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Tentacle Tentacle

Dildo by Whipspider rubberworks

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Tentacle reviews

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40 reviews

I love this toy! I love the shape, the color and the texture. I love that it glows in the dark, and I love that it's a freakin' tentacle (but I'm weird like that). I love that this is a toy that exists, and that I can own.

As a dildo, this is not the perfect toy; as a tentacle, this is a wonderful dildo. If you like cephalopods or just want to try something new, the Tentacle is the dildo for you. Even if you don't find it especially pleasing, the stimulation you get from it is truly unique and the toy is exceptionally beautiful.

I'm in love with this toy. It's a gorgeous tentacle, and I'm so happy with it. Sure, it's a little expensive, but it's completely worth it. It's a bit of a lint magnet, but other than that there isn't a single downside to this toy.

The tentacle is a beautiful show piece, but that's all it will ever be. This toys is just not made for actual sex.

Whipspider's Tentacle is a sexy and unique dildo. This large textured beauty is soft and flexible, making it hard to thrust at times. The whimsical design will have you lusting after all of Whipspider's creations. Although it is one of the pricier dildos, Tentacle is made of the highest quality silicone and its design is like no other. If you love heavy texture and larger sized dildos, this is the one for you.

The Tentacle is a beautiful piece of art that doubles as a wonderful G-spot toy. It's neither too firm nor too soft, not to textured nor too smooth.

The Tentacle is a beautiful toy. Its superb craftsmanship and shimmery iridescence make it very aesthetically pleasing. Unfortunately, its girth, shape and texture did not work with my anatomy. Due to its suckers, it's also a pain to clean thoroughly. Although I love looking at it, and it's fun to show off, I don't gain much pleasure from using it on myself.

Whipspider did an amazing job on this toy. The colors are amazing, and the white parts glow in the freaking dark. The suckers are just a bit of texture without being overwhelming which was a relief for me because I am not a huge fan of lots of texture. Unfortunately, the tip was just too flexible for reliably stimulating my g-spot, but mine is a picky spot, so take that with a gain of salt!

It's a glow in the dark tentacle and its a great length and curvature. It's a little too firm and thick for my taste but you might be different. The texture is great and it's easy to clean and store.

The Tentacle is high quality and performs well overall, although, I think its appearance far outshines its functionality. It’s handmade, has an intricate design and a look that really stands out. Besides that, playing with a dildo that looks like a giant tentacle is a lot of fun!

This is a beautiful toy from a wonderful company, handcrafted from silicone and has the appearance of something from the deep blue. What is there not to love? Tentacle fantasy or not, this is one toy that will never fail to produce some fun adventures.

I don't give out 5 star ratings unless a toy is perfect, and the Tentacle is just that. Simply perfect and is my new daily use dildo. This is one of the pricier dildos out there, and it is simply worth every penny both for its artistic value and for it's ability to give perfect g-spot pleasure.

This is the neatest toy that I own. I am so impressed. It looks great and feels even better! It performs very well as an orgasm inducer!! I love the fact that it glows! That is only one of the benefits of this toy.

The Tentacle is a whimsical, body safe toy that will fulfill any Tentacle fantasy! The suction cup texture is very unique and offers a new experience. Some users my find the texture to be too intense. A new tool for couples in the bedroom.

I love my Tentacle! It absolutely did not disappoint with it's curve perfect for P-spot stimulation, its squishy sounds helping fuel my fantasy, and of course its awesome design! It may be pricey, hard to hold, and hard to insert due to the curve, but once you get it in and start going, you'll forget about all that! Highly recommended! Tied with O2 Cush and Bandit as my favorite dildo.

The Whipspider Tentacle is a beautiful, handcrafted piece of art that is wonderfully functional. Anyone with an appreciation for Tentacles or sea-critters will love this toy, almost as much as people who love texture!

This is a beautiful conversation piece and toy that I will treasure for a long time. It's creative and fulfilling while being simple enough to encourage exploration. The material is lovely, and the artistry put into this makes it totally worth it. A good piece for the kinky, rough sex enthusiasts, or tentacle fans.

The tentacle usually gets one of two reactions: being creeped out by it, or being completely in love. I was head over heels the first time I saw it and I still am. It has become one of my favorites due to the amazing piece of art it is, and the function behind the form. It's an incredibly unique dildo that offers endless excitement. I almost wish I could have a whole tentacle army at my disposal.

I really love this piece, and am so glad I have a friend who knows me well enough to get this for me. If she hadn't have gotten it for me, I would have ended up with this piece some way or another. It's absolutely beautiful to look at, and masturbation could not be more fun. I can't wait to have my partner use it on me.

This is more than just a toy- it's an "interactive sculpture." Gorgeous pearlescent blue silicone swirls with a glow in the dark suckered texture, while the deeply curved tip hits the G spot just right. Sure, it's a little bit Lovecraftian- but what's not to love about that?

Do you have unexplored Lovecraftian desires, or just a plain ol' tentacle fetish? No? How about just liking uniquely shaped and textured artistic silicone toys? If so, the Whipspider Rubberworks Tentacle is the toy for you! It's gorgeous, glows in the dark, and appeals to both my inner art snob and hentai fan!

Let me introduce myself. I am known to my friends as Mr. Tentacle and was born here in the USA to my loving tender family - Whipspider Rubber Works. I may look like any other tentacle you may have come across but long ago my family decided to produce us with a nice safe silicone, which protects you from some nasties.

The Tentacle dildo is an interesting adventure if you have a fetish for tentacles or just want to try a large girth dildo. The suction cup texture is unlike any texture out there, and the curve is definitely interesting. This one definitely fills you up, but you should definitely be prepared for the large girth!

I was very happy with this toy, it really did meet my expectations. I think the only thing that would make this toy actually better is if you were able to put a bullet in the base to give the toy some vibrations.

The Tentacle is a unique and fun-shaped dildo that will satisfy your tentacle fantasies and provide great stimulation. If you like toys with curves, texture, and want a fun shape for your collection then I suggest giving this one a try. I do not fully recommend using it for anal play, but it could be attempted with a partner.

If you want something that gives great g-spot stimulation, has a little bit of texture and girth, or if you just want to live out a deep sea fantasy of your own, the Tentacle is a must-have. It's easy to care for, made of the safest materials, and looks good too!

After longing for this toy for so long I finally have it in my possession and it is every bit as good as I had hoped. The texture is fun, the colors are gorgeous, and the glow in the dark effect is delightful. Every inch (and there are plenty) of the Tentacle adds more sensation as it gradually becomes larger and the suckers slowly swirl partially around. It isn't just for those with tentacle fantasies but is, instead, for anyone who appreciates girth, texture, and overall aesthetics.

This is definitely one of my most prized toys, it's totally display worthy, as you can hardly tell what it is intended for. Though, as soon as you pick it up you know exactly where it is going. It's the perfect mix of something fantastical and practical. The sucker's incredibly detailed texture is absolutely mind blowing for clitoral and internal stimulation, but also becomes a downfall for cleaning, though a small price to pay for the fun you will have.

You could use the Tentacle just as conversation piece as it's so well crafted and beautifully made — but why deny yourself the pleasure of feeling its soft, spiraling suckers on or in, your body? If the idea of intimacy with squid parts weirds you out, think of it this way: cephalopod tentacles are muscular hydrostats and humans have those too … our tongues!

The Tentacle from Whipspider Rubberworks is a gorgeous piece of “insertable art.” The silicone is well-crafted, very squishy and glows in the dark! Performance may vary with this fantastical toy, and creative use is encouraged.

I adore this toy! I think anyone who has a fascination with hentai tentacle porn, anyone with an eye for design, or even someone who just loves toys that have been handmade with passion and attention to detail will love it too!

Want to satisfy a tentacle fantasy that will hit your G-spot and make you sing? Want a sensation packed fulfilling ride that will leave you grinning like a twit? Play with a tentacle!

5/5 I could just gush over this toy, and have in the review. I just wish I could pluck up the courage to show it to my hubby.

It's a gorgeous piece of art that will delight cephalopod enthusiasts and inspire out of this world erotic fantasies. You won't be able to keep your hands off of the Tentacle.

The Tentacle is gorgeous, creative, and useful. It's also very "filling". You control the depth and pressure you dive to with this dildo. Just like a pipeline wave, it may be too big or awkward for some to surf to shore with. For others like me, the Tentacle will have you hooked.

G-spot - Meet the Tentacle. Now play nice, you two! Seriously, you know you have a good toy when you have to remind yourself the last time you got down and dirty with it, you rubbed yourself raw. I will easily masturbate several times in a row with this dildo, or until I am so sore that I have to stop.

This toy makes an amazing and unique addition to anyone's sex toy collection. It's a must have! The g-stop stimulation it give feels like Heaven.

This is literally my new favorite all purpose toy. I do have a thicker dildo which I use when I just want to get fucked, but otherwise? This is it, this is the toy I've been waiting for!

Well, if you have monster or deep-sea fantasies, this is the toy for you! Seriously, if you can get past the rather odd form, this is a well-made and wonderful-feeling product. It is also a truly beautiful piece, and can easily pass as a non-sexual related object in your home.

This may be the most gloriously amazing dildo with which I have ever had the pleasure of fucking myself silly. If you cherish long-standing tentacle fantasies and you'd like finally to make them all come true, you need this dildo.

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