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Icicles No. 8 reviews

33 reviews
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33 reviews

If you want to add the perfect glass toy to your already impressive collection than this is a fabulous selection. It is unique in it's interior color and the shape is very particular. I guarantee most if not all will enjoy the icicle.

Icicles No. 8 is a fantastic toy. Its size, shape, and design make it a perfect toy for the glass novice!

This is a rather unique beauty, even among glass toys, which are known for their aesthetic appeal. Its iridescent finish isn't perfectly smooth, but its versatility and loveliness make up for that. The size and tapering of the smaller end makes this an excellent first glass toy; however, even size queens may enjoy the large ball-like end for its filling and G-spot-stimulating abilities.

The Icicles No.8 is one of the prettiest glass dildos I have seen with its blue swirl and soft waves. I think this is a perfect first glass dildo to try. It is slender enough that it will not be too much and with the waves, it allows you to easily become familiar with how glass feels without any other texture to confuse the issue. Both ends are insertable for vaginal or anal use and since it's also a pretty good body massager, I would recommend it to anyone.

Icicles #8 is a beautiful, well-made, smaller-sized glass dildo. It should please most beginners who are looking to branch out a little into glass, temperature play, or to try out a little mild texture. If you find it to be too small, it will make a nice beginner to intermediate level anal toy if used gently.

This toy is totally worth a try if you are new to glass and don't want something super crazy and out there. It's great for temperature play and is firm, just the way I love my toys. It's super easy to clean and overall, a great toy to add to my collection. You won't regret this buy!

It's my lovely magic wand and I just love to play with it. The curve design gives me a wonderfully new sensation that I can't get with my other glass toy that has a simpler design. The Icicles No. 8 is a great buy, as both a toy as well as a piece of art.

This is an amazing glass wand, and it is perfect for anal or vaginal use. The beautiful look of the glass just makes everything even better! It is amazing to look at, as well as to use.

I love the size, shape, and texture of this. The bulges in the design are really nice for some contrast, but it's smooth enough to use without lube. Cleaning is easy and because it's glass, totally safe. I would highly recommend it to another beginner.

Icicles No. 8 is a beautiful addition to any glass collection. The slim design is non-threatening for beginners, and the larger bulged end provides filling girth for intermediate users. The gorgeous blue color and whimsical design of this toy makes it worth its price tag. Overall, I'm very pleased with my gorgeous Icicle and enjoy using it for G-spotting and anal forplay.

It looks like your standard, pretty glass dildo, but this gorgeous toy holds a secret. Want to know what it is? Read on!

This toy is a masterpiece in its own right. Put it on display or put it to work g-spotting or p-spotting, the Icicles No. 8 is likely to satisfy. Not recommended for size-queens, due to its thin stature, but for all others, give it a whirl!

This toy is definitely worth purchasing. The waved surface provides a wonderful stimulation and the glass material provides a glide unmatched by other materials. Not to mention, it looks beautiful and should be a welcome addition to any glass toy collection.

This glass toy is a stunning show piece. Stand alone as a work of art in your home, or experiment with the wonders of temperature play. This lovely lady is smooth gliding, easy to clean, budget friendly, and made of one of the safest materials your can get for your toys.

Generally toys that can't get me off go directly to the graveyard and get a scathing review. I'm glad I held on to this one and gave it a second chance. Sometimes it's not all about the orgasm, and it takes a special sex toy to be a favorite without sharing a climax with you.

I found this to be a very fun toy both asthetically and physically. Glass is always so smooth and a delight to play with. It is not for those who like toys that have alot of size in both length or width, but it is great if you don't mind the smaller size toy.

This is the toy that re-awoke my love of glass toys, and that's understandable with its simple but effective shape. Petite enough to be beginner friendly but still very stimulating.

A stunning glass toy that is more like a piece of art, a gorgeous 2 in 1 toy offering the choice of sizes to use depending on mood and experience, heated up or down use for massage or pleasure it has something for everyone; this has a place in everybody's toybox.

For the price range this was pretty disappointing, It doesn't come with a bag or have the normal heft that a glass toy has, but if you care about neither of those things, this is a REALLY great toy. (I do recommend the Sasha grey wand, which is better for less.)

The Icicles No. 8 is a fabulous glass dildo; it's pretty and simple, leaving plenty of space for the user to come up with creative ways to play with it. Good for both men and women, this toy is just plain fun to use for insertion play. Using it for sensation and temperature play is also quite enjoyable.

This shiny glass toy is not only functional and sensual, but also aesthetically pleasing. Plenty of bumps for those who like some texture and gorgeous reflective colors make this toy something enjoyable for everyone!

Pipedream's Icicles No. 8 is a beautifully crafted, sleek, elegant, non-intimidating glass wand. The wavy design feels amazing and is a great toy for first-timers or the experienced glass users. You can't go wrong with this wand! I absolutely love mine!

The Icicles No 8 is the most beginner friendly glass dildo I have ever seen. The slender and sleek size make it a great option. However it fails to be great for more advanced users, but at least it is pretty to look at. The beautiful clear shaft with the blue swirls, make this dildo stunning.

With dazzling spirals and an iridescent glow, the Icicles No. 8 is a beauty that will stand out in any glass collection. The toy's slim waves are great for anal stimulation, with the bulb end used as an anchor. The bulb end works g-spot wonders during my playtime. Considerably less hefty than my other glass pieces, this is one I won't be putting down any time soon.

God I love gorgeous works of art I can stick in my pussy! This beautiful piece of glass is sure to please, whether it gets you to orgasm or just have an eye-gasm because it's so pretty to look at. I do believe this has become my new favorite glass toy and I can even forgive it for not vibrating.

The Icicles No. 8 is a versatile and inexpensive glass toy that can be used frequently without ever getting boring. Use it vaginally or anally, alone or with your loved one, chilled or warmed. There are so many possibilities that it is hard to present them all.

This has quickly become our favorite toy! I can't imagine our sex life without it. It's easy to use and clean, and its waves feel good both vaginally and anally. Great for temperature play, anal warm-up, anal virgins and anyone really! Enjoy, and thanks for reading!

The Icicles Tapered Teaser is non-threatening, and inexpensive. It would make an amazing first glass toy, or add to a large collection. It's got a great design, and I love the beautiful blue helix design and iridescent finish. Even though it doesn't come with its own storage bag, Eden Fantasys has a great storage bag that's inexpensive as well.

This icicle is a treat for all seasons, and can be used for all sorts of sensations including cold and heat. Quality, safe materials for dildo play!

This toy is well worth the money you spend on it. The ability to change the temperature is my favorite feature.

A nice alternative to more expensive glass dildos, the Icicles tapered teaser provides satisfying, albeit predictable, sensations. It would please anyone looking for a smooth, slender glass toy.

This toy is budget friendly. The toy is about 7 " long and just over 1 1/2" across at its widest point. The coldness from this toy was amazingly good. It gives a nice sensation to anyone that is looking for a cold or warm irresistible orgasm.

The Icicles Tapered Teaser is a reasonably priced alternative for those looking to try their first glass toy without breaking the bank!

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