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32 reviews

Overall, I liked him, but he is the only G-spot toy I have, so I have nothing to compare him to. It's a very clever construction though, and I think if I were a man I'd really like him. Some guys complained that they had to sit on him or he would fall out, so I consider that a con, but he really shined when I was laying on my side with my legs pressed together, and I think he would work that way for anyone.

The design of the Rude Boy looked promising, but it turned out to make it difficult to use and quite uncomfortable for me.

This is a low-priced, easy to use and maintain device that has helped to delay and enhance my orgasms during sex.

Again, the product was just too big for me to really enjoy; even my wildest arousal couldn't camouflage the pressure.

Summary, it's a buy and is fully worth it. It's not terribly exciting but is a great starting point for the p-spot curious.

Overall I have to say this is a surprisingly good toy. The packaging is good and practical. The bullet is very strong but not overly loud. if you are a beginner or intermediate anal player then I would recommend this. If however you are a little more advanced it might be a bit small for you.

While this item is great in concept, I feel there are other toys out there that would perform better to my expectations.

Despite the challenge of one-size-fits-all, Rude Boy is designed with a lowest common denominator approach and was the first p-spot toy I've owned with consistent results.

Looks great, but for a slick toy with such specific purpose, Rude Boy is boring, unsteady, and inferior to more direct, classic, and crude methods of prostate stimulation.

The feeling the vibrations can produce is well worth the price. If vibration doesn't get you going, it is not really worth your time to get this toy.

This is a basic option for those looking to experiment with prostate massage. For those concerned with privacy, this is a great choice because of the innocent shape.

Although at first this felt like a bit much for my first prostate massager, I'm very pleased with it all around and would recommend it for anyone (with the advice of "start slow, go slow" for beginners like myself). Insertion was comfortable, the shape of the toy hits all the right spots, and the vibrator is powerful but not so much that it's overly distracting.

This toy is a good option for a user seeking P-spot stimulation with vibrations. Also, the usage while sitting down rather than lying down provides a contrast from other prostate stimulators that cannot be sat on.

If you’re looking for something to make an ordinary orgasm great and you’re new to prostate stimulation, this could very well be the toy for you! It requires no PC muscle strength like many manual massage toys and its RO80mm bullet can pump out some serious vibrations so you'll definitely know what it feels like to have your P-spot shaken.

This is a pretty good quality toy. Just because this did not work for me, does not automatically label it as a bad toy. It could work for you. If you have had luck finding your p-spot, then what do you have to lose with getting and trying Rude Boy out.

Overall, it is a nice toy, but like most insertable toys, it is dependent on the person for a correct fit.

The Rube Boy, lives up to it name by rudely falling out during use. This is fatal flaw for me, hence the two stars, but if your ass is more grabby then mine then the toy is well made, made of body-safe silicone, and provides good prostate pressure. This is a vibrating prostate massager , powered by one of rocks off's 80mm bullets which transmit well through the toy. The only other thing of note is there is mild seam running through the toy.

If you are at all interested in exploring the joys of male anal pleasure, don't hesitate one bit at ordering and enjoying the Rude Boy. You will be more than happy you did.

While the toy does produce great orgasms, I found my orgasms weren't as earth shattering as I presumed from the other reviews. I do think the toy would be a great addition to any toy collection, just don't expect extreme orgasms

For the price and versatility of the boy toy, you are getting your money's worth. You are getting two toys for both partners.

If manually manipulated, the rude boy is excellent for prostate massaging, especially if you have someone holding it for you. The vibrations are fairly strong and evenly dispersed across the length of the toy. However, the presence of noticeable seams on the shaft takes away quality points and lowers the overall impression of the Rude Boy.

Great toy for a great price. You'll have him wrapped around your finger in no time! Whether this is as a gift, couple toy or simply something to help you in those times when you are all alone, I would definitely recommend this product!

Great prostate massager, stays in place during sex and can make for some really strong orgasms. The pressure is perfect and clean up isn't a hassle.

Despite all the wonderful reviews this has received it just wasn't well suited for me, but that doesn't mean it won't work for you.

Try it, you'll like it, but you're going to have to like it seated. If you want to use it with a partner, find a sturdy chair. Cowgirl or reverse cowgirl would be my suggestions.

This feels like a great quality toy with strong vibes. However, I feel this one is for someone that already has some anal experience.

First by yourself anal play is a good indication if you are interested in other toys. I'm sure I'll be looking into more myself after trying this one.

A great toy, IF you need VERY firm pressure to the prostate. My husband found the pressure too much, but when inserted vaginally I found this toy to be great for G-spot use.

I’m sure I’ll write a follow up..I’ll definitely try again..I have to, but to be perfectly honest, if this was a world where you could return toys, I would have returned this one. If anyone has had success with this guy and thinks they can point me in the right direction, please do. For now, though, I remain a prostate skeptic.

The toy fit like a glove and hit spots I did not know I had. Overall this toy is well constructed, high quality, made in England, firm, soft to touch, bendable, and well worth the cost.

The way the toy is designed, the part that you sit on has bumps so it lightly massaged right under my balls. The curved insertive part is only about 5-6 inches. It's not too thick, so it didn't hurt when I slid it slowly in my tight boy hole.

What else can I say about this toy other than it is easily the best sex toy I have ever used?  It isn't scary like some sex toys, the vibrations are powerful, the battery life is long, and it is easy to clean.

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