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Mustang Mustang

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Mustang reviews

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41 reviews

Makes self play easier and faster. The in and out movements are best when applied with a water-based lube, so that Mustang can build up that momentum against the g-spot, making masturbation intense and very pleasurable.

Uh, because it's Vixskin, that's why. Vixskin is incredibly realistic and, as someone who doesn't even like dicks, is super duper fun to squeeze.

If you want a dildo that looks and feels exactly like the real thing, VixSkin is the way to go. The Mustang's size and material make it perfect for everything from handjobs to blowjobs to anal. It might not fill up us size queens, but it's a versatile and realistic size. The Mustang is highly satisfying, and I'm looking forward to trying his big brothers in the future!

This type of dildo is kind of expensive, but if you like penetration, those $5 vibrators are nothing compared to the Mustang.

If you don't have a penis to play with, or just need an extra one thrown in the mix, the Mustang is the perfect addition of your toy box. It feels like the real thing, but comes in an array of pretty colors. It can be used in lots of ways, and never fails to impress.

I love vixskin dildos, and so does my wife. They are the best ones on the market IMO. They even beat the Tantus O2 line. They feel like plastic compared to vixskin. We have three so far, and neither one of us regrets purchasing any of them.

This is a Mustang I could take for a ride at any given time. I love that its plush outer layer of silicone feels so life like.

If you like realistic dildos and haven't yet found that safe yet body safe material, then the Mustang may be what you're missing! Made of Vixen's VixSkin, it feels amazingly realistic. The plush material makes it perfect for comfortable anal. The size is great for the average user even though it may seem a little large. Get yourself a mustang!

The Mustang is a great toy that is well worth the money. It can be used vaginally or anally, alone or with a partner. The realistic material makes it appealing to many people, and it can be bent to reach where you want it. However, it is obviously a dildo. It collects dust and hair easily, and your pubic hair will be pulled by it. Finally, the Mustang may be intimidating to some users, but if you can overcome its intimidating size, the Mustang is sure to please you.

Mustang is one of the most realistic-feeling dildos that I have tried. I love the elasticity of the Vixskin material - I just wish it were a bit less tacky. If I use it while I am lying on my back, Mustang doesn't provide enough g-spot stimulation - but if I ride it, this really is a fantastic dildo. It's also one of the most comfortable and enjoyable dildos I have used for anal insertion.

I love my Mustang! The material is amazing and feels realistic. This dildo can be a lint magnet, but it doesn't bother me because there are so many other amazing qualities to it. This is a strap-on dildo and I originally got mine for pegging. It works nicely for my intended purpose for it. I thought this dildo looked slightly larger in the photos than it actually is, but I wouldn't want it to be too much larger anyway. Overall, I adore this product and I can't wait to try more VixSkin dildos!

The Mustang was a chance taken and a well worth it toy! Out of the cylinder it has no smell and is a very body-safe toy. Though I had to "grow into" the mustang a little, it was a nice first choice for me. The only downsides I found was in the packaging. For the price, I would have expected more care and warranty/product information and a better package. I do adore the Mustang otherwise, and he is standing up to my rough riding like the stallion he is!

The Mustang from Vixen Creations is part of their very popular VixSkin line. It is the second smallest of the various dildos, larger than only the Spur. We decided to get the Mustang and not the Spur due to how other reviews spoke of the squishiness of this dildo, making it easier to insert even if you aren't used to the feel of realistic dildos.

The Vixen Creations Mustang is a must have for all dildo lovers. Made of a body safe skin material called VixSkin...this toy combines the realistic feel of any skin like material with the body safe qualities of silicone. Available in fun colors and fleshtones. The Mustang is a dildo for everyone!

The harness compatibility coupled with the softness makes it great for pegging. The fact that it is so forgiving would make it good to use on a day when you are feeling tender inside. All in all it does have a high price tag but in my opinion it is well worth it.

The mean green pleasure machine! Everything that I would want in a dildo is all right here in the Mustang. The price may be high but its oh so worth it. If anything ever happens to the Mustang, I would definitely buy another one in a heart beat. As soon as Vixen Creations came out with green, pink and tie-bright, I knew I had to grab the green one.

The VixSkin Mustang is hands down one of the most realistic toys I've ever tried and is well worth every penny. Whether you're using it anally, vaginally, or even (occasionally) orally, it won't leave you disappointed. Between the beautiful bright colors and the detail and precision of the toy, this is one purchase you WON'T regret!

The Tie-bright silicone from Vixen creations is slightly softer than their flesh-tone counterparts, but just as enjoyable as the originals. The bright colors and opalescent base are the perfect combination. Each dildo is individually poured using blue, orange, and fuchsia silicone, resulting in a dildo that's as equally unique as you are. Neither too thick nor too thin; you'll surely enjoy the Mustang time and again.

For those of you looking for great realism, without super intense G or P spot stimulation that you might find in stiffer toys, than look no further than the Vixskin Mustang! This toy really is as close as your gonna get to the real thing!

If you're looking for the absolute best, VixSkin is the way to go! The Mustang is the most average size that the majority of users will just adore. I can't recommend this product enough--it instantly became my favourite of many, many toys.

This was my very first quality realistic dildo, and I think I'm in love! This dildo is not at all overwhelming, and its curved shape hits all the right spots for me. Some users may have issues with how flexible the toy is, but honestly? I love the flexibility of this beautiful dildo!

Mustang has it's share of problems, including lack of balls, an overly squishy head, and an annoying case, but even with all these issues it is still a 5-star toy. None of the cons could ultimately stop this toy from being (and feeling) great. Mustang feels great, has a fantastic size, an awesome curve for P and G spot pleasures, and is made of an unbelievably awesome material, VixSkin!

The VixSkin Mustang is too squishy and floppy to rub my G-spot the way I like, but it still feels good. Lovers of intense sensations, like those offered by steel and glass toys, probably won't enjoy VixSkin, but for someone looking for a realistic and gentle experience, this is the perfect toy.

The Mustang is probably the best average-sized dildo that is both shockingly realistic in feel and able to give g-spot stimulation. The shape is great for both visuals and performance as a sex toy. It's body-safe, not hard to clean, and all around perfect.

Realistic, well-made and attractive, good size for everyday use with a partner who wants both a realistic-looking and realistic-sized dildo.

The Mustang features a slight curve, small ridges, pronounced head, and the size is not too overwhelming for beginners. This would be a great choice for those who want a soft dildo while still having the benefits of a very safe material.

The material of the toy is amazing. Coupled with the design that gives it both tactile and visual appeal, it is completely true what Vixen Creations says. It's a little pricey, but it is worth every penny and every inch.

The Mustang is a Vixskin cock with veins and a soft outer layer. With its high quality craftsmanship, the Mustang will be a great new addition for folks who want over six inches of insertable length to play with and a thick but not overwhelming shaft.

If you're interested in a high quality toy or looking for something healthier to play with than the jellies and rubber toys, this guy has everything you've wanted and more. Firm base for easy control. Inner core with a squishy soft skin-like texture. He is a dream.

The Vixen Creations Mustang is one of the best all-around dildos that we own. It works amazingly for oral, vaginal, harness-use, and with lots of warm-up, anal use. The base supports it well, and the realistic material makes it a pleasure to own.

If you are eager to try pegging for the first time and have a fearful partner, this might be a great beginner dildo for you. It's not hard to get it in at all, and doesn't require a lot of lube to get comfortable insertion. As for using it vaginally, I can't really speak for that as I have yet to try it. Orally, my boyfriend would actually know more on this aspect than I. Although I have to say seeing him give it head while I was wearing it was AMAZING!

The Mustang is a perfect choice, whether you're looking for your first realistic dildo or you are just looking for something new. The size is perfect for beginners, and being harness compatible makes it perfect for use with a partner. I say this dildo is absolutely worth it and is my favorite toy so far.

If you're looking for an average-sized dildo to use either vaginally or anally, this is THE one to get. The size shouldn't scare off anyone, yet it will leave all but the biggest of size queens satisfied. The look and feel of the toy might trick you into thinking you had an actual penis in hand (if it were warm); and, despite a few nit-picky flaws, it is currently one of the top toys in our pegging drawer.

Whether you are a genderqueer or trans person or just someone wanting a toy that delivers the real thing, the mustang is for you. Imagine your amazing or not so amazing sex right now, and multiply that by at least 10 times. It's mind blowing what this guy can make you achieve. Just try and see for yourself. If you can handle it.

Kind of my Goldilocks cock, so to speak; pretty fucking perfect. An excellent choice for anyone seeking a super realistic, decently-sized cock that can do just about everything a flesh & blood one can do.

The Mustang is my first toy from Vixen Creations' line of VixSkin toys and I am absolutely smitten with it now. The texture of the material is divine, not to mention easy to clean and body-safe, the attention to detail in all aspects of the toy's appearance is amazing. Most importantly it feels amazing in use for thrusting and more active play and is suitable for anal, vaginal, oral or strap-on sex.

Take a fun ride - this is a great toy to try for first time use. A little on the pricey side, but worth it as it is a very good quality!

If you are looking for a well made, quality dildo that will last a lifetime, look no further! Vixskin is made from 100% premium silicone and carries a lifetime warranty against damages. It feels very realistic and works great in a harness. Its wide flared base means that you can not only use it vaginally but anally too. Its 1 ½" diameter is the perfect size for most users too. I may have just found my new favorite material!

The Mustang will treat you like a lady and keep you company when you're all alone. While it won't cook your meals, this thing will rock your world!

Overall the Mustang by Vixen Creations is a great buy. You won't be able to go wrong with the modest one-hundred dollar price tag. It doesn't get any more real than this!

And I thought, really how much like a real penis could it be?... I felt myself clamping around the Mustang like a real penis as my nerves screamed over my entire body.

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