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Courtney Trouble brings a hot movie full of sexy, amazing, and, in some cases, legendary performers together in front of a live audience. The scenes are all great and the audience interaction adds a level of fun to the scenes.
Real orgasms, real chemistry, real hot!
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The scenes for this film were shot in front of a live audience at San Francisco's Masturbate-A-Thon. Throughout the film, you can hear the audience interacting, encouraging and supporting the performers. The chemistry between the couplers is pretty intense and hot. There are plenty of real orgasms throughout the film, which is always a plus!

Scene 1: Kimberlee Cline- The movie opens to Kimberly Cline dancing seductively and stripping as others cheer her on. She is soon bent over on a bed fingering herself and then laying with her legs spread. She pulls down her top and masturbates for the camera, but mostly for herself as you can see how much she is enjoying it. Once she comes, the room claps and cheers for her, because this is shot in front of a live audience, after all.

Scene 2: Jolene Parton and Peter Devries- The first couples scene starts out with Jolene and Peter kissing and touching each other. They each give each other oral and then begin to have sex in the missionary position. Jolene has beautiful tattoos and piercings which add to her hotness. As the scene progresses, they move to a standing doggy style position in which you get some great facial expression shots from Jolene. Jolene climbs on top as Peter sits back to enjoy her riding his cock. Jolene gives him a blow job and the scene ends with them kissing and holding each other sweetly.

Scene 3- April Flores and the Matador- April starts us off right with a vigorous fingering session and a lovely view of her big breasts. I love her style. She always looks so cute and sexy at the same time. After a few minutes, the Matador comes in. He keeps his face concealed which kind of adds an extra layer of hot. April gives him an amazing blow job, during which we are treated to a nice view of her ass...and seriously, when he tears her hot pink fishnets for clear access to her ass? Very hot. April climbs on top to ride the Matador's cock both facing him and away before returning to her impressive b.j. skills. April lays down for missionary and then gets her turn at oral, which she very vocally enjoys. Next, April gets on her knees and blows the Matador as he reaches over her and fingers her from behind. The scene ends with the Matador coming on her face. I love how organically this scene flowed, nothing seemed too planned. And who doesn't love a round of applause at the end?

Scene 4: Tina Horn and Roger Wood- The scene opens with Tina Horn bent over with her panties pulled down. She gets spanked by Roger until her ass cheeks start to turn pink and then she gets spanked with a flogger. Roger then puts on his strap on and makes Tina suck it, a bit roughly. Tina is then bent over on the bed, asks if she can keep her boots on, which is kinda cute and the Roger takes her hard and deep. There is some smacking and squealing, but all is clearly enjoyed by both parties. Tina gets her ass smacked and hair pulled as Roger takes her doggy style and then lays down for some rough missionary. She is then stood back up and bent over to add more pink to her ass, put down on her knees again for more spanking and then the two stand up and start giggling. Apparently that was all they had planned. Everyone claps and they ask if they should stop but are encouraged to continue and Tina is back on her knees for doggy style in no time. She eventually ends up twisted onto her back as Roger pounds away at her. As the scene continues, both of them end up drenched in sweat. They fuck doggy style and then missionary again before their scene ends.
Scene 5: Nina Hartley and Jiz Lee- These two open their scene with a quick negotiation about what they like. Jiz talks about how they talked about Nina's preferences on body hair and shaving for her. Nina starts fingering Jiz as she rubs her clit and is soon wrist deep. I love to see that she's using Sliquid lube (I think) which is one of my favorite brands. As Nina fists Jiz slowly she keeps her eyes closed and focused. Jiz asks to see a penis in the crowd and soon the Hitachi is introduced. Nina has Jiz coming hard pretty soon. Jiz is back to fingering instead of the Hitachi by now and Nina holds on at the neck as Jiz comes around her hand, which she keeps moving throughout the orgasm. Jiz is worried about time, talking about wanting to fuck Nina and is told they have all the time in the world. Jiz comes again and then begs to do Nina but ends up getting off a few more times before getting to be the giver. The Hitachi comes into play and Jiz is flushed and coming again in no time. All through the scene, Jiz has these cute gold boots on that I looove! Anyways, they switch places and Jiz gloves up for a turn at fisting Nina. Jiz does a little romancing for Nina starting by kissing while gently fingering her and rubbing her clit. Turns out Nina loves to have her pussy smacked and Jiz is happy to do that for her, along with a little nipple biting. The Hitachi is brought back out as Jiz fingers Nina faster and faster and slaps her acorss the face occasionally. Nina eventually comes so hard that she pulls Jiz down on top of her and they start kissing fiercely. Their banter throughout the scene is adorable and fun. This scene makes me love Jiz Lee even more because of the exposure of personality that I haven't experienced previously.

Scene 6: Courtney Trouble, April Flores, Nina Hartley, Jiz Lee, Tina Horn, and Roger Wood- Tina straddles Courtney's mouth while Jiz and Nina tease away with their fingers, and April teases nipples. It's hard to see what Roger is doing, but I think he was smacking his strap on against Courtney's face. Courtney comes, bucking hard and Nina keeps commenting on how strong the muscles are with orgasm. They throw the Hitachi into the mix and more funny and sexy coming ensues. Jiz and Nina slap Courtney's thighs as the Hitachi does its work. This leads to Courtney squirting like crazy in a fit of amazing hotness.

I loved this film. Everyone in it is extremely sexy and I love how they know exactly what they like and need to get off. It was just good fun to watch and definitely hot. Courtney Trouble is amazing!
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