The most fun you'll ever have when exploring the woods!

Overall, there is really nothing bad about the toy iteself. My only dislikes had to do with the color and the tacky storage pouch from SSA Glass. This anal probe felt amazing, and if it didn't, it wouldn't have already been in my toy box for a year! Give this one a try, you wont be disapppointed.
Good size, Great for beginners, Bulbs are not overpowering, Handle makes play easier
Tacky storage pouch, I dislike the color choices
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The Emerald Explorer makes an amazing addition to any toy collection. It is perfectly shaped for amazing stimulation, both anally and vaginally, if you wish. The 5 bulbs give an amazing sensation upon insertion, thrusting, and removal. This anal probe stays inside your anus quite well without behind held, making it great for solo play. However, this toy is amazing for partner play as well. Pyrex glass is known for its ability to hold both cold and warm temperatures for long periods of time, making the Emerald Explorer perfect for temperature play. With this glass probe, possibilities are endless.
    • Couples
    • Solo
    • Temperature play

Material / Texture

This product is made of tempered glass, also known as Pyrex glass/ Borosilicate glass. Borosilicate glass is a type of glass with the main glass-forming constituents silica and boron oxide. Borosilicate glasses are known for having very low coefficients of thermal expansion (~3 × 10-6 /°C at 20°C), making them virtually resistant to thermal shock, more than any other common glass. Pyrex glass can be heated to temperatures between 425°F - 600°F, depending on the production company. Nonetheless, you could easily heat a glass toy in the oven without self-destruction. However, it isn't exactly recommended. Such glass is far less sensitive to thermal stress and is commonly used for the construction of reagent bottles.

You can also find Pyrex glass in your kitchen. Glass baking dishes and mixing bowls are often made of Pyrex due to how well they can withstand heat and cold. This makes Pyrex glass great for temperature play. Just be sure not to go from too hot, to extremely cold, TOO quickly. This can actually result in your toy breaking. You should always let your toy either warm up or cool down to room temperature before switching.

This toy has 5 bulbs/bumps that slightly descend from ring to tip. Each bulb makes an amazing "POP!" feeling as you insert or remove the toy slowly from your anus. Definitely a feeling that everyone can ejoy. Other than that, there is no texture as far as swirls, nubs, bumps, etc. The glass is completely smooth, which is great because you wont need as much lubricant as you might usually use with other dildos/plugs/probes.
    • Bulbed
    • Pyrex glass
    • Smooth

Design / Shape / Size

I love the design of the Emerald Explorer because it is so simple, yet so pleasurable for that very reason. You have no extreme curves, harsh textures, and the bulbs are perfectly sized for both beginners and advanced toy users. This anal probe is even great for vaginal play, if you would like to change up the game a bit. I personally enjoy using it both ways.

Here are the measurements to help you better understand the size. From the look online you would immediately imagine this probe to be very small.


This anal probe by SSA Glass performed amazing for both my fiance and I. It is one of his go-to anal toys and for myself as well. Its size is large enough to make you feel satisfied, but not so intimidating as to make you sore the next morning. The only thing that I didn't like about this toy is the choice of colors. I love purple glass, but this toy would have looked much more attractive if it were a nice dark yellow, red, or magenta. Other than that, this probe is absolutely flawless. It is easy to use, great for beginners, and feels amazing!
    • Comfortable
    • Easy to use
    • Good for beginners

Care and Maintenance

Glass is fairly easy to care for. You probably wont find another toy that is this easy to take care of! Since Pyrex glass is non-porous, you can wash it using any soap you darn well please. Hand soap, dish soap, toy cleaner, or Isopropyl Alcohol solution. Antibacterial soaps are recommended for the sake of any germs that are sitting on the surface.

I use a Bath & Body Works hand soap. I start by rinsing my toy with warm water and then applying a nickel-sized amount of soap to the glass piece. Next, I massage the soap all over using my hands or a towel. To make sure that the toy is as clean as possible, I use a soft-bristled toothbrush to gently scrub all over the toy and remove surface scum.

You can also dishwash your toys on a medium/low heat cycle, top rack, with a glass-friendly detergent or boil for 10 minutes in a large pot. Before using these methods, you should always check your glass toys for air bubbles. Air bubbles are common, and happen when the glass is being blown. They often go unnoticed since glass is clear. Air bubbles can cause your Pyrex glass toys to break into pieces under high temperatures.

When receiving your toy from EdenFantasys, immediately get a good feel of the surface using your naked hands. Your anal walls are extremely delicate, and even the slightest sharp edge can tear you up. If you feel or see any cracks, sharp edges, medium/large air bubbles, or any other imperfections that look harmful, be sure to make a support ticket online. Let your representative know that your toy has a potential health risk or defect. EdenFantasys will cheerfully refund you or send you a new toy. If you aren't sure that your toy has a defect/health risk, your representative can refer you to someone who can help you better determine this.

Once you're done washing your toy, you can simply dry it off and store it any way you please. SSA Glass provides thin, red, velvety pouches for all of their glass items. They are not too attractive, and not thick enough to fully protect your toy. I keep my toys in heavily padded areas to keep them from developing scratches, dents, cracks, etc. Toy pouches like the Phallix Pleasure Pouch are wonderful because they keep your entire toy padded, and make it easy to store the pouch anywhere you please, in your dresser drawer, toy box, purse, luggage, etc. How you store your toy is up to you but take care since this probe is made of glass.
    • Easy to clean
    • Easy to store


As I mentioned, SSA Glass provides a thin, red, velvety pouch for you to store your toy in. It isn't the best pouch, as you will find it is not at all padded. I guess you could use the red bag for a gift bag, but it is very tacky. I wont lie to you about that. If someone gave it to me like that, I would be just a little bummed out. You should probably invest in a thicker pouch, such as the Phallix Pleasure Pouch, or the EdenFantasys Toy Pouch. You can also find padded pouches, boxes, etc. at craft stores. Even stores like Wal-Mart have containers that would make nice homes for glass toys.

My Emerald Explorer came to me inside of it's red pouch, wrapped in two layers of thick plastic, and wrapped again quite heavily in brown packing paper. No fancy box, no bubble wrap, etc. This may be a good thing to some, but for me it was a hazard to my toy. I couldn't imagine how on earth my toy didn't break during shipping. This was about a year ago, so packing has obviously changed a bit since then. I wouldn't quite worry about that. If it still bothers you, you can always submit a support ticket asking that they package your toy more carefully for shipping. I've done that a time or two with certain toys.
    • Minimal
    • Packaging isn't good for gifting
    • Recyclable packaging


My fiance and I have both loved this toy for a whole year now. He's always begging me to take this one out and give him a little probing before we have sex. He has chosen it over countless other toys, including some very large plugs. Our favorite part is the little "POP!" you get each time a bulb slips out of you. It's just an amazing feeling that is hard to find with other probes that are highly textured, or only have a penis-style head.

I have always liked to use this toy vaginally when I am alone. It's one of 3 toys that can currently make me squirt, and that is something I admire most about the Emerald Explorer. It feels great rubbing against my G-Spot, and the lack of curve seems to feel better for me in all honesty. If this toy was curved, I don't think I would enjoy it as much.
Follow-up commentary
I've honestly started to like this one even more. I discovered how awesome it is to have my partner remove it slowly as I climax, and the same for him. Although it slips out on it's own as he ejaculates, we both still love it.
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