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Dildo by Whipspider rubberworks

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The Tentacle: The Octopus's Revenge

As a dildo, this is not the perfect toy; as a tentacle, this is a wonderful dildo. If you like cephalopods or just want to try something new, the Tentacle is the dildo for you. Even if you don't find it especially pleasing, the stimulation you get from it is truly unique and the toy is exceptionally beautiful.
Awkward shape
Oddly textured
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The Tentacle

Whether you have a fascination to tentacles or are just looking for something different, the Tentacle by Whipspider Rubberworks is for you. This dildo is great for those that have always wanted to be penetrated by some giant sea beast while also serving as a fantastic way to add some variety into your sex life. Even if you simply like cephalopods but never particularly wanted to have sex with one, you can still appreciate the Tentacle for its beauty - and use it every now and then simply for the stimulation that it provides.

The main use for the Tentacle is vaginal and it is not harness compatible. Because of the sheer girth of the base, it is safe to use the Tentacle anally, though it might be a little much for most users. I noticed that, after boiling, it held heat for a little bit (not nearly as long as glass or stainless steel, but more than other silicone toys), so it can be used for some mild temperature play.

Personally, my favorite use for the Tentacle is simply having it on my shelf near all of my other squid- and tentacle-themed objects. It looks discreet there - any person passing by would just assume that it is a work of art rather than a sex toy in disguise.

Be sure to not use silicone-based lubricant with this toy or store it touching other silicone toys, as silicone can react with other silicone and damage the tentacle.
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    • Anywhere
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    • Beautiful
    • Discreet
    • Tentacle

Material / Texture

The Tentacle is made out of pure silicone. It is food-grade, phthalates-free, latex-free, hypo-allergenic, and entirely non-porous, earning it a safety rating of 10. There was absolutely no taste or odor when I received this toy and retains none as long as it is washed properly.

There is a fair amount of give in this relatively soft and plush toy. It is possible to bend and squish it in many different ways with very little effort, making the girth and texture less intimidating.

The silicone of this toy does not glide effortlessly across the skin like some other silicone toys do. There is some slight texture to the smoother parts of the toy, though it's not felt in use. However, this does mean that lubricant is a must for this toy. It is also a lint magnet, so keep it covered if you do not want to have to thoroughly clean it before every use.


The 18 and a half suckers on this dildo provide excellent realistic tentacle texture. They are only located on one side of the toy and range from half an inch to an inch in diameter. They are only about an eighth of an inch deep, but can still be felt in use. Each sucker has another incision in the middle which resembles a pin-prick, with a small inscribed circle around it. The initials WSR, standing for Whipspider Rubberworks, are carved near the base of this toy.
    • Flexible
    • No odor
    • Not porous at all

Design / Shape / Size

The Tentacle looks like, as the name implies, a tentacle. Its coloration consists of various shades of blue - the majority of it is royal blue with darker navy blue (almost purple) marbled streaks while the area around the suckers is a light blue-green that glows in the dark. This combination of blues leads to a very unique-looking dildo, and, looking at pictures that other owners have posted, no two are exactly alike. On the bottom of this toy, there is a small black silicone insert with the manufacturer's logo stamped on. I assume that this is where the hole for a bullet vibrator would go if this was the version with such a hole.

Size-wise, the Tentacle measures about 6 1/2" tall when standing, with as much of it as you can handle insertable. There is a fair curve to it, making it measure about 8" long along the curve. The circumference begins at just over 3" at the tip and steadily grows to a circumference of just under 10" at the very base. In the middle, the circumference is roughly 6". This design is not the most pleasurable, but considering that this is not a traditional dildo this fact does not bother me.

Here is the Tentacle next to a bottle of water:
Comparison - Water

Here is the Tentacle next to the Bad Dragon Tentacle in Medium (in case you have the BD and are wondering about this one):
Comparison - BD

I would venture to call this dildo discreet, but more-so because of its resemblance of a tentacle than it not looking like a dildo. If someone were to ask what it was, you could just say that it's a silicone sculpture of a tentacle that you found at some craft show and bought because you found it appealing. In this sense, I would venture to say that it is safe to leave this tentacle out, especially if you have a collection of cephalopod-themed objects standing around somewhere. I find, however, that the Tentacle is a bit too large and bulky for travel.
    • Discreet look/design
    • Glow in the dark
    • Whimsical / artistic


As a dildo, the Tentacle is not perfect, but as a tentacle, this dildo is wonderful. The previous sentence might sound contradictory, but it is the best description I could think of for this toy. Though the curve can provide g-spot stimulation with some effort on the user's part, its shape is not optimized for this purpose. Rather than being a dildo that resembles a tentacle, I would classify this is as a tentacle that can be used as a dildo.

This toy does not vibrate. This means that you do not have to worry about its noise level or how to power it, but, at the same time, not all people enjoy plain dildo stimulation. If you want it to vibrate, you can try pressing a strong vibrator to this toy while it is in use. The vibrations will travel through the toy, though the silicone will mute them quite a bit. I would recommend a We-Vibe Touch or Salsa for this purpose if you want to try this, as their vibrations are strong and rumbly, making them carry through the silicone well.
    • Discreet sound
    • Does not vibrate
    • Easy to use

Care and Maintenance

Storing the Tentacle is a breeze. Because it resembles a tentacle, it is possible to just leave it on a shelf and claim that it is just a tentacle structure. However, if you choose to do this keep in mind that the Tentacle does collect dust and lint. To avoid this, you can always store it in a drawer or wherever you store your toys, preferably in the plastic bag it arrived in or in another storage bag option. Though the silicone is unlikely to tear, it can be cut, so you should keep it away from sharp objects.

Many people have complained about how difficult the Tentacle is to clean, and to this I both agree and disagree. The texture does make it quite difficult to clean thoroughly using mere soap and water, especially the pinpricks inside of the suckers, but sterilization options such as boiling and a 10% bleach solution effectively clean these areas. I would recommend submerging the dildo in some kind of cleaning solution (whichever you prefer) and flexing it in various ways to ensure that the cleaning solution makes it into the various nooks. Be sure to rinse thoroughly as well! You could also place this dildo into the dishwasher to clean it or use rubbing alcohol.

The Tentacle 2
    • Discreet for storage
    • Easy to store
    • Tricky to clean


The packaging for this toy consisted of a simple Ziploc bag with an insert about the company inside - about as minimal as sex toys get. This was neither hygienic nor discreet, though because I trust Edenfantasys and the manufacturer (and because silicone is so easy to sterilize), I did not mind in the slightest. After all, I had no big box to throw away or difficult clam-shell packaging to open! Furthermore, the Ziploc can be reused to keep the toy free of dust and lint. Because the Tentacle is not fragile, there is no need to keep it in extra padding, so the Ziploc works great.

The paper insert had some information about the manufacturer, but lacked directions. However, as this is a toy meant for advanced users who know what one can do with a dildo, I did not find this annoying in the slightest. Once again, this minimal packaging cut down on unnecessary waste. Granted, if you do not know what to do with a dildo or how to care for silicone, the insert is not for you, but this information can easily be found online.
    • Easy to open
    • Good for storage
    • Minimal


This is not the most pleasurable dildo that I own, but, regardless, I still adore it. It is a gorgeous dildo, and I never expected it to be as pleasurable as those designed for stimulation. However, the texture on this toy is truly unique, giving it a sensation unlike any other. I didn't enjoy my first time with the Tentacle because of its strange shape, but my appreciation for it grew when I adjusted my expectations. This is not a g-spot dildo. This is not a traditional dildo. This is something else entirely - and if you treat it as such, you will not be disappointed.
Follow-up commentary
I'm torn with my follow-up for this lovely toy - on one hand, I still adore looking at the Tentacle but, on the other, I still do not enjoy using it that much. However, as I stated in my review, this was never meant to be a pleasurable dildo, and it remains amongst the most detailed and lovely tentacles that I have found.
This product was provided at a discounted price in exchange for an unbiased review. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.
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  • sXeVegan90
    Another amazing review from you! I had always wanted this toy, but I see it's now discontinued, which is a shame. I really wanted this one, but could never afford it. I bought the Jellyfish which is also now discontinued. I LOVE glow in the dark things, and I wish I could afford one of the BD toys. Would be amazing to own the lot of whipspiders. Thank you for this in depth and detailed review. I love your comparison photos!
  • CinnamonNights
    Oh, I've seen this toy around before: I always thought it was kinda interesting. I was expecting that it wouldn't be that great as a dildo and I suppose that was a correct assumption; also I didn't know it glowed in the dark, that's pretty snazzy! Thank you for the detailed review!
  • Rossie
    This is one of the best Tentacle reviews I've come across -- you have every little detail covered! Nobody ever mentioned that the silicone on this dildo is so flexible.
  • Sincerely yours, N
    Thank y'all very much!

    @sXeVegan90: Thank you! It's really a shame that a lot of the Whipspider toys were discontinued (if not all). I grabbed this one with my buy-out after I saw that the slim was discontinued, and I'm so glad that I did, since I might have gotten one of the last ones! I really want the Tentacle Slim and the Jellyfish. I'll have to find them elsewhere later on. The BD was a flop, so it was a bit cheaper, but I wanted it super soft anyway. I'm not super fond of its color, but I guess it's realistic for a cephalopod to have that color.

    @CinnamonDreams: Honestly, I have dildos and internal vibrators that were meant to be inserted that are far worse as dildos than this one. It's far from the best, though, but I think it's worthwhile for those that can appreciate the aesthetics of a toy.

    @Rossie: Thank you! I was surprised about that since none of the reviews I've read mentioned it either!
  • powerqueen
  • powerqueen
  • Wicked Wahine
    I don't know how I missed seeing this review before; sorry it took me so long to find it! You do such a lovely job on your reviews! I can't understand why you are still getting an editor for goodness' sake, as I already know your reviews are the cleanest out there! Thanks for comparing this to the BD one because I think a lot of tentacle fans would wonder that. As for the rest, the other comments covered what else I would have said. Thanks!
  • Sincerely yours, N
    Thank you so much! : ) I'm sure that the editor is there to catch the little errors that I don't notice that I make.
  • charmedtomeetyou
    Wonderful review! I've always wanted one of these...this one or the jellyfish...just to see what they are like. But I missed out, it would seem.
  • Sincerely yours, N
    Thanks! It's a really unique feeling, so I understand the desire to try it. It's a shame they're gone from Eden, though, and they're a pain to find elsewhere.
  • Slutty Girl Problems
    Your review literally made me laugh out loud several times. Fabulous review!!!
  • Sincerely yours, N
    Thank you kindly! I'm glad it was entertaining for you.
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