Cosmo's truth or dare - adult game by Hearst - review by ~LaUr3n~

Truth, Dare, Laugh, or Feel a Tad Awkward

While this deck of cards does have some bad apples, the majority of them are fun for a long-term couple. I think this game is best for newer couples as a whole and can even be used in a larger group. My partner and I found ways to work around any awkward or unusable cards, and for the price, we feel this game is more than worth it.
120 cards, good for most couples (better for new ones though), can be used with groups, packaging, $
Some cards are lame or awkward, For some: not hardcore or very invasive
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Purpose / Audience

This cute card game, from the editors of Cosmopolitan, is a great way to get to know your partner, some open friends, or a new "love" interest. The box it comes in has plenty of truth or dare cards. Some are more fun than others, but as a whole, this game was entertaining for my boyfriend and I. We have been dating for almost two years and felt that most of the cards were fun, but some of the truth questions were things we already knew about each other. We found ways to get around this though. You of course don't have to use all the cards and can make up your own rules about skipping. All in all, for the price, there are plenty of good truth or dares that will lead to a lot of fun. You will likely learn things about the person you play with and probably yourself too!
    • Couples
    • Exploration
    • Good for foreplay

Rules / Content

The rules are very simple. Take out as many cards as you want, spread them on the floor, table, or bed. Then take turns picking a card, one at a time. The person who picks the card asks the other player "Truth or dare?". The other person then does whatever is read to them on the card. There is no set end to the game and no real goal to win. You can modify this however.

Since my partner and I found that some of the cards are dumb or don't really work for a long-term couple, we made up "skipping rules" and a few other ones as well.

1. You have three free passes to skip anything that you feel uncomfortable doing, no matter the reason.

2. The first person to use all of their "skips" loses the game.

3. If you are asked a truth question that the answer is already known to, try to change the question so you can give a new answer. For example: "Where would you most like to have public sex?" Since my partner already knew my answer, I told him my second choice, or I could have told him my favorite place that has already occurred.
    • Can make your own rules
    • Comes with clear instructions
    • Easy to play


Cosmo's Truth or Dare game has a cute, high quality design. The cards are large, colorful, and glossy. They are about the size of two standard cards next to each other. The top side of the card has a snake skin pattern that comes in three different colors. They say nothing on them. The other side is visually split in half. The top part has the truth option and then upside down on the other side is the dare option. Each card has two colors. There are three combos of colors.

There are 120 different cards provided. So there are 120 truths and 120 dares. They are neatly packaged in a nice box. It is made of sturdy cardboard that is coated in a glossy pink paper. The top has a picture of cute couple, the name of the game "Cosmos's Truth or Dare", and "Our Naughtiest Sex Game Ever!". The sides say the same things without the picture. On the side, a flap magnets securely. Flipping this up and over the center of the box reveals the contents inside! Another flap with a clear window covers the open box where the cards go. On the left is a description of the game and the instructions for play. This box is great for travel and would make a great gift too.
    • Attractive design
    • Travel friendly


Overall, my partner and I found that about two-thirds to three-quarters of the cards we fun or able to be used by us. Here are some examples of the hit and miss we experienced...

Some of the dares are great for foreplay:
Gently trace your fingernails from the middle of my inner thigh to the area where my leg meets my pelvis.
Starting with my lips, kiss to your favorite part of my body.-I loved this one!
Send me the dirtiest text you can come up with.-I totally have this still saved in my cell!

But, some of the dares are a bit awkward:
Playfully slap your butt in front of me.
In your best sultry voice, tell me what you liked most about the last time we had sex.-We did this sans the sultry voice.
Run outside and flash me through the window.-It is below freezing outside...

Some of the truths are kind of boring or dumb:
How long was your longest orgasm?
What is the first thing that pops into your head when I say oral?-Really?

But, some truths were kind of fun too:
Describe a sex scene from a movie or book that really turns you on.-Duh! That one in the extra scenes from The Notebook!
What animal would you compare me to sexually?-Wolverine!

So...yea. As you can see, some are better than others. I'm sure that this is subjective, and for each individual couple, the amount used will be different. We felt that we had a good time and the "foreplay dares" really us turned on. Even some of the truths cards got my partner's mind stirring. Without the implementation of our skipping rules, the mood may have been ruined by the few bad apples in the deck.

You could use this with a group of singles or swingers since it can be played with more than two people. Since none of the cards we did (so far) were really that invasive, it would be a good game to play amongst open, consenting adults. And since you won't ever pick all of the same cards, the game will never quite be the same.
Follow-up commentary
Still entertaining from time to time, I enjoy giving this game to my friends as a gift. It is especially fun for new couples and can even be fun for a girls night in if you use the truth cards. This game does not really get my partner and I super turned on, but it can be fun to do for a bit before moving on to something else. For the price and the amount of cards, it is a great buy anyways.
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