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A nice soft shirt that's standard quality. It may be a bit loose for some, so think about that when ordering your size. It's worth the giggles for $5.

This shirt is definitely worth it for the sheer comedy alone. It is also worth it for the comfort and for the amount of time it lasted. Just be aware that this item runs a little small and you will need to order a bigger size than what you are normally.

If you want something soft, colorful and well made this is a great shirt. Its strong and doesn't fade easily. Wash after was coming out just as soft and comfy as the time before.

I really do like the quality and the feel of this shirt. For anyone interested in purchasing it though, be aware that it will be form-fitting. If you like loose fitting clothing like I do, try to order it in 2 or 3 sizes larger than you would normally wear.

Overall, these t-shirts could be improved on. It needs added with shirts that are actually sized correctly. Take care when ordering, so that you get the right size t-shirt.

I absolutely love my Eden Fantasys t-shirt, and would definitely recommend that anyone else buy an Eden shirt too. It is just too comfy.

This is a high quality shirt that is really comfortable, but is unfortunately way off on the sizing. I found it to be at least two sizes smaller than I anticipated.

This shirt was a pretty awesome free gift! Even though it shrunk, I still wear it around the house with lounge pants. It has stayed comfortable and soft. Read my full review for detailed post-washing measurements!

I will wear this shirt until the seams burst, and probably even after that. This shirt is awesome and actually draws in a lot of attention. I wish I had fifty more just like them so that I would never run out of these cuties.

Great t-shirt that's extremely comfortable. Perfect for wearing around the house. You might want to go a size up if you like your shirts loose. Good conversation starter and a great way to show Eden pride without being overly explicit!

This shirt is a good way to show your love of the Vroom you desire, as well as your support of Make sure to tell everyone where they can get their own fun Vroom toys.

This super soft tee is a steal. It is cute and a great conversation starter! The only downfall for me to this t-shirt was the neck line was kind of tight. That, however, was an easy fix. I just stretched it a bit and was ready to go. EdenFantasys did not disappoint with this comfy tee!

This is my favorite shirt I own and for very good reasons. It fits perfectly, I can wear it to bed or out in public, and it's soft and cozy! I would recommend this shirt to anyone and everyone. It is definitely a great buy and well worth every penny.

This is something everyone here should wear, even if it's not to go outside with. You can wear it at home to just relax in. It's not expensive and it doesn't need a lot of care. It's an everyday shirt.

We all like those T-shirts that are perfect for lounging around in and throwing on when you have to go check the mail. Eden shirts are ridiculously comfortable and I almost always am sleeping in one of mine, as the material is soft and doesn't bother my skin as much as some of my others. The design on the front is creative and I quite like that everyone looks to read my shirt when I go out in one of these.

I. Love. This. Shirt! Material is comfy, stretchy, and soft. Only real problem is wearing it around people who may know what it means.

If you can fit into this size or want to do some alterations to make it possible I say, why not pick one up as a free gift? It's fun and promotes one of my favorite sites.

I likely would have purchased this even if it wasn't a free gift because I'm a sucker for sovenior type T-shirts. However, I'm realy excited it was free and now I can have a bunch of them for myself and friends! It makes an awesome lounging shirt! It's made of heavy cotton & nicely stitched! This shirt won't be VROOMing away with the garbage truck anytime soon! It's made to last!

The EdenFantasys "I like things that go vroom" t-shirt has an adorable design on the front and is really comfortable to wear. It makes a great bed time shirt, but I like wearing mine out and about. It gets a lot of attention. I think these shirts are totally worth the $15 price tag and they're even better if you can get one as a free gift with your order.

I wish they have a size that would fit me without compromising the silky material. For now I'm keeping my eye to see if Eden will bring the silky material back and offer more sizes.

The I Like Things That Go VROOM t-shirt is fun just to own. If you are confident enough to identify yourself this way, I say go for it. If not, it is still a great shirt to wear around the house to do work in. While the shirt has some major design flaws in being too small for most people and having gooey screen printing, I do think that it's a fun item to have in your closet!

I am definitively happy with this t-shirt. It's comfortable and cute. You can either wear it as a nightshirt or a hanging out with your friends shirt. You can even give it as a gift.

Overall, this is a great shirt. It's soft, comfortable, thin and stretchy. It's made of 100% cotton which does make it shrink in the dryer, but if you line dry it you'll never have any trouble with it. It's a wonderful way to show a little EdenFantasys pride!

For the price, this t-shirt is a great buy. I can't tell you enough how soft and comfy it is!

For a free gift, these shirts are fantastic!!!! I do wish you had a better idea of which style you would actually receive, but I am not complaining either way with such a generous freebie.

I would recommend the shirt to anyone that could fit in one. I wouldn't recommend it for out and about town wear though, but it would make a decent night shirt.

If you want to show your love or addiction for EdenFantasys, get a T-shirt! Warning! May make people jealous. It runs two or more sizes too small and is really short.

Another freebie, the Eden Shirt is bound to end up with you. If it does, it can make a good night shirt or day shirt if you can manage! The fit may not please everyone, so if anything, size up. If anything, there are always creative ways to use it!

This is easy to wear, extremely comfortable, easy to wash, unisex, funny, spunky T-shirt that everyone else wishes they had!

I love this shirt and will wear it everywhere! You can wear it during sex, to the store, or just to look good!

I like the t-shirt I got and it was free. Is there a better deal than that? I think not. I wouldn't mind amassing a large quantity of these in different sizes if I knew they would all be soft and stretchy like this one but I don't know if I would pay more than a couple of bucks for one even at their best. The quality just isn't that impressive. This would be a two star shirt if bought but it's a four star gift!

I love these shirts! What a neat idea! Could use some more different designs, and be made better. But overall this is great.

The item is worth it, if you're wary about the sizing. It's free as a gift, if you choose it. The shirt is pretty well-made and cute, but don't fork out your money for it. You can't be sure that it will fit.

Overall I love this shirt, I wear it all the time, it's comfortable and the logo is funny. I wouldn't mind if they released a baby doll cut version of this shirt.

This is a super cute shirt to express your love for EdenFantasys! Be forewarned, the sizing is insanely smaller than regular fits. I would suggest going up a size or two if you want it to fit properly. Also, this is available as a free gift through the link at the top of the website, so don't spend $15 on it. Hope yours fits!

Fantastic shirt, but I never would have gotten it if it hadn't been a deal on my order. The price is a bit high for a t-shirt that I never wear out of the house.

I love wearing comfy clothes when I relax and workout, this shirt is just that! It's not too heavy or too light, so if you are simply sitting around the house you won't freeze, or working out you won't sweat to death!

Overall, I'm glad I got this shirt, even if I'm not quite sure I'll be wearing it out in public (quite frankly, I don't want a stranger asking me what it means and me having to explain it!). Still, I'll gladly wear it around the house, or in front of people who know just how much I love lingerie and sex toys. Everyone gets a kick out of it.

This is a great everyday t-shirt to wear out and about. You can sleep in it, lounge in it, go do errands. This shirt works great for me and I want to get more of them. I love the feel and fit of this.

One of Eden's really fantastic ways of making you feel right at home. Slip it on to do some early morning cooking, or late night sleeping - it's comfortable enough for any time of the day. Made of 100% cotton, the softness of the material will leave you wanting a small supply of these!

This would be so much better if it had fit, I went with a XL and I am usually a medium to large. Even with the XL it was still too small. There has been a lot of complaining about this running small, I wish they would fix that and I would wear this shirt out instead of a pajama shirt. It is cute and also made of cotton, how can you go wrong with that?

This shirt is so cute and comfortable. You can get it as a free gift with every order! This shirt is made from 100% cotton so you will feel 100% comfortable while wearing it.

Eden's VROOM Tee-shirt is a cozy and sassy look, that as the free gift is divine! But for the quality and the price, I would wait and see if they release a better one manufactured one before actually paying for it.

This has to be the best shirt ever. It is so comfy and fits amazingly. Plus it has extra room for boobs; and come on who can say no to boob room!

Spending your own money on this shirt? I wouldn't recommend it. Between the sizing issues and low quality, $15 bucks isn't worth it. However, if you're getting it FREE then why pass that up? You might have to do some maintenance on it, but it'll get you a few laughs along the way.

The Edenfantasys t-shirt is a wonderfully comfortable and breathable shirt that you can wear just about anywhere you'd like. You may even get some people asking about what it says and that could start a lot of interesting conversations. Beware the small sized neck hole that doesn't stretch much and the fact that this shirt has a tendency to shrink even more when washed and dried a few times. Definitely great for a free gift with purchase!

I got my shirt free, So worth it! This shirt is so comfortable and soft I would buy one if I needed another one! I will be honest I was excited upon recieving my shirt I opened the clear plastic bag it was in, unfolded it and put it right on! I have washed mine several times and still just as soft. I love it!

This tee is great for anyone of any size, male or female. It is a great way to promote Eden off of the internet, and will catch many peoples attention while you are out and about during the day.

This EdenFantasys T-Shirt is a great way to show off your EF! It can start all kinds of fun conversations, or be you're own personal joke when people ask about it! The material is really soft and stretchy. Since it is offered in many sizes, it could fit any body size or shape, and fit well! The shirt itself is stitched ina very flattering shape for anyone!

The Eden Fantasys t-shirt is not very good quality. The sizes run way smaller than they should. It is great for a free gift but not worth wasting money on.

If you happen to be a member of the multitude of people who "Like things that go VROOM," and you are not afraid to show it the Eden Fantasys Tee Shirt was made just for you!!!

This is an excellent and very comfortable t-shirt to add to both your cart and your wardrobe. Be sure to tackle questions regarding the "VROOM", but apart from that enjoy wearing this shirt!

This is a great shirt. It seems sturdy, the sleeves are long enough to cover the upper arms, and the sizing is alright.

For anyone who has found that this shirt is a little small or has no idea what to do with yet another free t-shirt, ask yourselves this: what would 1985 do?

Worth the free price and a great item to get for a gift or for yourself. If you get a bigger size, it would make a great lightweight sleep shirt.

This is cute for a new night shirt. Luckily, I paid attention and got mine two sizes too big. It's nothing too special, but hey, it was free, and I DO love that. :)

Great t-shirt...when it's a freebie. If you have to actually pay $15 for it, it's totally not worth the price.

Overall I loved the shirt. I could wear it every day if I bought enough of them, of course in a different size. It's off by two so if you wear a medium, I suggest ordering an XL, and for Large, 2XL. And you get the rest.

I would totally recommend that you pick up this shirt as a free gift while it lasts. It's probably a better choice (in my humblest of opinions) than the wipes, bag, or disposable vibrating cock ring they're currently offering. This shirt is soft and comfortable for sleeping in or putzing around the house. It's not the greatest quality, but you can't expect much from free!

It may be hit or miss, but I love this shirt and hope they can work out their material standards. Over all a great idea to get one and I will continue to wear mine with pride.

This is a great free gift. Even though the size I ordered ended up being huge I managed to find a way to use it that suited me. If you're concerned about the sizing then maybe go with a different gift.

The Eden "I Like Things That Go VROOM" tee shirt is a must have for anyone in the Eden community.

The bright colors on black design really stands out, but the shirt is at least one size smaller than it should be.

Soft and cute! It is worth trying if you like the look and want to share your fandom of this site in a tasteful way or just have something comfy to wear around the house.

I really have no issues with this shirt; it's really comfy and it's fabulous to wear around the house. I personally don't wear t-shirts outside, but because of the material, it's great to wear, even on the hottest of days.

Want to have a shirt that catches people attention? This is it. The logo is bright and fun. It has a funny saying without being obvious or annoying. The material is super soft and it's great to wear. I only gave it 4 stars, because it ran super small.

There really aren't many reasons not to get this product, especially when its available as a free gift. It's soft, cute, and is sure to start a lot of great conversations. Just be prepared that it won't fit like a glove.

Get the shirt a size or two larger than you're used to or it'll be rather tight. But overall, the material feels nice and the shirt design is quite tasteful for an adult toy site.

I love free t-shirts. While I like this t-shirt, Eden Fantasy's sizing problems ultimately ruined the experience of wearing it. Which, of course, is the main purpose of a tee.

This shirt is so worth the money! It is silky, pretty, and it is great to wear in your house and outside of it! The looks you get from some people are funny too! Do order up a size on this shirt, though, since they seem to run small (I'm usually a 1-2x, and the 3x is tight). Have fun with your shirts!

This is an awesome, high quality t-shirt that you will enjoy having. Even if it is only to wear in the bedroom, it is still a fun, bright tee.

This makes for a good free gift, but if you or your partner are not a standard sized large or thinner, this isn't the shirt for you.

The Eden Fantasys T-Shirts come in almost all sizes, but remember that they run way way small. It's cute and very sexual but far from offensive.

The EF t-shirt is a great way to show your Eden pride without immediately telling people that you love vibrators and dildos. The shirt is comfy, but it may be necessary to order a or two larger if you want the best fit.

This is a very soft and silky shirt that I suggest you grab while you have the chance. It is comfortable, lightweight, and over all nice to have. It is a nice addition to your wardrobe, either for personal reasons, or to show EF some love and support.

This shirt is a minimum of two sizes smaller than it promotes itself to be and doesn't do the only job it was supposed to: fit.

This shirt is bright and flattering! The sizing runs small, therefore I would recommend ordering a size up for a good fit. It's made of very comfortable, pre-shrunk cotton. However, it is very thin. Be careful what you wear under it! All-in-all, a great free gift from Eden Fantasys!!

The shirt is comfy, even if the design is a little too bold for me to wear in public! Order at least one size larger than you normally wear (two if you can)!

While this is not the highest quality t-shirt, it is very comfortable and is great for lounging around the house in! It's also a great way to proudly show your support for Eden!

If you want to wear a shirt in style then go get yourself (and a friend or spouse) an Eden Fantasys t shirt!

When Life Gives You A Lemon... Make Your Own Sexy Tee!

So it runs small and the logo isn't pristine. So what? Its super soft comfiness I really couldn't let go, so I modified it. I cut the collar to create a boatneck, cropped the sleeves, and wore it backwards so the too-low logo was on the back. Dressing this up with a scarf, necklace or broach is cute and easy. A spaghetti tank underneath completes the look, and voila! A respectable, conservative, did-it-myself super comfy EF tee. Everyone will ask you about it!

I'm super impressed with this t-shirt. As far as free gifts go, it's a great wardrobe addition. Just make sure to order it a few sizes too big because they run very small. This shirt is perfect for at home or on-the-go wear.

Overall, this is a okay shirt. I guess it serves it's purpose. Sadly, I am probably going to wear it around the house only due to the awkward fit.

It may have been a free gift, but it's well worth $15! 100% cotton means it's super comfy, and makes a great sleeping shirt if you don't want to wear it out. Preshrunk, so it runs a bit small, and if you have pets, you're going to end up with little white hairs all over the shirt.

The shirt is OKAY. It's marked unisex, but the sizes are not, and neither is the saying on the shirt or the style. If you get it as a free gift with purchase, fine. If you're looking to purchase this shirt to show off your Eden Pride, then I suggest waiting until they come out with something better.

Modern, stylish tee that is perfect for many occasions. I am going to use one for gift wrap, I have a friend this would be perfect for. I might get a couple for game prizes and as my backup. This is a great cotton t-shirt that will last with a bit of care. I love wearing it over my swimsuit and also as a nightshirt.

This T-shirt is a great addition to any attire. It is so soft and super comfortable. The price is just a little much, but it is such a great buy!

This is a poorly made shirt that was advertised as a giveaway item on the site. I definitely would not want to spend money on it! You may find it comfy for sleeping in, but the ink is so poorly applied that it won't hold up to much washing. I cut mine up for dusting.

This is a really nice shirt to get for yourself or a friend. It can be worn by both men and women, and is available in many sizes. It is sure to make anyone smile, and is a great way to show your EdenFantasys pride.

A really subtle way to show your love for EdenFantasys. It fits nicely and is made of very quality material. It has gorgeous screen art and doesn't scream "SEX FIEND" out publicly. It fit and hugged me wonderfully and I can't wait to see more clothing items. It was simply fabulous and worth every penny for it.

When I combine this with my tote bag, my free gift collection is complete! This is a comfortable t-shirt with a fun, cute design on the front that's a great way to show your EF pride!

The EdenFantasys t-shirt has its good points and its bad points. The sizing seems to be about that of the average men's t-shirts. While the design is fun, it could be placed a little higher up. The fabric, while very soft and stretchy, is extremely clingy feeling and has a strange wet feel against skin.

Do you love EdenFantasys? Were you looking for a way to promote your favorite adult store without being too straight forward? Well, then, here you go! Now not only can you show your love for Eden by interacting in the vast community and ordering so many packages that your mail carrier is beginning to wonder what is going on at your house; you can show it off by wearing this super cute tee while you are out and about!

This is a form fitting, soft, breathable shirt. It is very comfortable to wear with vivid eye catching colors. It is sure to turn heads!

This item is an excellent way to promote the site, show your love for EdenFantasys and be comfortable all at the same time! Even if you are too shy to wear this shirt among a crowd of people or just to kick back at home, its a buy (or free item for a limited time!) that you will not regret!

These Eden Fantasys t-shirts are classy, stylish and vibrant. They are a spicy addition to any wardrobe. The one negative about these shirts, they run on the small size. Currently free with any order. The Eden shirts can be worn by both men and women.

To sum it up, it's a comfortable t shirt that runs a bit small. Whether you'll sleep in it, or wear it out in public for shock value, it's a awesome t-shirt!

If you are like me and want to share the Eden Fantasys love, be sure to order this shirt at least 2 sizes too big.

The fitted design of the EdenFantasy t-shirt makes it a better option for people like myself who prefer babydoll type t-shirts. However, the thinner material and cut is probably best for people with leaner frames and longer arms. Beware that it sags by the end of the day.

This shirt is a great way to show your Eden pride while also having a soft and comfortable shirt to wear. It is just the slightest bit see-through if you're wearing a very obviously different color of something underneath and it's stretched. The only really big drawback is the very inconsistent sizing.

I think this is a great addition to the Eden swag collection and I look forward to seeing what else those marketing geniuses come up with!

This shirt is for people who take one look at it and go oh my I need it let alone want it. This shirt will draw lots of attention and is super comfortable to wear.

Show your passion for all things vroom with this shirt! If you're a die-hard reviewer, you need this. If you're a toy enthusiast, this should be in your wardrobe. It can be worn in the streets, or the sheets. The athletic cut will flatter just about anyone. Don't stop at getting just one! You need a shirt for every day of the week!

Show your love for all things VROOM with this EdenFantasys t-shirt. It's a comfortable, unisex t-shirt made of 100% cotton. They run small, so be sure to buy at least one size larger than you'd usually purchase. My shirt fits me well and looks sharp!

This shirt is great, I love it. You will also. Hope you have the balls to wear it in public like I do.

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