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my new best friend

This is literally my new favorite all purpose toy. I do have a thicker dildo which I use when I just want to get fucked, but otherwise? This is it, this is the toy I've been waiting for!
It's beautiful and easy to clean and thoroughly awesome to fuck or tease yourself with.
I would make it about an inch longer than it is.
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useful review
I don't spend a huge amount of time reading toy reviews. I'm generally too busy writing them and trying desperately to write smut and to keep up with all the great writers whose blogs I read. But every once in a while the two worlds intersect as when I read Always Aroused Girl's review of the tentacle by Whipsider Rubberworks|Tentacle Dildo.

Her description, "this may be the most gloriously amazing dildo with which I have ever had the pleasure of fucking myself silly," instantly got my curiosity raging and ever since I've been dying to try it. Imagine my glee when I managed to make it happen!

I like several things about the Tentacle on sight. First of all, it comes in a ziploc bag with a paper card and the dildo. That's it, no excessive packaging or waste involved whatsoever. The bag is even reusable! So already it's getting environmental bonus points from me. Furthermore, it's made of awesomely molded silicone that smells clean and feels delightful against your skin and shimmers in beautiful shades of aqua blue.

There is a sharp curve to the tentacle and one side is covered in little suckers or hollow sort of round puddle-looking indentations. At first you think these will get in the way, but then (after applying some NON-silicone lube - I recommend Emerita Warming) as the small, rounded tip traces its way along your body and the smooth sides caresses your skin before you flip it over to run the little ridges along your body you will realize that they are, in fact, wonderful.

The tentacle starts out a little slowly and then just keeps getting better. At first, when your body is still cold, it's just another foreign object rubbing along your body. As you warm up and tickle your g-spot with the aforementioned pointy end (the sharp curve is extremely helpful here) and your body starts to shudder and moisten and those little indents start to feel like the most masterful lover ever as they stroke your now-aroused clitoris.

I would have liked the tentacle to be about an inch longer. When I had it all the way inside me it was just a little tough to get a good grip on the wide, flared base because there was so little left that was sticking out AND it was covered in girl juice and lube. This same base makes the toy unsafe for ass play and unusable for harness play but renders it perfect for displaying as a sculpture on your desk... which I do.

So here you are in the dark right? Stroking this toy in and out of your hungry insides or rubbing either the smooth or contoured sides along your pulsing clit or some combination of both and you know what? It GLOWS.IN.THE.DARK!!! How awesome is that?

Totally awesome.

But I digress, this toy had me coming for something like fifteen or twenty minutes without ever coming off the edge of the precipice I was sitting on, and when I finally did? It was a glorious and wonderful explosion.

In short? I don't think Always Aroused Girl used enough hyperbole in her review|Tentacle Dildo Review because this may be the most glorious dildo ever.

Seriously, it's that good.
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  • Program Manager
    And even with all that yummy texture, it's still silicone and boilable! (I doubt wiped with a bleach solution would really work, with all those crevices.) I don't generally go for dildos I can't stick in a harness, but I'm on my way to being convinced about this one.
  • ThePornLibrarian
    After reading this and AAG's review, I can't think of a reason to not own this. Adding it to the list...
  • CW: yeah the card suggests either boiling or using soap and water. i don't know that i would want to use bleach on it. the crevices actually clean surprisingly easily with soap and water, i was surprised! I don't tend to use dildos with harnesses but this strikes me more as a "with oral pleasure" toy rather than a "for fucking" toy when it comes to partner use...


    PL: no, you really can't... i would pay for this toy if i didn't have one already!
  • Jimbo Jones
    Whipspider Rubberworks makes some of the most unusual toys. The look of this one always freaks me out a little bit, but if the best reviewers say it's the best toy... Thanks for another excellent review!
  • Beautiful Dreamer
    Thanks for the great review! The toy itself is a little odd, but looks can be deceiving! Thanks again.
  • I am so put off by its appearance!
    I am sure it works really well as a dildo but I know I would never be able to try it. I would be unable to enjoy the potential pleasure it can give bcs I would be stuck on the feeling that I am being attacked by an octopus ha ha ha!
  • Good to hear it's not too hard to clean, those little suction cup things look like a pain to cleanse. Hilarious that you put it on display, maybe we need one for the fireplace mantle!
  • Jimbo: i really would like to try their whole line eventually, it all looks like great stuff. welcome! thanks for the compliment!

    dreamer: it's weird looking and strangely fascinating in that sick kind of way

    student: it's really quite beautiful in it's odd little way. and damn that curve is something else!

    maybe if you closed your eyes? *giggle* but then you couldn't enjoy the awesome glowing in the darkness of it all...

    couple: yeah it's dead easy. they don't seem to attract dirt somehow...

    oh man you TOTALLY DO!
  • Epiphora
    You've made me want it. But I don't have that kind of money to spend on a TENTACLE, lol.
  • Minxy
    I think this is an excellent review,thank you.
  • Miss Jane
    Nicely done review! I seriously have to get one of these..
  • Airlia
    Lol it sounds good. But it's a tentacle! My mind wont jump over that and the fact that it's an $85 tentacle!!! I'm craving glass a little more than a tentacle :P
  • Solar Ray
    Excellent review. Weird looking but intriguing.
  • Devz
    thank you for the review.
  • Lady Neshamah
    thanks for the review
  • Fun with Dick & Jane
    Great review, thanks!
  • Falsepast
    I agree it would be better with an extra inch.
  • karenm
    Thanks for your review!
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