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I would NOT recommend this product for anal play! The material it is made out of has a safety rating of 2.... TWO! This is not a good idea!

Well, I can't say it more clearly than, "Don't waste your money on this toy." I can't see that many will even be able to use it. Just tell your partner to get some good lube and use their finger.

I think that this toy is great. I am starting to reintroduce myself to anal sex, and this toy is small and comfortable. I would definitely recommend this toy to anyone who is wanting to try anal exploration, but doesn't want to spend a lot of money on something before they find out if it is something that they will like.

Amazing toy. Made for beginners but works great for anyone. Can be used in many different ways. Vaginal or Anal. Great natural shape and small size make it feel wonderful no matter what you're using it for. Suction cup doesn't stay very well but it can be fun. I highly recommend this toy for everyone!

Partner's review on the toy when he used it on me as our first try at anal play and dp: "Great to learn anal, wonderful to start dp, flexible but firm enough; would change the spot where it narrows as it slips out easily"

Save your money and buy a better quality toy. This toy broke down after just a few uses and had to be thrown away.

My ass isn't so innocent anymore. The anal starter is a great beginning toy for anyone wanting to explore more anal toys and sex. His small size makes him look not so scary and makes him easier to hide. He feels great once he is in and you will be amazed with the things this little guy can do. Don't let his size fool you.

For anyone wanting to try an anal toy, this would be a great way to start. Not only does it come in purple and green, it's a smaller sized, realistically designed toy.

At the price they're selling it for, honestly, this is the best value on the entire website -- in my humble opinion. It's long lasting, low priced, will fit most people, easy to clean, easy to store, and just flexible enough to be pleasurable, without being burdensome. Highly recommended from a seasoned anal lover.

If you are looking into anal play, or if you want to practice by yourself or with a partner, this anal starter is the way to go. It's fun, cute, affordable, and easy to use.

This toy is the perfect size for vaginal and anal stimulation. The suction cup is not very strong when you stick it to the wall, but on the floor it works just fine. I would recommend this toy to people who are just starting with anal or vaginal stimulation and people who are introducing anal back into the relationship.

This Starter toy provided by Doc Johnson is so small and tiny that it should be entered in the world’s record for extremely small. It’s actually a little comical looking. I wished all my tampons looked like this though. If you’re looking for the smallest toys for easy insertion this one is it. Petites hurry up and come get yours now. The Starter is good for anybody who wants to start out small and gradually move up in size.

If you can get past the fact that this toy is made of PVC, it is worth the purchase for anyone interested in trying anal play.

Overall, I was extremely happy with this item! Not only is it cute, colorful, and small, but when used with the right partner, it can be amazing! It's the perfect size for anal play or possibly for vaginal play if you have a small and narrow cervix. It also helps that it has a suction cup for solo play.

As it is so aptly named, this "starter" dildo could be very worthwhile to those who are just beginning to enjoy the pleasures of vaginal and/or anal penetration. However, it might be a bit of a letdown for those who are more experienced with penetration or for those who are concerned about smell.

This toy is great for beginning anal play, but make sure you have some patience because this toy's flexibility makes it a little difficult to insert unless you hold it properly.

The Anal Starter is an ideal toy for those who are beginning their journey into anal play or even those who need a nice warm up toy. Great to use solo or with your partner, it also works wonderfully in a harness. This toy is sure to make your experience unforgettable.

For an anal beginner or anal starter this is well worth it's low price. It does not look cheap as the price may guide you to believe and if you're not looking for anything big for your ass play then this is the toy for you!

The toy works, it's cheap, and it's small enough to hide easily. The smell never seems to go away after each use, and the staining makes looking at it gradually less and less enjoyable.

This anal starter is definitely worth the small investment. It was the perfect introduction for me to the wonderful and never dull world of anal play. I recommend this starter to all of my friends, and anyone who brings up anal everywhere I go! It was a fabulous starter toy, and I am glad I used it for my first experience. It left me wanting to play all day- literally!

Overall, this toy was a perfect buy for its price. The length and width are just the right size. The base is not too small so you can hold it well.

Though this isn't the sort of toy that will be useful for a majority of people for longer than a few uses, it is a great introduction, or re-introduction to anal play. If you need something just over the size of an average finger this toy is perfect. The anti-bacterial properties more than make up for the shortcomings in this reviewer's opinion.

Definitely worth it if you're just developing an interest in anal. If you're very experienced and get it often, perhaps not.

This toy is definitely worth it for beginners coming to explore the world of anal play. Intermediates may still find this pleasurable as a plug, or just for double penetration. The smooth, slim design makes it very approachable, and it won't bite at all.

The Anal Starter by Doc Johnson is an excellent toy for butt-play beginners! It combines everything you could want in a basic anal probe with a good deal of quality and a price worthy of trying. While a far cry from perfect, as a stepping stone it's a tool worth having.

The lovely little purple Anal Starter is a new friend who has shown me the pleasures of anal play. He gave me my first anal orgasm and is leading me down the road to many more anal adventures. Because of the Anal Starter's gentleness, my hubby has agreed to let him stay, because the hubby will be able to reap the benefits.

If you're unsure about where to get your first anal dildo, this is a great start. It's length and thickness is perfect for a newbie, but pleasantly filling at the same time.

The Anal Starter is more than just good for anal beginners, it works well for vaginal play also and since it is o-ring compatible, it is perfect for couples wanting to experiment with pegging for the first time. The phallic and realistic shape is delicious looking, but since this toy is small, the details can't be felt. The toy has a nice material, although porous. It is also berry scented which is so much better than chemicals, but it is strong and can get nauseating.

Perfect for anyone looking to get into anal play. Once you let the Anal Starter air out and lose it's factory smell this is the perfect anal toy! Only drawback I can find is the lint magnet factor but as long as you wash it and use a condom during play you will have no issues!

My Anal Start

The Anal Starter is not intimidating and is great for all embarking on their first anal journey. It is made of Sil-A-Gel and is very soft and smooth yet firm and flexible. The Anal Starter has great safety features. It is phthalates free, latex free, cadmium free, and has anti-bacterial properties.

First-timer? This is what you need to start with. The Anal Starter is a great product for beginners venturing into anal play or experienced users who want to get started with something smaller.

I am really happy I bought this toy even though I chose to use it vaginally rather than for anal stimulation. I wish it has a larger more sturdy base to calm my fears of a disappearing act during anal play. It is very pleasurable and is more than a tease. Even though it is small it can get the job done due to the good design and realistic shaping.

The Anal Starter is a good beginners anal toy or a toy for those who like them more petite. It's small, easy to clean, soft, and inexpensive. I'd suggest getting a next size larger toy at the same time because it probably won't be long before you get it anyways. The smell when you take it out of the package is nasty, but it airs out in about a day. It can be a bit wiggly so have some patience and put the lube right where you need it or it's likely to wriggle away.

Wonderful anal dildo to start with! Good by yourself, but great with a partner! No sharp edges to contend with. This will quickly become your best friend!

The Anal Starter has a kind of suction cup bottom, though that's not really what it was designed for. On hard, smooth surfaces, it sticks mildly well, which makes it easier for hands free play.

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