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Put It In. Ahhhhh.

Overall, the Ina is going to be the perfect combination of deep g-spot rumbles and clitoral buzz that leave some screaming. For others, the Ina will send you screaming while you run out the door. This toy is brilliant, beautiful, and sexy. But it is very anatomy specific, and it might be a very expensive flop of a toy if it doesn't fit you right.
-lovely to look at
-thoughtful design in controls and functions
-anatomy specific
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A sexy, glamours dual action rabbit with a sleek design and plenty of power...a product on top of everyone's wishlist. Right? The Lelo Ina is a luxury lust object for many users from novice to advanced. But why??

The Ina has dual motors, one in the clitoral piece and one in the shaft...mmmm, you get what you pay for! If nothing else, the Ina will make you realize why everyone needs a dual motor toy. Stimulation will be on both the clit and the g-spot with this sexy toy. Unfortunately, the thick sexy curve of the shaft paired with the mild length clitoral attachment makes the Ina uncomfortable for some users. For the right anatomy, this toy will be have you screaming for more, for the wrong anatomy it will have you running out the door!

I personally do not use my Ina with my partner. It's a delicate balance between perfect and painful for me, and as much as I love my man, quick thrusting with this toy leaves me screaming, and not in a good way! So I'll keep my Ina for private time! Unfortunately, it cannot join me in the tub or shower...not being waterproof drops this toy on my list :(
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Material / Texture

The ever so sexy and sleek Ina comes in some crazy fun colors. The insertable portion and the clitoral portion are made of silicone. The handle and the controls are made out of a hard ASB white plastic. This toy ranks an 8 on the Eden safety scale. The plastic portion as well as the non-waterproof nature of this toy does not allow you to boil it for sterilization.

Your Ina is oderless, tasteless, made of food grade material that is hypoallergenic and body safe!

The smooth texture doesn't add to the sensation. The Ina is good for both beginners and advanced users. However, my suggestion is to steer away from this toy until you know your body well enough to buy a rabbit vibe. Not knowing your body can cause the Ina to be an expensive mistake!

Design / Shape / Size

The Ina is ever so attractive to look at with a thick, curved, insertable portion and a 2" flexible curved clitoral attachment equipped with it's own motor, aesthetically this toy is flawless. The specs are as followed.

Length: 7 3/4"
Insertable length: 3 1/2"
Circumference: 4 1/2"
Diameter: 1 3/8"
Clitoral attachment shape: Non-animal
Weight: 1.5 lb

The shaft portion of this toy is about 3.5" long, easily reaching my g-spot with the thick, vibrating pressure that I love in a G-spot toy. At first, I found this toy a little thick at it's widest point, but as I learned to adjust it to the right positions I found it incredibly stimulating. I feel that the g-spot portion of this is sensational! I love the way it isn't the tip hitting my g, but rather the slightly thicker portion of the shaft, giving me a more complete kind of pressure. Please note that the shaft has almost no flexibility.

The clitoral attachment which is about 2" long will bend back about 90 degrees but will put a lot of pressure on your clit. I love a high vroom toy, but this toy is a bit much for me at certain angles due to the way the clitoral attachment hugs into your body.

For a rabbit style vibe, this toy is pretty small and discreet. The handle is easy to grip, and the Ina comes with a black silk pouch for storage. It's not a toy I usually throw into my purse, but a carry on or vacation bag is a great place for it!

As I stated before, they problem with this toy for beginners is the way that it is only going to work for certain body types.

Functions / Performance / Controls

Lelo thoughtfully designed the Ina with 8 different functions including the following:

-Steady vibrations from both motors
-Just shaft vibrating
-Just clit arm vibrating
-Alternating pulses between shaft and clit arm
-Both motors pulsating simultaneously
-Increasing vibrations in the shaft, then a pulse in the clit arm
-Increasing vibrations in the shaft, then decreasing in the clit arm

Don't forget the Ina is fully rechargeable! Score! It is operated by 4 easy buttons. There + and - buttons allow you to increase intensity, which easily hits four vrooms, sometimes 4.5. The up and down arrows let you increase and decrease the intensity of the vibrations. The clitoral vibrations are a little more high pitched and buzzy, but the Ina is still surprisingly quiet, living up to the luxury names. My favorite patterns include the steady vibrations for when I want to get off quickly, and the Pulsating for more of a build up.

Other thoughtful additives in functions includes a locking feature. Nothing worse than throwing the toy into your travel bag and have it go buzzing away! Simply hold down all four buttons on the base of the Ina to lock and unlock your toy. Also, there's a quick OFF switch by simply holding down + and - simultaneously. To turn you Ina back on, simply hit the + button.

Unfortunately the Ina is NOT waterproof. Neither is the Ina two, don't trust the advertisements before reading the reviews!
    • Discreet sound
    • Easy to use
    • Rechargeable

Care and Maintenance

An important note is to be careful to keep the white control panel of the Ina dry when cleaning. Use a damp cloth on this portion only. For the colored part of the vibe, a toy cleaner or mild soap and water will keep her nice and new looking after several uses.

Remember your Ina is primarily silicone, so no silicone based lubes! Only use water based to keep your toy in it's best condition.

Also, although the product is silicone, there will be no boiling or throwing it in your dishwasher to disinfect it, so I wouldn't suggest sharing!

Lelo products come in beautiful packaging and with a lovely little satin pouch, perfect for storage.
    • Easy to clean
    • Easy to store


Oh my...Lelo doesn't just make their toys beautiful, their packaging is lovely. Lelo toys come in two boxes. The outer box is the color of the toy with a full sized picture of the toy on one side, and a little description of the toy on the side. The inner box is sleek and black. Perfect for storage. In the box you will find a manual, a satin case, your charger, and of course your Ina!

    • Good for storage
    • Would make a nice gift

Personal comments

A quick suggestion: make sure your lift and adjust the clitoral arm when inserting your toy vaginally. Otherwise the rigid arm is going to jab you...and OUCH. That does not feel good. Also, don't be afraid to adjust angles. This toy did a lot less for me just inserted flat than it did with a slight angle up towards the front wall of my vagina.

Oh, and let's talk about charging! A two hour charge will get your 4 hours of play! The best part?? The Ina doesn't get weaker, until the lights on the control panel start blinking red (in which case PLUG IT IN!!) Also, the charger is very discreet. Looks no different then a basic charger.


I thought my Lelo Ina would be my go to toy as my first luxury purchase. And don't get me wrong, I LOVE her. But she isn't a five star vibe. It took me three to five uses to figure out how to really please myself with the pressure of the clit arm and the large circumference of the shaft. I don't have the ideal anatomy for the Ina, but she does please me, endlessly. But, I had to learn how to make her please me, it wasn't instant. I still think it is one of the most lovely toys I own, and I use it often.

That being said, I could easily see why some people do not love this toy. It's anatomy specific. The first time I used it, before I figured it out, I was like um, ouchh. But I wanted to like it so badly! So I kept trying, and I did figure her out because my anatomy, although not perfect, was close enough.

Lastly, I was disappointed the Ina wasn't fully waterproof. Dropping the amount I did on this toy, I would have loved it to be a little more versatile, especially when Lelo advertises it as "perfect for the woman who wants it all." Well, Lelo, I do want it all, and by not making your toys submergable, I am NOT getting it.
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  • Rossie
    Thank you for the wonderful review. Maybe the Ina 2 might be more compatible with your anatomy.
  • mjtheprincess
    You know, that's exactly what I was thinking! The clitoral attachment on it is going to make it more universal, which is a huge improvement! However, Lelo still failed me because I read the reviews on the Ina 2, and apparently it's not waterproof! False advertising because it's not submergable, barley splash-proof. What a massive bummmmmmer!
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    Great review! I love Lelo toys but "rabbit" type vibes don,t work for me as intended but can using one function at a time. The adjustability of the clit arm could perhaps work for me. But when I "invest" this much in a new toy, I so want to be sure.... Anyway, your review has me more then interested as I passed on the Ina before..
    I find with Lelo toys that although they can't be used under water, some wetness through washing them has never been an issue...
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