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And I thought, really how much like a real penis could it be?... I felt myself clamping around the Mustang like a real penis as my nerves screamed over my entire body.
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Realistic dildos have always kind of freaked me out. I have avoided owning anything made of Cyberskin, or anything flesh colored, or with convincing veins. In my mind, if I wasn't having sex with an actual person, I wanted features a person couldn't have—like vibration or being made of glass. And I thought, really how much like a real penis could it be?

When I opened the Mustang, I laughed out loud. Here was this isolated penis contained in a plastic cylinder. But when I took it out, I was mesmerized by it. It was remarkable how much it actually resembled a real life penis. The shape, the color, the curve, the reaction to my touch was so familiar. Only the texture was different; it was sticky rather than smooth like flesh.

I originally acquired the Mustang to practice deep throating. I had been using a basic rubber dong and needed something more realistic. As I slipped the Mustang through my open lips, it truly felt like a penis. I was surprised by how acutely it responded to the movement and heat of my mouth, how it felt against my tongue, cheeks, lips. I had to put it to more rigorous testing.

As I slowly pressed the Mustang inside of me, it again felt deceivingly like a real penis. The sensations did not feel entirely like masturbation. My body responded as if it was penis with a pulse that was penetrating me. As I thrust it into myself, it felt vividly like sex. The gentle curve teased my g-spot. The head feigned real flesh as I rubbed it over my clit. I tingled and ached for it any time I pulled it out of me before orgasm.

The Mustang's convincing resemblance to a real penis elicited a base reaction in my nerves. The familiar sensations triggered a flood of sexual memories in my body. Tactile remnants of past sex flashed over my mind and raged over my body with each movement of the Mustang. I had thought that a more realistic dildo would make me miss and crave real sex even more exquisitely, but the sensations brought me closer to that sex I was missing. The sensory memories put me there, wallowing in past sexual sensations. My orgasm built and threatened inside me as it continued to intensify.

The Diving Dolphin has been a trusty friend of mine for a long time. However, I have never had another toy to facilitate truly using it on its own. The Mustang presented the perfect opportunity for me to indulge it alone.

As I was trembling in sensations and sexual echoes, I pushed the Diving Dolphin down over the Mustang. The Mustang filled me again; the Diving Dolphin tickled my clit, and I started the vibration. The sensations were blinding as I pumped the Mustang inside me in shallow thrusts, keeping the dolphin's beak against my clit. I felt myself clamping around the Mustang like a real penis as my nerves screamed over my entire body. I exploded into an overwhelming orgasm that briefly blanked out the world.

I may just be a convert to the realistic dildo now.
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    Great review, thanks!
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    A wonderful review.
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