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You rude, Rude Boy

A great toy, IF you need VERY firm pressure to the prostate. My husband found the pressure too much, but when inserted vaginally I found this toy to be great for G-spot use.
Silicone, vibrates via removable bullet, curved tip, works for G-spot as well as P-spot
Applies too much pressure for my husband, can be difficult to insert due to curve and stiffness
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We have mixed feelings about the Rude Boy by Rocks Off Limited. My husband really doesn’t care about it and honestly almost never uses it, I however love this toy. Weird considering it was specifically designed for the male body right? Well the issue lies within the curved tip of the toy. My husband found that it put too much pressure on his prostate to the point that it was uncomfortable and made it difficult for him to achieve orgasm. Orgasm isn’t the most important part of sex right? Try telling that to a man that has been rubbing his cock nearly raw and is red in the face from frustration not pleasure. But enough of this for now, I’m sure you want to know the details of the toy.

The drawing points for me with this toy is that it is silicone, was designed to be a hands free prostate toy, the included bullet takes a N1 battery (think super short AAA) instead of watch batteries, and that curve looks fantastic in the pictures. From looking at the specs and reading reviews, I thought my husband would love it. A big complaint from my husband is that the toys we have tried either didn’t reach his prostate, or they didn’t apply enough pressure. Problem fixed right? Just goes to show that too much of a good thing, can indeed become a bad thing.

They toy is fairly thin coming in at just 1 inch diameter in girth, but the 6 inch insertable length was adequate. Being silicone means that of course no touching other silicone toys|What toys are not safe with silicone lubes and no silicone lube. The silicone is velvety smooth and not at all tacky (still picks up lint like a Dyson though, so watch out for that). It warms up and holds body heat nicely. As far as the bullet goes, it is moderate in strength and average in noise. The vibrations carry pretty well through the toy, and can be felt at the tip, although not as strong as near the base.

The design of the toy is such that you are to insert it into your anus, with the part that houses the bullet resting against your perineum/taint. The little nubs on this portion are supposed to massage and provide external stimulation as you sit and rock on the toy causing it to also rub against and pleasure your prostate. This sounds great in theory, but it didn’t work out so well in practice. My husband found the rounded tip took some effort to insert, but keep in mind that this would be easier for someone who has intermediate experience with anal play. He complained to me that the aggressive curve also made insertion difficult for him. Once he got it in all the way though, he found that it felt nice. Everything was fine and he was really enjoying the toy, until he sat up. Once he sat up and put his weight onto the toy, it pushed into his prostate with enough pressure that it actually became impossible for him to finish. He tried using the toy as intended until he became so frustrated and angry he swore he would throw it away.

It was about a week later that I convinced him to try it again. This time he didn’t try sitting up, and just stayed lying down. I wasn’t really able to rock it or move it around much without causing him some discomfort, so we ended up just using it like a plug. It worked best for him this way, although we both felt like it was still a waste.
The Rude Boy|Rude boy sat in our toy box for about 3 weeks until I decided to give it a try. Being silicone you can sterilize this toy, which is very important if you want to use it for vaginal penetration after you have used it anally. Just take out the bullet (water based lube in the hole helps a lot) and then either throw it in the dishwasher (top rack, no soap) boil for 3 minutes, or wipe it down with a 10% bleach solution (water rinse after). I found that when inserted into my vagina all the way it hits my G-spot perfect. The sharp angle doubled with the stiffness of the silicone, provided very good stimulation for me. The nubs were a little too firm to be comfortable on my clit so I placed a micro bullet, with a soft squishy sleeve over it, between the Rude Boys rude nubs and my sensitive clit. This also helped give me strong enough vibrations to really help me climax. It is usually very difficult for me to have two orgasms during the same session, but getting so much stimulation to my G-spot I was able to have three good orgasms. I could have went for another one, but frankly it was getting too late for me to stay up any longer.

In the end, a dildo or plug|Anal toys works better for my husband, but I have myself a nice new G-spotter! Just make sure that you either cover with a condom between partners or else sterilize. I think this would work better for a man who likes intense pressure to his prostate and mild vibrations. Definitely not a toy for every body out there, but at least my husband knows where his prostate is now!
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  • Contributor: Beautiful Dreamer
    I'm glad you enjoy this! My boyfriend's favorite toy happens to be one of my vibes. It's always great finding dual uses! Thanks for another great review.
  • Contributor: Bulma
    Thank you Beautiful Dreamer! If only my husband loved this toy as much as I do, but I guess at least this way we won't fight over it!
  • Contributor: Epiphora
    I love dildos with multipurposes!
  • Contributor: Dame Demi
    Hrm...was eyeing this one for hubby, but might have to keep looking. Thanks for an excellent review!
  • Contributor: Cock Wrangler
    Nice review! Maybe he's one of those people from whom prostate stimulation just doesn't work...?
    Glad the shape worked out for you though. Now I can recommend this is as better alternative to the G Rock and other toys designed for women specifically that don't work in practice. :)
  • Contributor: Oggins
    Wow! This does look like it would work well for g-spot stimulation! Great review again Bulma!
  • Contributor: Jimbo Jones
    At least it wasn't a total waste since one of you likes it. I usually like to buy things that we both might like in the hope that it will be great for one of us. Thanks for another excellent review.
  • Contributor: Bulma
    Thanks everyone, and my husband does enjoy prostate stimulation (we've had great success with the Perk dildo, that while pretty stiff, has a gentler curve to it) he just seems to be really picky about the amount of pressure applied to it. I think this toy would be great for men who weren't as sensitive in that area.
  • Contributor: AnalArtist
    Sorry to hear your husband had such a bad time with this toy. I always see it and wonder if I should try it out. I don't think so, not for that much cash. I can understand the pressure thing, you want firm but not crushing. I would recomand moving up in size in dildo and plug. I was so bored with some, then I got a little fatter and longer one and well it's my favorite toy, next to my car haha. But sorry to hear again, I hear too many times how he gets hurt or not enjoying himself. But like I said, I have felt that ohhh god my prostate feeling.
  • Contributor: Bulma
    Thanks, and I have been looking at some different dildos for my hubby. He seems very particular in his needs as far as the pressure goes. I've been thinking of the O2 Niagara for him, as it is longer, has some ripples and is the O2 material. I'm not as picky in my anal toys, so it is a little tricky to shop for him sometimes. If I could, I'd make him pick out his own toys :P Thanks for the suggestions, and I'll keep them in mind while shopping for hubby :)
  • Contributor: AnalArtist
    Now I want on of those O2 Niagara, problem talking to ya, you make me want things haha.
  • Contributor: Bulma
    haha, sorry ;)
  • Contributor: Hakan
    Niagara is very, very good. The texture is amazing the stiffness is just right, a very nice toy. Alas your mileage may vary (like with this one, some people love it other don't). Ahh the search for perfection.
  • Contributor: Bulma
    I think the Niagara would be a pretty safe bet for us, because if he didn't like, I probably would. I've actually wanted to get one for myself as well, and buying something that both of us can enjoy seems to make the price less of an issue for me. I am glad to hear that the stiffness is good though, that is the one thing I was a little concerned with. Floppy isn't good when it comes to the butt :) Thanks for the comment, and always glad to know when someone else loves a toy I am interested in, as it makes me feel more at ease about the purchase.
  • Contributor: ichwillwaffels
    Glad you found a good use for it.
  • Contributor: Snozzberries
    Now I'm thinking of stealing this from my husband (who has yet to use it) and try it on myself.
  • Contributor: Allstars316
    Thanks for the review!
  • Contributor: Tammi Longbottom
    Thank you for the review!
  • Contributor: Chris15461
    Thank you for the review
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