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Juuuust right

Kind of my Goldilocks cock, so to speak; pretty fucking perfect. An excellent choice for anyone seeking a super realistic, decently-sized cock that can do just about everything a flesh & blood one can do.
High quality, safe material, not-monstrous but above-average size, amazing texture, and realism
Realism and high price for some potential buyers, but for me all cons are negligible
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extremely useful review


The whole point behind Vixskin is realism, so I'd say the best way to use this cock is to do everything with it strapped on as you would with a permanently attached cock--fuck someone with it, get a blowjob, wrap your hand around it and feel it slide, possibly pull your shorts and pants up over it and walk around outside. Lick it, swallow it, ride it, touch it, grab it, look at it, play with it (strapped on, it bounces like a flesh & blood boner). Its smoothness and squishiness make it really good for vigorous thrusting; it glides really well and won't be too rough on your cervix should they collide.

The Mustang is particularly well suited to anyone looking for a cock that melds with them and that feels like their own, thanks not only to the Vixskin material, but also to extremely strap-friendly shape and design, and to the colors, although more variety would probably be appreciated given that skin comes in more colors than these particular shades of vanilla, caramel, and chocolate.
    • G-spot

Material / Texture

Vixskin is kind of the holy grail of materials: dual-density silicone, with a firm, solid core and softer silicone on the outside that slides and gives like a flesh & blood boner does. Spit on your fingers and they'll slide; same principle applies to sliding it between your lips. Swallow the head and it gives against your soft palate a little. It warms up quickly from body heat and friction--when my boyfriend starts to fuck me, it's not long before he's hot inside me, heightening my awareness of each thrust and making it feel even better. If you wanted you could also warm it up before using it by submerging it in warm water (or cool it down, if you're jumping on the vampire bandwagon, I guess). Though it's soft on the outside, it's not too floppy, though certainly it can bend at angles you wouldn't want to subject flesh to. Basically, it has the same quality and safety benefits of more traditional hard silicone, but you can jerk it off without plasticky squeaking noises, or the risk of your hand rocketing off the end and knocking out someone's eye.

Drawbacks of Vixskin are minimal. The main one is that it attracts lint and dust more than harder, slicker silicone does, which can make it a bit inconvenient to store, and may require a rinse or wipe down before use. It seems to be less of a dust-magnet than Tantus's O2 material, though. The amount of "slide" possible is really, really good, but there's room for improvement, since it must be wet to slide nicely. The base is also harder, more plasticky silicone, and might feel better against the wearer if it were a bit squishier and softer, like the rest of the cock.
    • Harness compatible
    • Not porous at all
    • Smooth

Design / Shape / Size

In my opinion, design, shape, and size are pretty flawless. It's not a monster-cock and just falls nicely on the larger side of nice, normal dick. If you're someone who's looking for your cock, it's not going to make you look insecurely or arrogantly over-ambitious, just very well equipped. Its length and girth are always enough, but never so much that I either worry my pussy can't fully take it, or find that I actually can't take it, as occasionally happens with longer ones. The increase in girth from tip to base is nice because it definitely feels full, but that fullness can be worked up to, whether out of necessity or teasing, by thrusting shallowly to start and gradually going deeper. Thanks to the taper, the Mustang's ability to fill up a cunt doesn't detract from its ability to fill up a mouth. It's not the kind of dick that's so thick your upper lip ends up with tooth-shaped cuts inside from trying to keep them off the cock, and the head is swallowable. As for anal use, the wide base makes it safe, while the texture and taper make it appealing. Another thing I really like about this cock is its weight, which was a deciding feature when we chose it. It's pretty heavy compared to the other cocks I've used (though the weight listed in the specs is, I think, the shipping weight with packaging included), which feels amazing for both cunt and hand, a big plus for me since I love seeing my boyfriend's hand on his own cock. This cock has allowed for some of the longest and most intense fuckings of my life. Because of the size, my boyfriend can pound away without us worrying about cervix-bashing-induced flinching, and because of the weight and the curve, it hits all the right spots really easily.

The point was for my boyfriend to have a realistic cock, and this one does it really well. He, our other partner, and I all agree that the veining was perhaps a bit excessive, though it doesn't detract from the cock at all, and we'd rather the cock had no foreskin, but that's purely personal preference.

I also think it would be a solid addition if Vixen made realistic Vixskin cocks in non-realistic colors. Some people are really into the idea of their cock feeling realistic, but are uncomfortable or uninterested in trying to make their cock look like it's part of their body. Alternately, some people would be interested in a realistically colored cock if it actually perfectly matched their skin, but would prefer a totally different color to one that is slightly off-skin-tone, as vanilla, caramel, or chocolate is bound to be for most people. I've actually found the Mustang in purple on less well-known sites, but they seem to have been discontinued, and when I emailed Vixen asking about this possibility, they didn't indicate that it would available any time soon.
    • Realistic


I don't have any complaints about the Mustang's performance. It's my boyfriend's cock; we only use it strapped on, and it performs excellently in that capacity. The base is thick and solid, which means it stays in a harness well (you will need a large O-ring; a 2-inch one works), feels good for person wearing it, and for the person getting fucked since the base is wide enough that when I'm taking it deep or grinding on top, I can rub my clit up against it. I imagine it would provide decent grip if you wanted to hold the Mustang in your hand and fuck someone with it that way, too. The silicone can catch/pull on pubic hair for both fucker and fuckee, but that's not unique to this cock and can be avoided by wearing underwear or using a harness that covers the back of the dildo, with a back-pad or with material (like the Joque Spareparts).
    • Comfortable

Care and Maintenance

As with all silicone, the Mustang is safe, nonporous material, and can be washed with water and mild soap between uses. To sterilize, boil, bleach (1:10 bleach:water solution), or put in the dishwasher (top rack, no soap). It doesn't absorb smells or tastes; clean-up is easy. Right now, this cock is being stored in a bag made of fabric that doesn't pill or shed, so it's ready for fucking pretty easily, but it can be hard to find something that won't cover it in lint and dust. You could also store it in the clear, cylindrical container in which it arrives. The only drawback is that it won't fit well in a bag or the drawer of most bedside tables, and since it's clear, it won't disguise what's inside if you're worried about someone finding it. As with all silicone cocks, use a good water-based lube. Silicone lube can deteriorate the material.
    • Easy to clean
    • Easy to store

Personal comments

This is basically my ideal cock. I love the other cocks that appear regularly in my sex life and wouldn’t get rid of them for anything, but the Mustang is pretty perfect in material, shape, and size for making everyday sex consistently amazing.
Follow-up commentary
Besides everything else I already raved about, I discovered that the curve and the base of this cock are the perfect combination to make me come from PIV alone, no hands, no vibrators (not that those get me off anyway), no third person's tongue. So yeah. I'd say I'm still in love.
This product was provided at a discounted price in exchange for an unbiased review. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.
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    Great review, thanks.
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    For my wife and me, this is our 2nd favorite dildo for pegging after Vixskin Johnny. The Mustang is almost as much a work of art as a real penis. Thanks for a great review.
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    Great review, thanks!
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    I enjoyed your review. Thanks!
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    Thanks for sharing.
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