show is still worth giving a shot. It's actually interesting to watch and is a good way to explore new ways of sexuality.

This movie consists of an hour long live sex show, performed for the 2010 Masturbate-a-Thon. It's on the short side, but is packed with exciting queer porn acts.

The artistic cum porn DVD, "Live Sex Show" is a live action porn, shot in front of an audience, with a very kinky twist. This movie has solo girl action, boy/girl action, girl/girl strap-on action and even fisting. If you want to watch something a little different and hot, you should definitely check this one out.

If you are looking for a live sex show with audience involvment this is a great pick. It has a little bit for everyone from oral to gangbang. There are strap-ons used and female on female as well as male on female. You can't see some parts of scenes due to lighting and it being live so the angles could be better as well as the lighting, but it is an interesting live performance that incorporates the audience into the film.

Courtney Trouble shot this film in front of a live theater audience with some of the greatest performers in the alt/queer porn scene. This is definitely worth seeing if you want to see real people have real sex which leads to real orgasms in front of a real audience. If you like boob jobs, sculpted bodies, forced dialogue, weak plots, cheap sets, and fake orgasms this may not be for you.

Overall this is a great DVD. It gives insight into the minds of a few gender-queer individuals and opened my world up a little bit more. I also enjoyed the fact that there was audience participation and that due to this film, a great organization was able to benefit.

Live sex shot before an appreciative and friendly audience, what could be more amazing? Well, for starters April Flores, Nina Hartlet and Jiz Lee! This film has something for everyone.

Loads of variety, as well as "real" actors make this a great video. I think there is definitely something for everyone. This video showcased some actors that I had seen before as well as introducing me to some who I would like to see again. The best of this video for me had to be Jiz Lee and Nina Hartley. One of my new favorites coupled with one of my old favorites make for a delightful experience in my book.

Live Sex Show features six performances filmed before a live audience in an intimate setting. The performances showcase real people with real bodies in real sex scenes. Although the film has some issues with lighting and sound quality, the scenes offer more than your typical vanilla porn.

This live show features six different sets of people performing a variety of different sexual acts in front of a live audience. No matter what your viewing preference, there is probably a scene in this film that will please you. Especially noteworthy are Nina Hartley and Jiz Lee who are both are at their very best. I found this to be one of the most enjoyable porn films I've ever watched.

Courtney Trouble is an up-and-coming entrepeneur, and I've got my eye on her! The latest addition to her resume is this porno, filmed in front of a live audience. Featuring some of our favorite actors and a variety of genders, body types, ages and sex play, this DVD really has something for everyone.

Live Sex Shows was pretty awesome. The quality was not great but the show itself was perfect. No fluff, plenty of variety in sex. A little something for just about everyone

Lets have some real sex here. I'm bored with scripts and loved Live Sex Show because it was not only sincere but it took me into a world that I would be too timid to join into but am always interested in. See what it's like to live on the edge and get a look at your favorite porn stars having real sex in front of an audience!

Live sex show is just as it sounds, this film was shot in front of an audience of 200 people, or so the back cover says (as we never really get to see a clear shot of the audience). The performers are good looking and share some good chemistry, none better than Nina Hartley and Jiz Lee! However dim lighting at times and a shaky camera diminishes the overall experience. If you can get past some of the technical glitches, then you may find a pleasant film.

This DVD features people who look like real people, curvy women, tattoos and piercings, hairy men and sex that actually seems like everyone involved is having the time of their lives! It is all done in front of a live and very appreciative audience, which added a lot to the entire experience. Loved, loved, loved it!

Shot in front a live audience, a unique group of people perform a very raw sensual show. The cast is filled with a mix of well knowns and little names. If you like non-directed, "real" sex, this film will definitely give you that, but the content is not for everyone.

Live Sex Show is a joy. It is full of delicious, raw, raunchy sex, with a flair for the queer and the kinky. I give it five stars, even though...This film is just too damn short. It does a terrific job of wrapping up a whole ton of awesome into a small package, but I NEED more! I fully intend to watch this again and again. Thanks, TROUBLEfilms!

This was one of those adult movies I didn't want to masturbate while watching; I simply wanted to enjoy watching the participants enjoy themselves! Highly, highly recommended.

Courtney Trouble brings a hot movie full of sexy, amazing, and, in some cases, legendary performers together in front of a live audience. The scenes are all great and the audience interaction adds a level of fun to the scenes.

This DVD has a little bit of everything and is probably the best DVD I have ever seen. I would recommend it for those who like a little kinkier than the usual vanilla sex, but I also think vanilla couples would love it too. There's just so much to love in this DVD!

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