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Veggies Don't Smell Good Either

The Anal Starter by Doc Johnson is an excellent toy for butt-play beginners! It combines everything you could want in a basic anal probe with a good deal of quality and a price worthy of trying. While a far cry from perfect, as a stepping stone it's a tool worth having.
Effective, inexpensive, and multi-functional! A great beginner buy.
Potentially uncomfortable design and mysterious odor.
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The Anal Starter is a well-rounded probe, allowing for a variety of uses across the anal spectrum. While most will find probing to be the main attraction, it's definitely worth exploring the additional possibilities. Due to its flared base, the Starter is safe to use for both plugging and pegging. Pluggers will appreciate the length of the toy as well as its comfort factor, though at a mere inch across, it falls short on girth. For couples looking to explore the art of pegging, the Starter offers some freedom of selection, allowing you to chose from the variety of O-ring harnesses on the market without having to worry about the potential quality woes of many bundled-in dildos. Because of its size, thrusting virgin bums shouldn't be an issue with this little guy.

Material / Texture

The Anal Starter is part of a large selection of Doc Johnson toys which are made of their proprietary Sil-a-Gel material. This is an important and integral part of the toy, so let's weigh the pros and cons of this material, dispel some myths, and make sure everyone's perfectly clear on what this stuff is.

First off, Sil-a-Gel is not a material. Shocking, yes, but according to Doc Johnson, it is actually an additive which is mixed with polyvinyl chloride (PVC) in order to form the insertable portion of several of their toys. While it is pliable, firm, and generally pleasurable, Sil-a-Gel is not by any means a silicone-based product as the name may imply. So what does "Sil" stand for? Turns out it stands for the FDA's Safe Ingredient List, a collection of government-sanctioned materials which are safe for human interaction, with which Sil-a-Gel complies. Whew! Reassuring, no? But we're still missing something here: What are the advantages of Sil-a-Gel over regular PVC? The folks at Doc Johnson tell us that it is not only anti-bacterial, but is also latex and cadmium-free, making their toys significantly safer than many PVC products on the market. They're even produced in a phthalate-free facility here in the U.S. of A.

Okay, so what is it? To make a long story short, it's PVC+!

Design / Shape / Size

Measuring in at just over six inches, the Starter isn't the most intimidating guy on the block, but why should it be? After all, it's got finesse, and besides, it's a cheap date anyway. The product comes in two colors, including a bright emerald green and a more tame, seductive purple. While the product displays a marbled pattern, the surface of the toy is smooth with a bit of a grippy feel to it, thanks to its PVC origins. Some of its finer details exhibit a phallic look, making it nice for people who are after that but a bit of a pain for everyone really. I say this because the ridge on the head is not particularly comfortable. This is coming from someone who prefers a smooth shaft on his toys, but I think it's important to remind everyone that cleanliness is the key to enjoyable anal play. And ridges like this one have a tendency to dredge and... Well, it can be a little unpleasant to look at afterwards, so rinse off quickly when you're finished!


While certainly not a premium toy, the Starter is a decent performer. As I mentioned earlier, it's a fine probe, a nice lengthy plug, and a good pegging tool for newcomers. It's the trifecta of anal play, and a jack of all trades, but don't expect it to last! While I'm confident it will see a good bit of use in the years to come, there's no one property of this toy that makes it excel against its peers. With the somewhat awkward design of the shaft, it's difficult to get a quick rhythm going without plenty of lube and a good amount of force. I'm hesitant to say, but I truly believe one of my most frequent uses for this toy is as a long, slim plug. The flare is large enough to keep it from slipping in, but plenty squishy and not obtrusive enough to cause discomfort. The material doesn't seem to soak up much lube, making it a fair choice for long-term wear. I've yet to experience its pegging power in action, though it will surely be included in the follow-up! (American Airlines willing!)

Care and Maintenance

Like most PVC-based materials, it is recommended that Sil-a-Gel be cleaned with mild soap and warm water. The good folks at Doc Johnson advertise Sil-a-Gel as an anti-bacterial solution, and I trust their undoubtedly qualified chemists to that point, but it's always best to exercise caution, especially if you plan to share. Because of the somewhat grippy texture of the material when dry, I would advise that you give it a quick rinse before use to wash away any dust or other particles that may be clinging on for the ride.


The Starter comes packaged in a simple plastic clamshell from the manufacturer. You won't find any accessories or extravagant documentation with this one, but for the price who can complain? Since the clamshell is fortunately quite easy to open, I would advise that you hang onto it unless you've got a favorite sex toy stash that's odor-proof. Yes, you'll want something very, very odor-proof... Read on!

Personal comments

The most disappointing part of the Starter wasn't the packaging, material, design, texture, shape, size, or anything else you'd find in the product description. Unfortunately, it was the odor. While claiming that Sil-a-Gel itself is technically odorless, Doc Jonson is employing some very, very smelly PVC. It's not just a rubber smell, but something of a fruity rubber smell, as if they tried to cover it up with a fragrance. Whatever the case, this generally emanates from my magical box o' fun once it's spent a lot of time bottled up in the heat. After a few months, I'm no longer bothered by it, but the smell out of the packaging and over the first few days was fairly intense. I would strongly advise that you go ahead and give it a good wash, then let it air out as much as possible over the first week. While perfectly safe for use, I cannot be held liable for butts reminiscent of Fruit Loops and burning tires.
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