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48 reviews

Ina's elegant design makes her a great buy for anyone looking for something more than the typical rabbit vibes. I never fail to have fantastic orgasms every time with Ina's help! Oh, and she's quiet too! Users beware Ina is not for all anatomy types.

I definitely recommend Ina for anyone that is looking for a vibe. However, now that the Ina 2 is out, I am thinking about getting that one for myself. They have made a lot of changes and upgrades. Don't get me wrong, Ina is a great toy and I love using her. She is the favorite toy in my vast collection.

This is a must have for all women! Spend the money, it is so worth it! This product will last many years since there are no batteries.

Overall, the Ina is going to be the perfect combination of deep g-spot rumbles and clitoral buzz that leave some screaming. For others, the Ina will send you screaming while you run out the door. This toy is brilliant, beautiful, and sexy. But it is very anatomy specific, and it might be a very expensive flop of a toy if it doesn't fit you right.

This is a nice vibrator if it works for you. An expensive mistake if it doesn't! I'll be looking for something similar but a little larger and with a more flexible clitoral stimulator.

Ina is a sleek and sexy g-spot and clitoral vibrator. Her presentation is pure LELO elegance. She has 2 independent motors with various vibration settings and strengths. She is quiet enough that the neighbors won't hear her. Hearing you, on the other hand, is a different story! She's easy to use and clean up is simple. But please note, she is not waterproof!!

Yes, this toy is on the more expensive end of the spectrum, but I was not disappointed at all. Everything about it screams luxury, including the feeling I get when I use it. I am happy I took a chance and put money towards this toy, it is one of my favorites.

If you want a sophisticated toy that lasts for hours, this is a great option. If you prefer mild vibrations or this is your first time using a vibrator you may be pleasantly surprised with the Ina. Overall, for those more experienced with vibrators I think this toy just doesn't give enough power and certainly not for the price required. If the price were lower I might consider purchasing this toy again for occasional use but overall it was a bit too disappointing to be a favorite.

If Ina fits your anatomy, you will not be disappointed. If you have any doubts that it won't fit you properly, take a swing by your local novelty store to see her in person before making such a large purchase only to be disappointed. Then get your ass back on the computer and order from EF ;) (Really though - I've seen them for as much as $179 in stores!) She is whisper quiet, STRONG, and offers a lot of variety with strengths and patterns.

This vibrator is in my "Top 3" and opened the door to a very expensive obsession with luxury vibes. I highly recommend purchasing Ina.

This is my go-to toy for a fast release. It gets the job done very well! It is made to hit every spot that women love.

Unless you feel confident about the shape working for you, I can't give an unqualified recommendation of the Ina, but the Lelo brand I can recommend without reservation. Check out the product videos and other reviews to help you decide whether this is going to be a toy that will work for you. But even if it isn't the Ina, definitely try out a luxury toy at some point. You won't regret it!

The Ina may seem a little pricey, but consider that you do not have to buy batteries, that it is made with quality materials, and that it has outlasted several other toys.

While Ina's firm clitoral pressure combined with filling g-spot pleasure should have come together to create the perfect dual-stimulation vibrator, the power levels of the motors were not well-balanced. For those who prefer their clit vibration stronger than their internal vibration (along with body-safe bright silicone and an innovative design), Ina will be a delight. For those who want to control their experience with adjustable power levels, though, Ina will be no sooner in than out-a-gain.

Here lies the fundamental question you have to consider when looking into purchasing the Ina. If it fits you, you'll be sure to love her. She's a great toy. Simple as that. Well made, gorgeous, strong, rechargeable, many settings, a lock feature, classy packaging, and storage options. If it doesn't fit you, it'll still be kind of great, just not very useful as an insertable. And what's the point of spending like $150 on a dual stimulation insertable toy that you can't insert?

The Lelo Ina is a worthy investment for the discerning vibrator owner. If you think rabbit vibrators are inherently ugly, give the Ina another look. It has the basic rabbit design, but none of the pink glittery weird animal shapes to detract from it.

I love firm pressure on my clit, and Mona is my favourite insertable toy, so I was expecting Ina to be my holy grail of sex toys. Unfortunately, it didn't live up to my expectations. I've been putting off writing this review while I tried to figure out a way to make it work well for me, then tried to figure out how to explain why it doesn't. I love Ina's shape, material and features, but I've come to the conclusion that the vibrations in the clit arm just aren't right for my body.

The Lelo Ina is a beautiful, rechargeable, body-safe and well-crafted rabbit vibe, but did not fit my body. I think it would work well for someone who enjoys a lot of clit pressure, and strong clitoral vibrations.

Ina is a beautiful, powerful, and remarkably quiet rechargeable dual simulator. There isn't enough space in the Pros to fit all of its wonderful qualities! However, its Cons are important enough for you to take them into serious consideration. Take measurements of your body and think carefully about how your current toys work for you before making the commitment of purchasing the Ina. If Ina fits with your anatomy, it will be a match made in the highest reaches of heaven.

This item is fabulous. As soon as you insert it, it begins to work. It can make you cum in 15 seconds on the high setting or in an hour on the low. The best part is you can choose what you want and what feels best for you. This toy is perfect for every type of woman and will works every time!

Those who are power lovers would enjoy the Ina, and those who like dual action vibes would also be impressed. Ina is rechargeable so no need to worry about batteries.

INA is a toy that requires a learning curve. The first time I used it, it hurt. I had to set it aside and try again at a different point in my cycle, and it's not going to be the first thing I reach for if I'm feeling the itch. It's amazing...when I'm in the mood for its specific method of stimulation. INA is a top of the line dual-action vibrator: sleek, strong, and well-designed.

The Ina is an elegant rabbit vibe that won’t disappoint women who demand the highest quality and a quiet toy that still delivers power. However, the Ina’s design isn’t suitable for all anatomies, and mileage may vary, especially for users who dislike firm pressure on their clits or need thrusting to get off.

The LELO Ina offers graceful strong vibrations, a body oriented shape and grade A safe material. Ina results in stronger, deeper orgasms that are easily attained though the dual stimulation.

I would definitely recommend this toy to a single woman who wants the feeling of her toy thrusting inside of her.

Ina's design and silky texture is lovely just to hold, and when partnered with her multifunction, variable intensity, she was irresistible. She is the one toy to replace the others, and the fact that she's rechargeable means I never have to go steal batteries from an RC car or remote control ever again!

This is definitely worth the money and is a permanent fixture on my nightstand. This vibe has a sexy modern feel and look to it that I am in love with.

Ina is a luxury vibrator with strong vibrations and multiple speeds and patterns. She is light weight, travel friendly, and a beauty to look at, but love her at your own risk. She has lured many in with her good looks and reputation but I find her a tough lover to master.

Fantastic quality, Great low frequency vibrations (not high pitched), Superb intensity levels and mode offerings, Wonderful for couple use, Caution needed with clitoral arm.

I lusted over Ina since the first time I saw her, but when she arrived it was hardly love at first site. After many attempts at making our relationship work, we finally succeeded and the result has been beautiful. Ina may not be for everyone, but if she fits your body then your love will be here to stay.

Ina is a deadly silent powerhouse of carnal pleasure. She may not please everyone, but everyone she pleases will be very well pleased indeed.

If you want a vibrator that has intense vibs this is the one. I love a toy that can make my leg twitch and Ina can do it for me.

Ina is amazing for those she plays nicely with, and from what I can tell, absolutely horrible for the others. I would not pass her up based upon that, she is well-worth the money and seems to be a success for far more people than not. Don't let her small size and delicate looks mislead you, she will rapidly become one of your new favorite toys.

The Lelo Ina may very well be the absolute best rabbit vibrator out there, if she fits with your anatomy. She is a true luxury vibe and her price reflects that, so unfortunately, some women who purchase Ina may be disappointed to find they have plunked down over $150 and won't be able to use her. But for the women that can, she just might blow your socks off!

This item could work great for you if you're shaped right for it. However, unless you're a huge fan of the dual stimulation, I'd just go with Liv or Mona.

The Lelo family of products are very high end. You are definitely getting what you pay for. When I used it on my wife for the first time and I inserted it she did not like the shape or feel of the main shaft at all. Also the rabbit part you have to be very careful to lift it up and out of the way so it doesn't stab them. The pressure the rabbit part was putting on my wife's clit was painful for her and not enjoyable at all.

Ina is a gorgeous, beautifully designed rabbit, but with a major flaw. While the clitoral nub is strong enough, the g-spot part has vibrations that are weak and are only strong enough to tease, or at least the vibrations aren't at a frequency/oscillation that works for me. So sad.

Ina offers sophistication and grace where other rabbit vibrators fall short. Ina does it in a smaller package, too. Yet, there are certain quirks about this vibrator that do not make it a good choice for all or even most bodies. Beware the pointy, pinching clitoral stimulator.

Lelo's Ina may be my favorite toy ever! Not only is she sleek and beautiful, but she brings me to mind-blowing orgasms every time. Graceful and powerful, she is a must buy!!

This is a truly top-of-the-line rabbit style toy that offers a bit of an upgrade to the traditional rabbit experience. The wide variety of vibration modes really put this in a class of its own and the strength was great especially for a rechargeable. Exceptional Lelo quality and it's very attractive to boot.

Hands down, Ina is the best dual clit & g-spot stimulator I've come across so far. A smooth silicone finish, strong vibrations and a great penetrating length will make Ina your new favorite toy!

Love Ina, it is my best friend. Would love if it was waterproof, but Ina is great how it is already. I love the level of power and stimulation it provides.

This toy is awesomesauce. Which even in its imperfections, is pretty darn near perfect. The whisper quiet vibrations paired with some great patterns and low to high steady vibrations makes this a fabulous toy.

If you've previously had positive experiences with rabbit style vibes, and if you don't have a hooked or deep pelvic bone this could work out great for you. If you have "weird angles" you might want to look at other toys in the Lelo family of products.

Despite the silicone coming loose, LELO’s reputation for quality, warranty, materials and the fact that it’s rechargeable are all great reasons to get one. Ultimately, though, it’s the performance of the motors and some amazing stimulation modes that gave me brain-melting orgasms. If you don’t need thrusting to achieve an orgasm, then this latest LELO creation might just become your new BFF. Photos and more details on my blog:

Lelo is one of the most innovative companies. They are forever changing the way sex toys look and work. And the Ina is no exception. While I don't think it's perfect, it is the most unique toy I've ever tried. And definitely one of the most pleasurable.

Ina may just be the most ideal dual stimulator ever created if she fits your personal anatomy. She is strong, with thuddy and deep vibrations and patterns that wave and pulse from one stimulator to the next, making blended orgasms almost easy to achieve. Her short shaft will make her either ideal for reaching both gspot and clitoris or make it impossible, dependent upon how you are built.

The Ina is luxurious, sleek - a real beauty. Don't let her demure looks fool you - she's packing some serious strength inside that body. The Ina has 2 motors: 1 in the shaft for your g-spot and the other externally for your clit. These motors sing almost silently with 8 patterns of total stimulation. If you like dual stimulation, firm pressure and strong vibes, Ina's the one for you.

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