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Cosmo's truth or dare Cosmo's truth or dare

Adult game by Hearst

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Cosmo's truth or dare reviews

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23 reviews

Playing's easy. . . and satisfying. Players simply take turns picking from a set of 120 cards and choosing a "Truth" or a "Dare." Both options have a sexy twist.

This game is really worth it. Especially if you want to get to know your partner a little more and also if you want to know more about what they think about your sex life. The disappointing side of this game is that it could really use more questions.

For $9.95 you can't beat this game. Some of the questions are a little lame, but that can be fun, too and make for some great laughs. One of the things my wife likes about me is that I'm always trying to make her laugh. This game helped me to do just that. I was hoping for a little more kink, but found that it wasn't necessary for us to thoroughly enjoy this game.

I really love this game! It was so fun to play. I learned a lot about myself and my partners. I highly recommend it. It definitely spiced things up. We will play again soon.

Overall, I would highly recommend this for a couple who hasn't yet explored each other sexually, and is looking for a good icebreaker. I really wish I had these sooner, because I am sure it would have created some good times.

I tell my friends about this game whenever I have the chance. If you have an open mind, go for it.

I think this game would be much better if more cards were included (even though there are 120). After you get through all the cards, you can become bored with the game because there isn't anything new for you and your partner to try.

If you're looking for a sexy spin on the classic game of truth or dare, this would be it! Cosmo's Truth or Dare game gives new couples a chance to open up to one another, an ice breaker of sorts, and it gives experienced couples an excuse to re-live their "beginnings" and freshen up on their playfulness with each other! Spice it up and put your own twists on the game too!

Cosmo brings an old classic back to life with their "Truth or Dare" card game! Be it a new relationship or an established one, this card game is great for anyone. Add your own rules, other props or play with just the cards. Either way, you're sure to have a spicy night enjoying each others company and having a few laughs and nibbles!

Fun, flirty, sexy, and enticing, Cosmo's Truth or Dare will provide several nights of exciting foreplay ideas and truths to get you in the mood. These cards will last through many adventures and will excite you before you even get to the cards. So, which will it be: Truth or Dare?

Another simple yet fun game for couples, Cosmo's Truth or Dare is an inexpensive way to bring some new ideas into the bedroom. Think this game isn't naughty enough to add some flare between the sheets? I dare you to try it yourself...

Very amusing game, A lot of the dares can lead to foreplay and leave you tempted to continue and take it beyond foreplay into the next level.

This game is wonderful for couples who want to add some fun into their love life. It's a fun and sexy game with great suggestions and can even cause some laughs. However, if you aren't comfortable with your partner, it might not be a great game to try out right away.

I love this game! It can be played quickly or drawn out for as long as you want. The Truths and Dares are fun and will not disappoint.

This was a great investment to our sexual relationship. For under $10 we found a new game to entice our foreplay and also find out even more about each other and what turns each other on. There's no better way to get to know your partner than with this game.

This is the perfect game for a couple that wants some fun foreplay before a night of fun. The dares are all great for learning how sexual your partner or friends are and how kinky they can be. If you want to test what kinky things your partner will enjoy then this game is good for you. Nothing about this games will disappoint and is one of the best games out there

While this deck of cards does have some bad apples, the majority of them are fun for a long-term couple. I think this game is best for newer couples as a whole and can even be used in a larger group. My partner and I found ways to work around any awkward or unusable cards, and for the price, we feel this game is more than worth it.

I really loved this game. It doesn't have all the little pieces and take up the room of a full-fledged board game, but still introduces all the fun elements into our playtime. My favorite part is truth- some of the questions are things I've never though of asking my significant other, and it is great to get to know him better in this intimate way.

Cosmo's Truth or Dare game is pretty fun, though it would be best for a new or shy couple. The truths seem to be things that open or long-term couples would have already discussed, while the dares are pretty fun, regardless of the length of the relationship. If a couple gets bored with these cards after a few games, they can also use them to create their own truths or dares.

Overall, I would suggest this game to anyone who is looking to increase their intimacy with their partner. I'm not a huge Cosmo fan (actually, I don't read any ladymag regularly), but their Truth or Dare was a lot of fun!

These specific cards keep the game classy without going overboard or overly cheesy. My fiance loved the cards because she sometimes has trouble thinking up new things for me to admit or perform. (we play a lot) We both found some pretty awesome cards and got to try some kinky new things. I totally recommend these cards to keep a few tips on hand. These cards are for anyone, but seem to aimed towards the female consumers.

The Cosmo's Truth or Dare game is a fun game that puts a spin on Truth or Dare. Since the options are provided for you, there's no pausing in the game while someone attemps to come up with a good one. If you both are a relatively new couple, I think there's a lot of fun to be had here. If you both are long-term lovers, you might want to consider what you want out of the game.

I find this toy to be super exciting. If you like the game Truth or Dare, it's really worth it. It is so much fun, and it eliminates the problem of struggling to come up with a dare for your partner because you are so turned on that you can't focus. Instead, you just pick up a card and there are great questions there for the asking. I think you could have more fun with this deck of cards than with most intricate, more expensive, board-style sex games.

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