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Ina may just be the most ideal dual stimulator ever created if she fits your personal anatomy. She is strong, with thuddy and deep vibrations and patterns that wave and pulse from one stimulator to the next, making blended orgasms almost easy to achieve. Her short shaft will make her either ideal for reaching both gspot and clitoris or make it impossible, dependent upon how you are built.
Excellent curve, firm, good pressure, not too long, very strong/quiet
May be too firm for some, not good for thrusting, not flexible
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First, I apologize for the length of the video. I seem to have gotten carried away as there is a lot going on with this toy. Second, there are actually 8 patterns of vibration though I stopped recording them at 5.

So. Ok. Onward.

The LELO Ina. Lusted after. Longed for. The anticipation nearly killed us all between seeing the pictures from tradeshows last summer until it's unveiling this Holiday season.

Does it live up to expectations?

For me, yes. Oh yes. Yes, yes, yes. But possibly not for everyone. Ina is an excellent vibrator, a superb dual stimulator, but she is also very anatomy dependent and I highly recommend you look closely and think hard about whether she'll fit *your* anatomoy.

Ina is ABS plastic and silicone but the silicone, like all LELO toys, is actually either plastic coated with silicone or a rock hard firm silicone -- I haven't determined which yet as I am loathe to tear apart a LELO toy in order to know for sure. Regardless, the Ina is firm. Totally firm with virtually no give or bend, much like other firm materials such as glass, wood, metal, plastic, ceramic or stone.

Ina's clitoral stimulator is less firm than the shaft and, as such, has a bit of give but not a lot. It bends and lifts to adjust it over your clitoris but is not, by any means, soft. It provides an excellent amount of pressure if that is what you need but may still be a bit too rigid for those who prefer a softer stimulator.

The Ina is 7.75 inches long with an insertable shaft of 3.5 inches. The clitoral stimulator is about half the length of the shaft. This makes Ina an EXCELLENT choice for those who typically find the shaft of dual simulators too long or the clitoral stimulator to be too far down the shaft. The Ina is compact, with everything you need for vaginal, g-spot and clitoral stimulation packed into a very small area.

Ina's diameter is not quite 1.5 inches at it's largest point and should be manageable for just about anyone. If you prefer a lot of length, however, or are looking for cervical stimulation, you may not get it with Ina.

Ina is best used... gently, I guess, is the best way to put it. Because it is rigid it's difficult to thrust without jamming the clitoral stimulator into your vulva, labia and clit -- which can be painful. I've found a rocking, rolling, rubbing motion works best for me as it allows me to rub against my g-spot while also rubbing and rocking the clitoral stimulator against my clit. It also works, if you don't need any motion, if you simply insert and leave it still, letting the vibrations do all the work.

The curve of Ina's shaft is as close to perfection as I've found yet. The thickest part of the shaft has enough area to really give your whole g-spot the pressure and massage it needs without having to angle the handle down. I have found that it actually works best to angle the handle upwards slightly. Trying to insert and use it with the handle horizontal doesn't allow the clitoral stimulator to line up properly where as lifting that handle a bit, tilting it upwards, puts the clit stimulator in the right place and really works the curved thickness of the shaft against the g-spot.

The clitoral stimulator, while not as rigid as the shaft, is quite firm. It is not plush or squishy and will probably work best for those who need pressure and something with resistance and rigidity. Think plastic clit toys, toys like the Layaspot rather than squishy silicone.

It is different than the shaft -- in fact, with my orange one you can vaguely see thru it to the motor beneath the silicone -- but I don't want anyone to buy this thinking it's soft. It's not. The biggest complaint I've seen about the Ina is the lack of flexibility and softness in the clit stimulator.

I love it. You may or may not.

The Ina's vibrations may be her best feature. (I'm sorry. I keep switching from it to she/her. I can't help but think of Ina as a female toy!) Not only are they a LOT stronger than on any other LELO toy, including the dual motored Elise, but they are deeper, throbbier, thrummier and less surface than previous LELO toys.

The Ina has dual motors and both her shaft and her clitoral stimulator vibrate.

Continued in Experience section due to length...
The control panel has been slightly redesigned from past LELO toys; rather than a single button pad it has four separate buttons - a plus and minus horizontally and arrows vertically. A single press to the button starts vibrations to both shaft and clit stimulator, subsequent presses raise the steady vibration level in increments. I count 10 - 12 levels, it's hard to tell. As you increase vibrations, the sensation in the clit stimulator becomes more and more throbby and deep.

Pressing the up/down arrows changes your vibrations to patterns and pulsations. Your first press turns off the clit stimulator and gives vibrations just in the shaft. The second press turns off vibrations in the shaft, turns them on in the clit stimulator. The third press starts patterns between the two that varies with subsequent presses until you get to the eighth and final press of the button.

Patterns are... amazing. Truly. They escalate, pulsate, wave back and forth between the two pleasure points and make the Ina feel almost as if it is in motion inside you. (Which is good as you can't thrust or move it much) Most amazing, to me, is the deep vibrational sensation, though. The Ina truly feels like the vibrations are coming from deep within her rather than being right at the surface. Excellent for those who dislike "buzzy" vibes.

Also amazing is how quiet Ina is despite her power. I cannot imagine she would be heard from behind a closed door, even by a nosy neighbor or roommate.

Ina is rechargeable and plugs in via a silicone covered port in her base. A couple hours charging gives you at least a couple hours use. I've only had to charge mine once for six or seven uses so far and she's still running strong.

When plugged in, Ina's control panel lights up, pulsing on and off. It emits a steady glow when it is fully charged. If the Ina is running low, the control panel will glow red to let you know.

Use only water based lubes with Ina (though I've used liquid silk with good results and liquid silk is a hybrid lube) and wash her with a mild soap and water or a toy wipe or spray of some sort. She is not water proof. If you do get water in her charging port, gently blow into it to get the excess out and refrain from charging until it's dry.

LELO toys are warrantied for one year and come with an excellent instruction manual, a charger, a nice gift/storage box and a satin drawstring bag.

Ina can be locked for travel by using your thumb to press down in the center of the buttons, holding them all down for a few seconds until the light glows steady. Unlock in the same manner.

My experience with the Ina itself has been incredible. She gives me combined or blended clitoral/gspot orgasms nearly every time I use her. Definitely my favorite LELO toys to date, though I also feel I am very lucky that she suits my anatomy so well. Please keep in mind that she does not suit everyone and that, especially if you need/like thrusting, you may prefer the Mona which is the same shape without the clitoral stimulator.
Follow-up commentary
I still love my Ina but she IS a tricky little bitch. Some days everything lines up just right and she feels like the best thing since sliced bread. Then, other days, she's just not comfy at all and I have to switch to something else. Picky, tricky, girl.

I've since gotten the Mona, as well, and I can say without a doubt, however, that Ina is much, much stronger. The dual stimulator, dual motors, make a HUGE difference in the throbby strength.

Ina is an excellent toy but, with her price, I recommend reading all the reviews you can and being fairly certain she'll work for your body type. Even loving her, I can see why others can feel frustrated by her.
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