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Gold laced G reviews

74 reviews
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74 reviews

If you're looking for a beautiful glass dildo to add to your collection, look no further. This exquisite toy has a lot to offer including a gorgeous gold lacing giving it an enticing texture.

This is a great addition to my glass collection, and it was my very first glass dildo. I love the detailing with the lacing; the texture feels amazing, also love that it is a bit curved, it hits the g-spot perfectly! Wish it could be a bit thicker. Ideal for beginners.

The Gold Laced G is a great textured glass toy that is both lovely to look at and to use alone or with a partner.

This golden laced dildo is simply perfect. Curved, textured, easy to clean. Can be used for vaginal and anal play. All around great toy!!

The Gold Laced G is a good value piece; it's hard to find a toy of this quality for this price. Even if it's not for you, for the money, it's worth a try for your honey.

If you want something thick, look elsewhere - this will not satisfy. If you're looking for an inexpensive entry to glass toys, and don't want to go too big, then this will do the trick.

This decadent piece is a great addition to any collection, though it isn't discreet so you can't just display it anywhere it is still very good to look at. As it is glass, this is low maintenance as well as sharable, so this is great for almost everyone. The only problem would be with preferences since the ribbing is a bit rough.

While this isn't the perfect toy for me, I think that it very well could be for many other people. Though the texture means that it is not ideally suited to complete beginners, its non-intimidating shape and size means that this toy is a great introduction to texture for those who wish to do a bit of exploring in the bedroom. I like that it is conducive to temperature play, and think that once I'm a bit more experienced, I'll definitely be coming back for more with this toy.

This glass dildo has a unique design, it looks like a glass penis wrapped in a gold lattice with an asymmetrical base that resembles testicles combining realistic and whimsical elements. In use the ridges on its head combined with the lattice will provided good textural stimulation, however the small diameter may not be enough for some and the curve is too slight to be used for prostate or g-spot stimulation.

A perfect intro into the wonderful world of glass, the Gold Laced G is slim enough to work with most people, and the texture makes up for the girth others may be missing. I found my G-spot with it, and I think that speaks volumes for this toy. At the price it sells for, there's no reason not to give it a try.

Whether you're looking for a starter anal toy or are new to glass in general, the Gold Laced G by SSA Glass has something to offer. It's beautiful and small, perfect for anal or vaginal insertion alike, and its textures are light and not too overwhelming for new users. If you're an advanced user, you will also find something to love in this toy. Pick yours up today before they're discontinued again!

If you're looking for a pretty, well-made, glass toy, this one is a winner. It is thin, but very textured, and good for both vaginal and anal play. We definitely recommend giving this a try to see if it works for you. If nothing else, it will look great on a shelf.

Thank you for being a friend, Gold-Laced G. Yes, I mean it: let's just be friends. Your texture just doesn't work with my body. Plenty of other people love texture and seriously narrow and firm dildos! You have a lot going for you: you're beautiful, solidly constructed, and your heart is true. You're a pal, and a confidante.

If you are into glass products or want to try it out I really do feel like in your collection you should have this product, it's beautiful, gives you the orgasm you need and feels great. You don't even have to worry about it unlike your other toys.

Gold Laced G is a very middle of the road toy: if you don't know what you like, Gold might help you find it. At the same time, it's not going to deliver any one 'flavor' in droves, so it may not please those who know what they like. In my opinion, I found the texture slightly distracting and overall 'scratchy'. However, Gold does lend itself to anal due to the presence of a base and its smaller size -- but texture caveats still apply.

I am very lucky to have chosen this toy as my first "textured" toy, because it is not over-done. Being glass, it is good for temperature play. I find the glass to be a little cold at first, but I warm it up in a bit by just holding it in my hands before use. While some may be wary of glass, please do not be; it is not going to break off inside of you, nor will it cut you.

The gold laced G is a simple curved G/P spot dildo with a meatus. What elevates it into the gorgeous toy category is the gold lacing that lattices around the head of the toy and down the shaft. It has an elongated base and the lacing adds some texture to the toy. All in all it is a great little glass toy!

I put glass on the pros and cons both for the fact that not everyone is a fan of glass toys. I myself would rather have something with a softer material but with that being said, I feel as if this toy could be used by anyone looking to explore.

Being that this item is currently on sale at an awesome price, I definitely recommend giving it a try. Whether you are a beginner or a more advanced user, I think you will definitely enjoy it. The added texture is just wonderful, and temperature play is lots of fun as well. It is so easy to care for and clean, and is rated as high as you can get on safety. For $9, why not give it a try while it's on sale?

The Gold Laced G by SSA Glass is a work of art. It is absolutely beautiful to look at, and delicious to use. It offers great texture, a semi-realistic head, and a testicle-like base. This is, by far, one the best glass pieces I've ever had the pleasure of using.

Mmmm! Stitching up my pie hole with gold laces. Stitching has never been so much fun! The design and look of this toy is just...Divine! Magnificent! I can say no more. Oh. No. Wait. I can! Perfect first glass toy. I wouldn't choose differently if I had to choose again.

I love this piece and am so glad I purchased it. It feels good and it makes me feel good. This is only my second purchase, but so far I've yet to be disappointed. I would recommend the Gold Laced G to everyone.

This is a nice beginners glass dildo and a beautifully crafted one at that. Ideal for anal beginners or first time glass users that don't require large girth. It has a good amount of texture to be felt, but not enough to be overkill.

If you're looking for a great glass toy, this one is pretty nice. It's got some nice texture on it, and it's a perfect size for beginners. It also has a flared base, so it can be used anally as well as vaginally for g-spot stimulation.

I would suggest this toy to any one. Everything is perfect about it; the size, texture, colors, design, and the price. This toy is also light weight. The only negative thing about it is that the toy is no longer being made.

I love smooth glass toys, however, the Gold Laced G changed my mind. The delicate lattice texture added the girth that this toy needed and made it very versatile. This dildo is great for G-spotting, anal play, and the slim design is non-threatening for beginners.

The Gold Laced G is a lovely piece of glass and comes with its own storage pouch, but is lacking as a sex toy. Its slight texture and the small size won't intimidate beginners. Advanced users won't get very much out of it.

Simply not that exciting would be the perfect way to describe the Gold Laced G. It's glass, and it's beautiful...I just don't find it that functional. I was left wanting so much more, and I can think of a dozen better alternatives to the Gold Laced G. As a matter of fact, I have 5 or 6 other glass toys, and I would describe none of them as disappointing. Go for something else!

...she would have rocked the Gold Laced G! This elegant glass piece will add style and pleasure to any collection. Heat it up or cool it down to enhance your experience. Any way you use it, the Gold Laced G is sure to please.

This is a fantastic beginners toy that is slender but versatile. Good for partner play or self stimulation. Well made and easy to care for.

I loved the Gold Laced G glass dildo. I love the slim size, the light texture, the curved shaft and the fact that it's not too heavy. The curved shaft is angled perfectly for g-spot arousal and I can't even begin to tell you how wonderful it feels.

If you are looking for your first glass toy... this one is GREAT! If you are looking for your second, third or hundredth and like a small toy with ribbed texture and a slight curve... this one is GREAT! This toy was a wonderful option for me due to size, material and ease. It is my favorite non-vibrating toy!

Warning! This toy looks much bigger in it's photos than it actually is. This would be a great option for a beginner or a female with a smaller vagina. This is also ideal for an intermediate anal enthusiast. For most women, however, it will not be nearly big enough.

Not a bad glass toy. It has all the benefits of glass and is a little more slender for those who are petite or prefer a thinner toy. Great for sharing and a variety of uses.

The Gold Laced G is a great introduction to glass or texture due to its small non-intimidating size. If you've been curious about glass, I'd give the Gold Laced G a try. All glass items can be used in any water setting and also used for temperature play.

The Gold Laced G is a great beginner’s toy or those looking to try out something firm and textured. It is going to be one of those hit and miss toys where you either love it or don't. I use it as a thin and firm warm-up toy for anal play and for this purpose it is perfect.

The Gold Laced G has a non-intimidating size and has a mild texture that would be great for beginners to glass. The slight curve in the shaft I feel is what keeps this toy holding back from providing really good stimulation.

This is my second glass toy and it is by far my favorite out of the toy. I love how I can use this one for anal play and it doesn't bring me any discomfort like my other toy does. If you're a beginner with glass toys or any toys period, I would definitely recommend this to you.

Used anally, this instantly became an 'Oh my God!' toy. Thin enough to used on even the tightest little holes, this would make a great addition to the toy chest of any sex, whether you're new to glass or are a seasoned user. Plus you can use any lube at all with it. The Gold Lace is such a great price with no flaws so there's really no reason not to own one...

The Gold laced G should be a part of everyone collection, it doesn't matter if you are a male or female. It's perfect for vaginal or anal play. It does have some texture but the texture isn't extreme, it would be perfect for anyone. The only downfall to the gold laced G is the storage pouch it comes in with. The Gold laced G is just beautiful and I can't express how much I enjoyed this one.

Everything about the Gold Laced G is remarkable. There isn't a single flaw in design. The ribbed gold lace and bended shaft provide everything that is needed for a toe curling, hair raising orgasm. The size is perfect for beginners and intermediate users, yet the texture makes it enjoyable enough for the advanced. It's no wonder I use this toy daily; it makes life far more pleasurable.

The Gold Laced G is a beautiful textured glass dildo that can be used anally or vaginally. It can be fun for both men and women. Glass is a great material to use. It’s safe, sterilizable, and easy to clean. I love using the Gold Laced G for my back door! The texture is just right. It is suitable for beginners to advanced users. If you like a dildo more average in size with texture, this may work great for you. Everyone should give the Gold Laced G a try! I’m sure glad I did.

I found this gorgeous golden latticed toy to be an excellent addition to my toy box. It's sturdy, nonporous material, eye-catching aesthetics and interesting texture had sure pleased me. If it is girth you're looking for, I suggest you look elsewhere. On the other hand, if you're making your first foray into glass toys, this is a nice place to start. Not too big, not too textured and just the right price!

The Gold Laced G was my gateway piece to the world of glass and I couldn't have had a better introductory piece. The dildo is non-intimidating in appearance, slim, the texture is very subtle, and it's an excellent price. If you're new to glass and want to give it a try, I highly recommend this piece to you.

This toy is not expensive and well worth a try. As an owner of almost 100 glass toys, I found this to be amongst my favorites because of the size and portability. Any toy that excites the boyfriend and myself equally is a keeper.

The Gold Laced G is a great toy for beginners. For some, the small size and gentle curve might not be enough to provide adequate stimulation vaginally, but anally (especially for those new to anal play) the toy is perfect for thrusting and gaining a lot of pleasure that way. I would recommend the toy to beginners and those exploring anal play.

The Gold Laced G by SSA Glass is sure to dazzle you with its beauty and grandeur. This toy is very versatile, easy to clean and easy to use. It is also very body safe and hypoallergenic but it may be too textured, hard or small for some people. You won't know until you give it a try though so don't be afraid to try it!

The Gold Laced G is a great, petite, little textured glass wand that closely resembles a penis. The base makes it easy to hold on to. The slight curve is good for g-spot stimulation. The texture can really be felt vaginally so I would caution beginners as it may be too much for them but will be appreciated by intermediate and advanced users.

The Gold Laced G is a great dildo. It's slimness makes it beginner friendly and it's texture is pleasant, but not overwhelming. The Gold Laced G is great for vaginal play and safe for great anal play as well. It's slimness makes a wonderful probe for g/p spotting, even though it's shaft isn't very curved. The craftsmanship isn't amazing, but the price is!

At $12.00, this is one of the most economical glass toys on EF, and, in my opinion, one of the best for initiation into the pleasure that is glass. Once you try it, you just might get hooked!

The Gold Laced G is well worth the price. It can be used alone or with a partner and in many different places. It can be used in for temperature play. Unfortunately, it is not harness compatible. Overall, the Gold Laced G is a great toy and very versatile.

The Gold Laced G is a glass dildo with an amazing texture on it. The texture isn't overpowering and it feels great while in use. The base makes this toy really fun for anal play, and it's good to hang on to while thrusting. Always be careful thrusting glass since it's so rigid. This is a thin toy that has quite a bit of length to it. This is just a really nice toy for those that like glass and some texture.

I took a leap, and while flying through the air I caught a piece of gold. Being a huge texture fan, I found the lace work on the shaft to be just right for my tender backdoor. I also find this dildo perfect for slow thrusting when using anally. While I wish I could say that everyone should own this piece of fabulous, I simply cannot. It will not be everyone's cup of gold tea.

We had a fantastic time with this dildo, and plan on using it in many more playtimes to come. Great when combined with a bullet or some other vibrator.

This dildo is beautiful to look at and it is also fantastic in action. The slim, textured shaft feels incredible and surprisingly realistic. This toy makes temperature play very accessible, and I cannot stress enough how amazing the texture is for me. Its beauty and stimulating features can be enjoyed solo or by couples of any gender combination.

Honestly, maybe it is user error, but I am rather underwhelmed by this toy. For me, the texture was strange. For the wife, she didn't comment on the texture. And for both of us, the orgasms achieved were just, ehh. Thanks, I guess. This will stay in our collection, and maybe one day I will find a better use for it.

The Gold Laced G dildo is a beautiful toy that is great for beginners or for those just starting a glass toy collection and don't want to spend a lot of money. The ribbing makes this toy unique and the base is wide enough for the toy to be used anally as well as vaginally.

Even though the Gold Laced G didn't have me coming like a stampede of pre-teen girls at a Justin Bieber concert, I still believe it is a five-star toy. It introduced me to the pleasure and convenience of glass toys without costing a lot. I enjoyed using this toy to warm up and then finishing with my vibrator. Anyone looking to try glass should consider the Gold Laced G.

I don’t like that I bought it, and I don’t like that it is little. I would probably not recommend it to anyone that I know, but for beginners who are curious about glass and don’t to invest too much until they know they like it, this is a decent toy.

The Gold Laced G was a beautiful addition to my collection and a perfect first glass toy. Though it was a little small for vaginal play, the lattices made up for the lack of girth and provided great texture. I found that the lack of girth was also good for anal play for a newbie like me.

The Gold Laced G is one of the few glass sex toys that actually does a great job of being an anal toy. The texture is just barely there, but it provides an interesting sensation while the long length and the slim diameter make this even beginner-friendly. The Gold Laced G is a good anal choice for anyone who can't use the larger-diameter toys anally.

Overall I was disappointed with the Gold Laced G, but again it was my fault for waiting so long to get it and I think it would still please others that have not as much anal experience as me (due to it's smaller girth I don't see this being much use for vaginal use by the way) so I'm giving it a 3 stars. While I may not recommend it to others except anal virgins its still a very pretty piece of glass.

Glass is a wonderful material, but what makes one glass toy different from the next? Texture. The Gold Laced G's lattice is delightfully stimulating without being overwhelming. While it's excellent for vaginal thrusting, g-spotting, or anal penetration, this dildo is not a jack-of-all-trades, master-of-none. If you want to choose one glass dildo, the Gold Laced G should be it. If you have a small collection already underway, the Gold Laced G will become your crown jewel.

I find myself wanting to display this on a shelf more than hump it. While it does provide excellent G-spot stimulation, it lacks in the girth department. The texture is very unique compared to similar glass dildos.

This is a wonderful lovely glass dildo. It was a great choice for my first item of this material, and now I have experienced the benefits of the weight and feel of glass. I also really enjoy looking at it too, maybe I should hang it in my window to catch the sunlight.

This artistically presented little phallus is fairly versatile, and outstanding for anal play. The texture provides not just decoration, but very nice stimulation as well.

The Gold laced G could be bigger, and did very little for my g-spot. But the ribbed feeling, the temperature play, the solid feel that you get from glass, all made for a great product I would easily recommend.

The Gold Laced G is a beautiful and uniquely textured glass dildo that is very versatile and can be used clitorally, vaginally, and anally. It is on the small side, but the texture makes up for that, and it should be enjoyable for all users no matter their experience level!

The Gold Laced G is a great textured glass toy for people first trying glass and experienced users alike! It's beautifully made, feels good, and the size is nice when you need a break from thicker toys. It's also really versatile since it can be used vaginally, anally, or dragged along for some clitoral stimulation. It is easy to care for, and the price makes it convenient for first time glass buyers.

The Gold Laced G is a lovely sculptured toy that is perfect not only for those wanting to try glass for the first time, but also for the connoisseur who is eager to add a unique texture to his or her glass collection. The incredibly low price point places this quality product within the reach of many to enjoy. Finally, with minimal care, the Gold Laced G will last a lifetime and its beauty will never fade.

This gorgeous dildo from SSA glass has fast become the wife's and my favorite toy. This added temp-play to the wife's list of experiences and a hole new level of stimulation to my anal pleasures. I think any one looking to add some textured glass to the bedroom will just love this great dildo.

This is a great item. Go for it. It's a simple and gorgeous piece to add to a collection, or to start one.

The Gold Laced G is a lovely and functional glass dildo. The gold lattices surround the shaft and add texture that feels like ribbing when inserted. The size, length, and base lend themselves to both vaginal and anal play. Although the curve may not be enough for g-spot stimulation, overall this is pleasurable to use.

This toy is an excellent choice if you are looking for something different. It really makes for interesting variety in the bedroom, with or without your partner. The ability to use temperature play with this toy makes it a must have for any collection. This also makes for a great- first glass dildo.

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