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Discovering new horizons is cool, but not everyone will like it

Definitely, not everyone will be a fan of this movie. Queer porn is targeted towards a very specific, niche, audience and might appear too unusual or even weird for some people. Live unscripted performance is a matter of taste either. However, I would say that there's something for everyone, and, with its freshness and unusual approach, Live Sex Show is still worth giving a shot. It's actually interesting to watch and is a good way to explore new ways of sexuality.
* diversity and kink
* natural and real
* perfect length
* very specific content
* quality issues
* I didn't like their outfits
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Long ago, I noticed that knowing something about the reviewer can really help in understanding the way they feel about products and rate certain things. Also, knowing their - let's say - background can help to predict if you are going to have the same opinion and whether you'll like something or not. So, this time, I'm finally going to pay more attention to describing my personal preferences. I would also mention some things about my partner, which would pretty much explain his attitude towards the movie I'm reviewing.

What you might want to know

About me: Having watched only a few films so far, I'm quite inexperienced porn viewer. I consider myself rather kinky and normally find most vanilla scenes boring, however, excessively rough sex can also be a turn-off for me. There were times when I would identify myself as queer, so I was particularly interested in watching Live Sex Show and I was expecting it to be that very porn to actually turn me on. I'm also very welcoming to a variety of body types and gender identities.

About my partner: We sort of prove that stereotype about men watching way more porn than women. I had never watched any before this relationship and before Eden, but Alex did and has rather strong preferences. He likes seeing natural non-fake bodies, real action, sincerity, but prefers everything to be esthetically appealing. He also prefers slim figures and small breasts. Also, even though Alex is into both straight sex scenes and girl-on-girl action, he wasn't very enthusiastic about watching Live Sex Show, because he felt it was going to be something way too different from what he normally watches.

So we had one enthusiastic kinky girl, one also kinky but yet ve-e-e-ery skeptical guy and a mysterious DVD.

Concept and general information

Live Sex Show is a one hour long porn film shot in front of a live audience of 200 people. The director, Courtney Trouble, is an actual queer porn icon and is responsible for coining the term “queer porn” as a genre in the mainstream industry. Cast is very diverse in terms of both bodies and sexuality as are also kinks and the action itself.

There are 6 scenes in the movie and I'm going to give a brief description for all of them.

Scenes and description

Scene 1: Kimberly Cline's self pleasuring
(5 minutes)

This is the first scene in the movie and it sets a tone for the whole thing. Kimberly Cline starts with stripping and posing in front of the camera. She then positions herself on a couch and begins masturbating. The audience seemed to like her as they the audience applauded quite enthusiastically, but neither me nor Alex saw anything special in this scene apart from that it was a nice intro.

Scene 2: Jolene Parton and Peter Devries / straight, oral, fingering, lots of tattoos and piercing
(11 minutes)

This one is his favorite and, probably, mine as well. Jolene Parton is a nice redhead with lots of tattoos, piercing and was also wearing glasses (I love people with glasses!). Peter Devries didn't look nearly as appealing to me because of a huge amount of body hair (huge turn-off for me). However, the way they acted was just amazing.

The scene starts with these two kissing on the same blue couch, they then undress each other and Jolene gives Peter a blowjob. A bit later, Peter returns the favor and gives oral to Jolene. They change positions several times, kiss and caress each other a lot and finally Jolene finishes him off with a blowjob.

I liked how passionate and willing to pleasure each other they actually seemed and it was very easy to identify with this couple. I also loved Peter's orgasm - very sincere and hot. But I couldn't stop laughing when there was a condom appearing on Peter's cock before every PIV action and then suddenly vanishing.

Scene 3: April Flores and Matador / straight, BBW, oral, cum shot
(9 minutes)

Third scene starts with April Flores on the same couch, pleasuring herself. When Matador shows up, he is wearing a creepy black mask on his head and looks rather dangerously. He plays with April's boobs a lot, then rips off her pink fishnets and massages her butt. April performs oral on him, then they shift to vaginal sex, to cunnilingus and to fellatio once again. In the end of the scene he ejaculates over her face.
We both were really surprised by this scene: you don't see BBWs very often in mainstream porn. I can't say I'm into big women, but I found April to be really beautiful. Alex wouldn't share my opinion, though. He seems to be as much into BBWs as I am in hairy men, even though both things are absolutely normal and natural. To every one their own, I guess.

Also, in this scene, the lack of lighting was especially noticeable.

Scene 4: Tina Horn and Rodger Wood / transgender, spanking, flogging, strap-on, oral
(14 minutes)

The next scene is, probably, the most kinky of all. It starts with Roger bending Tina over and spanking until her buttocks are almost red. Then Roger takes a flogger and proceeds to spank Tina with it. He then puts on a strap-on, receives some oral on it and fucks Tina really hard fully dominating her. Even though, at some point they start acting more sensual, I'm not sure if I like this aggression that Roger shows.

Scene 5: Nina Hartley and Jiz Lee / fingering, fisting, toys, dirty talk
(15 minutes)

Nina Hartley and Jiz Lee start with setting the boundaries and discussing what will be allowed in their session. At first, Nina just fingers Jiz Lee, but then (after applying some lube on her hands) she starts fisting her. While Nina fists her, Jiz puts a vibrator to her clit and gets off. Then there's Nina's turn to get fingered by her companion.

This scene seems to be quite popular among the reviewers, but neither me not Alex enjoyed it much. Nina was really annoying with her constant attempts to educate the audience and it kind of killed the mood.

Scene 6: Courtney Trouble being gangbanged by April Flores, Nina Hartley, Jiz Lee, Tina Horn, and Roger Wood
(6 minutes)

Five performers from the previous scenes unite in this one to gangbang Courtney Trouble! I'm sure this one would have been great if we could see anything, but camera angles wouldn't let us. As Courtney orgasms, everyone is treated with a standing ovation.


I was a bit disappointed by this movie, because it didn't manage to get me in the mood. I also wasn't fully esthetically satisfied as I didn't like most of the outfits which sometimes seemed too much and there were couple of turn-offs like excessive male body hair. But it was still very interesting for me to watch the film and to explore new things I've never seen in porn before.

Alex, on the other hand, seems to not like it at all. The only scene that he enjoyed was the second one. He also appreciated that there were lots of nice tattoos and piercing shown in the movie. But in his opinion, Live Sex Show deserves 2 or 3 stars as maximum as "it was weird, confusing and not quite beautiful". He points out that the idea was nice, but turned out to be a failure.

After some strong doubts I'm giving this film 3 stars. The idea is fresh and interesting, but execution could be better. Plus my partners' opinion is more important to me than even poor lightning. Sorry about that.
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  • Kitka
    Great review!
  • GonetoLovehoney
    Wow, what a thorough review, I'm sorry you didn't like it. But you gave it a shot and even went through the scenes. (By the way, in scene 5, hands is misspelled)
    My porn likings are quite fickle as well, preferring the written adult fanfiction over watching actors have sex. (I hope there wasn't any obnoxious fake-ish screaming in this one) I do have a question, did all of the performers get off?
  • All His
    thnx for the great review
  • Blonde
    Thanks for the great detailed review!
  • Valentinka
    DynamicKitty, thank you!

    Hppykamper, Blonde. welcome!
  • Valentinka
    AnotherRandomPervert, oh, thanks for noticing and pointing that out! Corrected now
    I actually kind of enjoyed it and appreciated the idea, but it wasn't as good as I thought it would be. My partner was the one who didn't like it at all (except for the second scene).
    Answering your question, yes, they all got off and some of the orgasms were quite good (not sure what would be the right word here ), emotional, and looking natural.
    Also, I think I should really pay more attention to some quality erotic writing. Could you, please, advise me anything? Maybe some novel available here, on EF?
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