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A theater as dark as a haunted house!

Live sex show is just as it sounds, this film was shot in front of an audience of 200 people, or so the back cover says (as we never really get to see a clear shot of the audience). The performers are good looking and share some good chemistry, none better than Nina Hartley and Jiz Lee! However dim lighting at times and a shaky camera diminishes the overall experience. If you can get past some of the technical glitches, then you may find a pleasant film.
Great concept. Good Chemistry and Good looking performers!
Poor execution of a great concept. Shaky camera and poor lighting.
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Covers & Presentation
The front cover features a picture of Jiz Lee and Nina Hartley just about to kiss. The background looks like golden glitter or golden falling confetti.

The back cover is reminiscent of old porn films. There are a total of four explicit pictures that appear very grainy, and give off a 70s feel, as well as a general description of the film.

The menus are as simple as it gets when it comes to navigation, there are two options, a scene select and play feature. The design is simple to a fault, and there is nothing stimulating visually, in fact the same picture from the front cover is the only image on the menus. Also there is a lack of any music on any of the memos.

In the scene selection, there is a complete lack of motion clips.

Film overview
Live sex show was shot in front of 200 people at a theater in San Francisco. According to the back of the DVD case, this film was made to financially benefit the Center for Sex & Culture.

The first scene takes place on stage with Kimberlee Cline posing; in the background are rhythmic claps. The camera zooms in and out on portions of Kimberlee’s body, using the blurs and fades-to-black as a transition to another pose. After only a short time posing, Kimberlee makes her way to a couch that is situated on stage, here she begins to finger herself. Her moaning getting more rapid as time goes on, eventually after only three or so minutes, she appears to orgasm. Kimberlee tells the crowd thanks, and sits up. The camera transitions to the next scene.

The next scene starts right away with Jolene Parton and Peter Devries kissing passionately on the same couch. The two soon loose most of their clothes and Jolene gives Peter a short blowjob. The two then reposition, and kiss and caress each other before Peter gives oral to Jolene. Soon after, Peter and Jolene enjoy vaginal sex in several positions before Jolene finishes Peter off with a blowjob.

The next scene starts with April Flores on the same couch that was used in the two previous scenes. Here April caresses and fingers herself. Moments later, The Matador shows up and April performs oral sex on him. After a very quick session of vaginal sex, Matador performs oral sex on April before she returns the favor and he ejaculates over her face. The two wave to the crowd and exit the stage.

The next scene takes place on the same set with Tina Horn and Roger Wood. Roger removes Tina’s top, before bending her over and spanking her. Soon Roger pulls out a whip and begins to spank Tina. Roger then pulls out a strap-on and puts it on. Tina sucks on the strap on for a short time before Roger inserts it into her vaginally. After a short time, Roger pulls out and begins to spank Tina momentarily before returning to vaginal sex. This scene has a lot of rough sex, but at certain points it does turn very sensual.

The next scene takes place in the same location, this time with Nina Hartley and Jiz Lee. They start out with a super quick “negotiation”. This is where the two discuss what they do and don’t like. It consisted of Nina saying “Kissing good, slapping good, choking good?” and Jiz Lee saying “Great” and practically launching a tongue assault on Nina. Nina relaxes on the couch while Nina kneels and begins to finger Jiz Lee. Jiz Lee requests more, and Nina pulls out a large bottle of Lube and lubricates her whole fist. After proper lubricated, Nina begins to finger Jiz Lee once again, before finally fisting her. While Nina fists Jiz Lee, Jiz Lee applies a vibrator to her clit. After Jiz Lee gets off there is a short intermission of sorts where Nina holds a seminar like discussion that ultimately leads into Nina getting finger banged by Jiz Lee.

All the women from the previous scenes come back on stage and treat Courtney to an All-Girl gangbang. Roger Wood and Jolene Parton don strap-ons for this scene, as the rest lick, finger and use toys on Courtney. After Courtney gets off, everyone is treated with a standing ovation. The screen fades to black as April and Jiz Lee kiss.

Camera/Picture Quality & Sound:
The picture quality was good. The lighting and angles were sketchy. The camera was shaking at several points in the film and, at times this felt like an amateur production.

The sound quality was not bad. There are a few hiccups here and there but this is to be expected, especially with so many people in attendance.
Personal Comments:
This is a film I had to watch over a couple times to get an appreciation for it. The first time I viewed it, I had a less than stellar reaction. The first viewing I felt that this was a very low production, with poor camera work and general direction. I liked the theme and thought the idea of sex in front of an audience could be very interesting, but I just wasn’t digging the film. After putting the film down and coming back to it a little later, I had a much better feeling about the film. I still found some of the camera issues a tad bit annoying but I actually found myself looking past them.

I liked the opening scene with Kimberlee Cline. Even with the poor transitions, I thought it to be an enjoyable solo scene. I also enjoyed the Nina Hartley and Jiz Lee scene. Jiz Lee was very funny and had great personality, plus a pretty hot body. Nina and Jiz Lee seemed to have good chemistry, and both seemed very eager.

One qualm I did have was the lack of DVD extras. It seems that the producers cut as many corners as possible when it comes to the DVD. This DVD was produced to procure funds for “Center for Sex & Culture”, I know what this center sounds like, but I am not certain. Why not gives us a little background on the center? Tell us what it stands for; what is threatening it? And how can I get involved? A short 15 minute extra feature could answer all these questions, and then some. Another bonus that could have been cheap and not took a lot of time could have been cast interviews.

I liked the idea of sex in front of an audience, especially a theater, that being said, I did not like the fact that they used the same stage props and set for each scene. Personally I feel they missed out here, but perhaps they did not want something more artistic.

To me, the camera direction was basically shot on the go, it didn’t feel like there was a solid plan here, and some of the transitions were awkward. At times the camera was even shaky. The poor lighting did not help either. All of these issues should be addressed if the company decides to make more of these live shows.
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  • LilLostLenore
    sounds like an ok porn.
  • ~LaUr3n~
    i was so annoyed with the lighting too.
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