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Something For Everyone

Courtney Trouble is an up-and-coming entrepeneur, and I've got my eye on her! The latest addition to her resume is this porno, filmed in front of a live audience. Featuring some of our favorite actors and a variety of genders, body types, ages and sex play, this DVD really has something for everyone.
Diverse actors
Something for everyone
High-quality filming
Live audience
Some cheesy music
No DVD menu extras
Sub-par graphics
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extremely useful review
Courtney Trouble is an up-and-coming photographer, film-maker, porn star and entrepeneur. She's recently burst onto the scene with her new studio, 'Trouble Films' and an all-new porn site, Both are queer-friendly and incredibly innovative. There's something for everyone in everything Courtney does. She is everywoman.

With her latest release, 'Live Sex Show,' we are brought just that; porn filmed in front of a live audience of over 200 aroused people. What a unique way to make a film, no? This is the first porno of this kind that I've ever seen, let alone heard of. The live quality adds something very genuine to the film, and we can almost feel as if we are there in the room with the stars.

The stars are diverse, confident in their skins and some a tad nervous, and range from the light to dark skinned, the straight to transgender to queer, the young to the old, the skinny to the extra large, the mainstream to the punk. Chemistry is genuine, atmosphere is rather light, and there's some arousal to be had for just about every viewer.

The average watcher of straight-porn may be initially turned off by the ample flesh of April Flores, touching herself in front of a live audience, or the sight of ambiguous Roger Wood giving it to his female counterpart with a strap-on. But there are 3 straight scenes here, including one female-masturbation session, and even a hetero-vanilla male can enjoy that.

Six shortish scenes comprise the entirety of the film, and they rather cover the gamut, save for the indulging in gay male fantasies, which I personally did not miss. All scenes are shot on a stage with a bright blue, rather loud couch, vibrant colors framing the dirty deeds.

We see the lovely Kimberlee Cline in the first scene, joyfully bringing herself to orgasm manually. The audience applauds jovially at her blissful spasms. Endscene.

Next come Jolene Parton and her partner in crime, Peter Devries. Their pierced and tatted bodies mingle together, and the engage in some passionate, yet vanilla sex.

Woah, mama!

April Flores did not personally get me going, as her appearance was a turn-off rather than on for my straight boyfriend and me. Nevertheless, she coupled up with a black male, whose face was creepily hidden behind a leather hood. There's some foreplay, some vanilla sex, and that's all. I was disappointed that more toys weren't used. If the hood was used, why didn't they go ahead and grab up the whips, the chains, some dildos, butt plugs even? Maybe some anal sex? Maybe I'm too demanding, but I expected more from this scene.

Tina Horn

Tina Horn and Roger Wood pair up for their own playtime. It appears they've planned their skit out... they play for several awkward moments, then stand up and laugh nervously. The audience encourages them to continue, and this is when the real scene begins. They passionately 'wing it,' and the camera captures up close the beads of sweat pouring down their faces. Roger is banging Tina with a strap-on, and appears quite into it, a welcome contrast to the beginning of the scene, where he unenthusiastically whipped her lightly on the ass with a small flogger.

This was my least favorite scene due to the awkwardness. Roger just did not seem into it, and it almost seemed like a chore, until the audience began to egg the pair on. Tina moaned and grunted away throughout. For me it wasn't a turn-on, but I'm not personally aroused by transgender folks. Had it been a gal with a strap-on, however, the femininity would've gotten me going. Still, as I said, there's something for everyone here, and not everyone is going to be into every scene.

Jiz Lee

Nina Hartley, at the start of her career, and now.

The *best* scene is next, with the ever-famous Jiz Lee and Nina Hartley. Jiz is the genderqueer pornstar who interviews so well, is so relaxed in front of the camera, and never ceases to surprise you. Her gender is fluid, and she conforms to no box. Nina Hartley is the sex-columnist and porn-star, who got her start in the 70's. She's the MILF of this scene, while Jiz appears quite a bit more feminine than I've ever seen her.. and that's a turn-on for me.
The gals begin the scene going into detail about how they prepared for one another; Jiz has shaved her legs and pubes for Nina, and found it an invigorating experience. The pair seem so comfortable with one another, and Jiz is charming and cute. She begs Nina to take her, laughing. Nina lubes up a gloved hand and slides the whole thing inside Jiz. It's so... wow! How the hand just glides in there. I wish I could do that.

A Hitachi wand comes out, and Nina partakes in some orgasm-denial and choking before Jiz, shaking with pleasure, begs to do her.

I really appreciate how safe sex is used throughout the film. Nary a cock is left bare, nor a toy - condoms are abundant, and even gloves are used. It's refreshing, to say the least. Not to mention a great influence! Too many porns these days completely disregard protection, and that is such a shitty example to set.

A bit of audience interaction occurs when Jiz wonders aloud if she could see a dick from the crowd, grinning. Nina coaches the audience in her usual way, 'I place the fingers inside and rotate between 3 and 6 o'clock... one of those is bound to be her sweet spot.' Nina's directing usually turns me off; just shut up and fuck, why don'tcha! It normally strikes me as a nervous reaction; talking nonstop. Yet here, I'm so in tune to Jiz's pleasure, which is intense and real, that I don't hardly notice Nina's jibbering.

The final scene *appears* to be an all-girl orgy. However, the camerawork is so poor, it's hard to tell what the hell is going on! The camera barely moves throughout the 15 minute scene, and is too close-up on Courtney Trouble's downstairs to even let us see her at all. She's hidden behind half-nude female bodies, moving together and doing their own thing. This scene was too confusing to really get me turned on. I kept wanting to see around this girl's ass or that girl's hand to just see what was actually going on, but the camera man let me down.

Overall, film quality was about as high as one can expect from a live film. There was some cheesy music at certain points, which I wished would go away, as it was distracting me from the hotness of the scene. The DVD menu was lacking of any frills or high-quality graphic design, but I didn't mind. The DVD case was of average-quality, with a few stills on the back illustrating the 4 main scenes.

Courtney Trouble has done an excellent job of appealing to the masses, and giving the finger to mainstream porn. I just love that about her. She's become a new interest for me, and I can't wait to see what she comes up with next. If you haven't yet, you must check out her porn site, It is adorned with her amazing photography, some of our favorite stars, and never leaves out the differently-gendered. It's pretty amazing.
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  • Ms. Spice
    sounds like an awesome investment. I absolutely love Nina, but the idea of April being shown is kind of a turn off for me. Jiz is great though.
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    Thanks for the review!
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    thanks guys!
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