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This shirt is a great way to show your Eden pride while also having a soft and comfortable shirt to wear. It is just the slightest bit see-through if you're wearing a very obviously different color of something underneath and it's stretched. The only really big drawback is the very inconsistent sizing.
Soft, Comfortable, Show your Eden Pride
Inconsistent sizing, Extra fabric, Might be too risque for some places
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Want to show your Eden pride while also wearing a comfortable T-shirt? Now you can! The product of our T-shirt design contest, this shirt is the first of hopefully many more that show off not just the site, but also the community that helped design it.

It's lacking on packaging, coming in just a small plastic bag. It's also lacking in anything resembling a real tag, at least mine is. I have one small tag that has the size on it, but nothing about materials or care information. I've heard this is preshrunk already, so I'll be washing mine the same way I wash all my other black T-shirts with designs on them; inside out to try and prolong the life of the design in cold water and a trip through the dryer. If you're nervous about the dryer, drip drying or laying flat to dry is an option as well. I'd recommend hanging it to store it since it seems like it's the type to wrinkle eventually, but folded neatly shouldn't pose much of a problem either.

The sizing guide is pretty much nonexistent. There isn't one listed on the product page and since I didn't see a manufacturer name I couldn't look them up either. From what I've been able to gather, the smaller sizes (S,M,L) seem to run fairly true to size, and possibly a little small. The larger sizes seem to run very small, with people saying that the XXXLs were closer to an XL or a L.

I normally wear a small, but sometimes a medium. I got this shirt in a medium and on me it's comfortably loose without being too loose. I'm about 5'2" and weight about 120. I have a solid B cup at 32" around with no bra, under my bust is about 28 1/2", around my waist is about 29". Around my hips is about 35" and around my butt is about 39". On me it comes down to just below halfway down my butt and there's still room to comfortably stretch there, so you should be ok if your max measurements are that or less. My best friend also tried this on. She's about 5'6", is about a 36D, weighs about 150, normally wears a size 8 or so, and normally wears mediums. Her only complaint with this shirt was that she felt the collar was a little too tight, but otherwise it fit her comfortably without being too tight.

This is, well, a T-shirt. It's theoretically a unisex cut, but appears to have a more feminine feel to it. The sleeves are more fitted than a "traditional" T-shirt's might be, but they do have some stretch to them. Where they fall on my arms is about 10 1/4" around, on my friend's is closer to 12" or so. For both of us there was extra room in the sleeves, and it seems like 13" is the max circumference before you start getting it to really stretch. It's also a little bit longer than the "traditional" shirt with mine coming in at about 18 1/2" from armpit to hem. The logo may sit in different positions depending on your bust size (or lack thereof). I have smaller breasts and on me it sat with the middle line pretty much right on my nipples. My friend with larger breasts ended up with it sitting a little bit higher, but not much.

The material is super soft, very reminiscent of jersey knit cotton, only with more of a sheen to it. The sheen, to me, is noticeable to the touch and feels softer than my sheets do. The material is also just the slightest big sheer. If the shirt fits loosely on you there shouldn't be a problem, but the tighter it is the better undergarments underneath will be seen. So don't wear a white bra then go cosmic bowling, and don't wear a hot pink bra and expect people not to notice at all. The plus side to the material's thickness is that it also breathes pretty well. If you're working out or somewhere hot it'll still hold sweat but it doesn't feel as oppressive as some other shirts can be. For the most part it seems well enough made. There are a few loose threads here and there, and on my left shoulder I found some extra fabric sticking out through the seam. There wasn't much and it was easy enough to cut off, but it was still there all the same. Unless you're particularly rough with it though, it should last you a long time.

I have pictures here of both myself and my best friend wearing the same shirt, just not at the same time obviously.

Personally, I really like this shirt. It's super comfortable, it fits me great and it does seem to run true to size-ish. I can wear both a small and a medium and it was comfortably loose on me, and my best friend who's a solid medium was able to also wear it comfortably. I knew I wanted one from the moment I heard we were going to be getting them, even though I have slightly limited places that I can wear this to. I can wear it around the house and out shopping and to the gym and while it does have the EdenFantasys logo on it with a suggestive phrase, it's not the most offensive shirt I've ever seen, so I don't mind wearing it out in public.

Overall, I'm pretty happy with it. I don't like how inconsistent the sizing seems to be, but this is another one that if it fits you, you should love it.
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  • Dawn (Lilac Distraction)
    Holy crap, girl. No wonder you're a pro reviewer. I struggled with writing substantial about a shirt, but you nailed it.
  • Kayla
    As always, great review. Love the pictures
  • Jul!a
    Lol, it comes from having written a lot of lingerie reviews, however that is still quite a compliment

    Thanks so much Miss D and Miss K
  • GeekWife
    Thank you for the pictures and the info on sizing! I'm one of those short girls with huge boobs (thank you child bearing), so I bet I'd need a bigger size than I was thinking I would.
  • Jul!a
    You probably would. I'm glad I could help
  • Naughty Student
    Thank you for the pics, I watched kayla's video and after reading your review and watching her video I know what to go with!!!
  • cherryredhead88
    Well I hope the XL I got fits me ok, I love those colors! So bright and awesome! I'm still hoping for a more discreet shirt to come out as I won't really be able to wear this many places besides my house. I'm still getting one though, maybe I will get some balls one day and wear it out... just not when my son is with me

    Great review!
  • bayosgirl
    •   (1)
  • Ivy Wilde
    Thanks for the review! I really appreciate all the details about sizing and fit, and of course, the pictures. I'm glad I got a size larger than usual. I like my t-shirts to be rather loose.
  • Jul!a
    Naughty Student, I'm glad you know what size to get now!

    Cherry, my fingers shall be crossed for you. It does make a great gym shirt too if you do much working out.

    Ivy, glad to help!

    Thanks everybody!
  • Airen Wolf
    I am so looking orward to the looks I'll get wearing this one. Do you know if we will be releasing more designs?
  • Jul!a
    As far as I know there aren't any specific plans, but since there were so many designs submitted it seems silly not to.
  • DixieDoo
    I just got one of these myself, I love it!
  • Acorn
    I think that the lack of a sizing chart is unfortunate, but the amount of detail that you have provided definitely makes things a little easier! Thanks!
  • Jul!a
    Aww thank you very much, you're quite welcome!
  • FemmeFlo
    Wow, Sam. Once again, you turn out a great review. I just got this shirt, and I was looking at reviews so I would know what kind of information to write about for a t-shirt review. I doubt I can top yours. You nailed it.
  • Jul!a
    Aww shucks, I'm sure yours is going to be great too
  • Modern^Spank^Anthem
    thanks for the pics
  • Jul!a
    You're quite welcome!
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