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Emerald explorer reviews

23 reviews
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Average review rating
23 reviews

Good time for solo play, as well as with a partner! Easy to clean, easy to store, fun for everyone.

I definitely recommend this item for people new to glass and relatively new to anal. The size and texture make for a delightful sensory experience, and the handle allows for control of speed and depth. It is a toy worth having in your collection!

I enjoy this toy very much. The Emerald Explorer would make a great addition to anyone's collection, and I'm not sorry to own one for sure.

This toy is excellent for an intermediate user looking for a good glass anal dildo. This toy is NOT a plug, but offers a lot of fun with it's texturing!

The Emerald Explorer is a beautiful color and has a wonderful bumpy texture that feels great at high speeds, however the possibility of bruising is a definite con. The firmness of the toy, squishy sounds, and lack of direct P-spot stimulation are pretty big cons, however, the handle and the fact that any lube can be used with this are wonderful pros. This a wonderful toy, and although it isn't perfect, but it's still worth checking out.

The Emerald Explorer is an amazing glass item. It can be used in lots of ways, it's exciting without going too far and it is made of a body safe material. It's an awesome toy to have on hand.

If you like the feel of anal beads, you're going to love this toy. It's phenomenal bubbled shaft provides intense popping sensations as it glides in and out. I suggest picking this toy up while you can, as it was stated as being discontinued once before!

This probe was just right for me! The material, design, and size combine to make it a joy to use, easy to care for, and overall an instant favorite.

SSA Glass's Emerald Explorer is a very pretty glass anal probe that can also be let in the front door. The non-porous material allows for the toy to be shared between orifices or partners, and the ringed handle makes solo or partner play easy. And if you enjoy bulged texture, this may be your new best friend!

This is the best anal toy I own, hands down (or, more accurately, one hand free)! It's great for solo or partnered use and provides excellent stimulation while being extremely easy to maintain.

*This toy is totally worth every penny, even if you don't get it on sale* *It makes your vagina and your wallet happy* *Don't let it's demure size fool you, it will deliver again and again* *Buy it or a leprechaun will come and MAKE you buy one*

I highly recommend this toy. It would be a great addition to any collection. Don't forget it's travel friendly, easy to clean, and comes in two colors.

There's no flash or thrills, but it does its job well. The texture allows for extra stimulation but can be a little overwhelming if used in fast motions. Overall, I'm pleased with this toy and would purchase it again.

My collection of toys would not be complete without the Emerald explorer. I would not have discovered this kind of pleasure from any other toy on the market.

Overall, there is really nothing bad about the toy iteself. My only dislikes had to do with the color and the tacky storage pouch from SSA Glass. This anal probe felt amazing, and if it didn't, it wouldn't have already been in my toy box for a year! Give this one a try, you wont be disapppointed.

The Emerald Explorer is a glass toy that can be used for anal, or vaginal, use. It is just the right size to be comfortable and the bulbs provide a texture that is just right for feeling good when used anally.

Overall a great purchase for those wanting to experience their first glass toy as well as being a beautiful thing to look at and feels great inside and out of your body!

I can't say enough about this toy! Glass, elegant, smooth, a real treasure for anyone's anal collection. Especially great for P-spotting. A Must-Have!

This gorgeous dual-use dildo will satisfy in either orifice, leaving the other green with envy. The delightful texture is pleasing yet comfortable, and glass can be sterilized for safety.

For a nervous butt and a novice anal player this toy can be less intimidating and easier to work with than some of the other anal probes. The Emerald Explorer can also be used as a vaginal toy and it's pretty damn good! For $25 this is a great investment and will last a good long while with proper care.

If you're shy about trying out a Pyrex toy, don't be. The Emerald Explorer is a wonderful toy to purchase as your first. It made me want to buy more glass toys for my toy box.

I'm starting to think that the Emerald Explorer was the real treasure at the end of the yellow brick road and that Dorothy and her little dog just didn't want us to know it so they wouldn't have to share. This toy is so multifunctional and beautifully crafted that neither my partner or myself has a complaint about it at all - it is OUR perfect toy and I would recommend it to anyone.

The Emerald Explorer is an excellent and multi-purpose glass toy. While designed as an anal probe, it can just as easily be used vaginally and both feel wonderful. The glass is a gorgeous shade of emerald green, the texture is subtle but noticeable with an effect like growing speed bumps as you insert more of it. The handle works well to control thrusting but is not comfortable as a plug so keep this as a probe or dildo and avoid sitting on the handle.

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