The Vixen Creations Mustang is one of the best all-around dildos that we own. It works amazingly for oral, vaginal, harness-use, and with lots of warm-up, anal use. The base supports it well, and the realistic material makes it a pleasure to own.
Perfect shape and length, Very realistic, Great for harness use, Great for oral
A bit too flexible, Picks up a lot of lint
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The Vixen Creations Mustang is a silicone dildo made from VixSkin. The color is pretty accurate with EF's pictures; the real-life color of the dildo is a little less pale. The "view actual product size" is accurate. The Mustang is about six inches long with a diameter of about an inch at the head and about an inch and a half at the base. This dildo is made from the realistic VixSkin and includes a base that makes it harness-compatible.

I like the packaging for Vixen Creations dildos. They come in a basic, discreet see-through tube that just includes the instructions and details on the back of the tube. The lid can be a bit of a pain to get on and off, but it does keep the Mustang from slipping out of the tube. The dildo easily fits back into the tube, and to keep the Mustang from picking up fuzzies, the tube is the best place to keep it.

I started off my love of VixSkin by trying out the Maverick first. While I loved the Maverick, it was just too big to actually work for oral use just because of the huge, huge diameter. For that reason, I wanted to try out the Mustang and get something that would not require as much warm-up time and would work well for harness use and vaginal use. It's still a bit too big in diameter for anal use with the boyfriend unless we use lots of warm-up, but I think we're going to try the Vixen Creations Spur for more of an anal use.

The VixSkin on the Mustang feels just as amazing as the VixSkin on the Maverick felt. The VixSkin on this dildo is not nearly as plushy. Because of the Maverick's large size, the Maverick's skin was a lot more plushy and squishy. While the Mustang has a lot of squish to it compared to other silicone dildos, it doesn't feel quite as squishy as the Maverick. Because the material is plushy, this dildo does require a bit more lubricant than you regularly would use, but it is pretty easy to insert. The skin, while not 100% realistic, is one of the closest alternatives to real that exist. The only thing really keeping it from being "real" is that the skin doesn't move along the dildo's shaft; it's soft and plushy and very realistic, but when you stroke it, the skin doesn't move up and down like on a real penis.

The neat thing about VixSkin is that the inner core is hard and firm (to keep the dildo from bending too much) while the outer layer is the soft and squishy movable material that makes it realistic. This dildo is actually pretty realistic to a regular penis; a regular penis would probably be a bit shorter in length, but the diameter and shape are realistic. (A real penis may not have such an extreme curve, but some do.)

The Mustang has a neat curve on it. The dildo does bend a bit more than a real penis (curved like that) would, though, so it's not amazingly great at hitting the g-spot with large amounts of pressure. It brushes up against the g-spot nicely, but it won't give a lot, lot of pressure because the dildo will end up folding/bending when you apply too much. However, it does hit the g-spot with thrusting amazingly, and if you enjoy thrusting into your g-spot, this dildo works very well. It's just very pleasurable to use since it's a realistic size, and because of that, it doesn't require too much warm-up to be able to use it. This is one of those dildos that you can easily reach for at the beginning of a session to warm you up to larger dildos (if you like). It works great for vaginal use.

Though we used it for vaginal use (for purpose of reviewing) this dildo was mostly bought for harness use and oral use. We wanted something realistic that would slide easily into a harness and give a realistic sensation of giving and receiving a blowjob. While Tantus has a couple dildos that we love for that, we also wanted to try the VixSkin since the material feels more like a real penis. This worked really well. The dildo isn't too wide in diameter, so it's not nearly as mouth-tiring as some other dildos are. Plus, the tip of the dildo is much smaller in diameter than the base of the dildo, so it's like it "starts off" easy then gets harder the closer you get to the base. The dildo is a bit long to be the "average" penis, but it still works amazingly well. Plus, there is absolutely, absolutely no taste to it which means no chemical aftertaste.
When used in a harness, the Mustang stays up strong. The dildo doesn't bend or droop at all. It stays up much like a (young) natural penis would. The dildo is long enough to be useful in a harness as well with about an insertable four or five inches (once you take away the one inch due to wearing the harness). The dildo also has a strong base that holds up the Mustang really effectively.

To clean the Mustang, you have to use warm water and antibacterial soap. You can sterilize the Mustang by using boiling water or using bleach. I highly, highly recommend keeping the Mustang in the original packaging tube as VixSkin has a habit of picking up every tiny piece of lint that exists in any given room. Storing it in a fabric bag may make it pick up the lint from the bag. Since VixSkin is silicone, this dildo is only compatible with water-based lubricant.

Overall, the Mustang is an amazingly-quality dildo made from VixSkin that is perfect for vaginal use, oral-sex use, for use in a harness, and for those that can take the long size, for anal use as well. The dildo is very easy to clean, and the g-spot curve is perfect for thrusting up against the g-spot. If you want a realistic dildo with a g-spot curve, it's harder to find a better one than this.
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