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The Gold Laced G is one of the few glass sex toys that actually does a great job of being an anal toy. The texture is just barely there, but it provides an interesting sensation while the long length and the slim diameter make this even beginner-friendly. The Gold Laced G is a good anal choice for anyone who can't use the larger-diameter toys anally.
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The Gold Laced G is a glass, thin and long dildo manufactured by SSA Glass. This dildo is made from strong, Pyrex glass, and it includes a base, so this dildo is safe for both anal and vaginal use. The dildo is about six inches long, and it has a diameter of slightly smaller than one inch. The shaft of the entire dildo has a slight texture that runs in a criss-cross pattern throughout the entire shaft.

Like all other SSA Glass toys, it doesn't come with any sort of specific packaging materials. However, it does come with a little, one-layer velvet bag. This velvet bag is not very sturdy; it's just one layer of velvet, and it's not padded at all. It is a drawstring bag, but unless you knot the drawstring, the dildo itself will just fall out of the pouch, so make sure to knot the dildo if you want to keep it inside the velvet pouch. However, it will keep the dildo away from any sort of scratches if that's what you're aiming for. The velvet pouch is velvet on the outside, and it's a deep, rich red.

We bought the Gold Laced G while looking for an anal dildo for the boyfriend. We own a ton of rubber and silicone toys for anal use, but we don't really own any glass toys for anal use. This is because most anal toys usually have pretty wide diameters, and toys like that are just too difficult for him to take easily. For that reason, I wanted something that was long, but it was also something that would be thin enough to be easily inserted. The Gold Laced G ended up fulfilling that need for us.

When using this anally, you do have to be careful because the dildo does not bend - at all. If you are rough or thrust heavily with it, you're going to find that you're going to poke yourself awkwardly. You may run into a wall of the anal passage and cause yourself pain. Make sure to start it off slowly until you figure out that a specific angle is going to be pleasurable for you. After you figure it out, you can be rougher, but make sure not to change the angle on the dildo too much or you could feel some pain.

For anal use, the neat thing is how easily this lubricates. Glass lubricates easily, and while silicone is plushy and absorbs lubricant, glass doesn't absorb lubricant, so the lubrication you normally use is going to last a bit longer with a glass dildo than it would with silicone. The glass also glides in and out really nicely - even with the texture.

The texture is really neat, and it definitely can be felt during use. There's a slight criss-cross pattern going throughout the entire shaft of the dildo, and the head of the dildo has a bit of a pronouncement to it too. The neat thing is that, while it feels interesting, it isn't too strong, so you won't have any issue with the texture needing you to use extra lubricant. It's there, but it isn't in the way, and that's exactly how it should be. It adds something special, but it isn't overwhelming, and the boyfriend reports that it definitely feels funky - almost like it's ridged.

While the pictures make the dildo look gorgeous, it won't look *quite* like that when you receive it. While it definitely looks, design-wise, exactly how the pictures portray it, the pictures have professional lighting and a white background. For most people's homes, the dildo will look gorgeous, but it isn't going to look as clear as in the pictures unless it's up against a white background. It basically looks really gold and shimmery unless on the background. It definitely looks very beautiful.

Cleaning glass is extremely easy. You just have to use some warm water and antibacterial soap to clean it. Glass can also be sterilized with bleach. Glass is compatible with all different types of lubricant. As long as you are careful, you can keep this glass dildo in the pouch it comes in. However, if you get attached to this dildo and really like it, I highly suggest purchasing a padded pouch to keep this glass sex toy safe. Always make sure to check the Glass Laced G over for any cracks or nicks before you use it, and if you find one, don't use the glass dildo.
We like the Glass Laced G, but it does require a bit of extra forethought that other softer dildos don't take. Because of the glass material, you have to be a bit more conscious of how rough you are, and it's important you make sure you positioning yourself to not uncomfortably thrust on the dildo. If you take those precautions, though, it's an extremely easy-to-use dildo, and it's definitely inexpensive enough to be one of those "you should own it" toys.
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    I just ordered my first glass dildo, but I have put this one on my list. thnks!
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    It's very pretty. Thank you!
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