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I Hate Myself For Loving You

Lelo is one of the most innovative companies. They are forever changing the way sex toys look and work. And the Ina is no exception. While I don't think it's perfect, it is the most unique toy I've ever tried. And definitely one of the most pleasurable.
Deep rumbling vibrations, many wonderful functions, silicone coated, rechargeable.
May not fit all body types.
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extremely useful review
I think I’ve tested this toy more than any other before writing a review. And if you’re wondering why, it’s because I have issues with it. I love it! But I don’t! Actually I’m very conflicted when it comes to the Lelo Ina. It’s also because I can’t get enough of this toy. Oh and then there’s also the, “I’m doing it for the purpose of a quality review.” Which is what I tell hubby when I start getting those “looks”.

No matter what the reason, my time spent with the Lelo Ina has been that of a love/hate relationship. In terms of vibrations, patterns, and G-spotting this is the most amazing toy I have ever tried.

First the vibrations, They actually rumble and they’re very deeply felt. I have never felt vibrations like these in a vibrator before and it’s amazing! The rumbling is actually stronger in the clit bumper than in the g-spotter. There are about 10 or 11 different strengths of vibrations and are adjusted by pressing the plus and minus buttons. The lowest being a soft rumble and the highest being very strong.

Next are the 8 different patterns or functions. These are quite unique. The 1st one is the standard steady vibration, the 2nd is just the g-spotter vibrating, the 3rd just the clit bumper vibrates, the 4th is a pulsing back and forth between the two, the 5th both of them pulse in a quick staccato at the same time, the 6th is a rolling through from one to the other (hard to describe but feels amazing), the 7th is the same as the 6th but faster, and finally the 8th is an unpredictable pattern between the two. I can't decide which one is my favorite, because I love them all.

And finally what I love so much about this vibrator is the G-spotter. The Lelo Gigi may have known exactly how to find the G-spot, but the Ina knows exactly how it likes to be played with. Not to take anything away from Gigi, but Ina is just a little better lover…um, I mean G-spot toy. The shaft is shaped sort of like a flower or chandelier bulb and is 1 1/2 inches diameter at it’s widest point. It actually protrudes a bit more at the top and is perfectly curved to rub up against a woman’s G-spot. The insertable part is only 3 1/2 inches long, but that’s quite sufficient for reaching almost any woman’s G-spot. I usually need thrusting for G-spot orgasms and this is not a thrusting toy. The best way to use it is to rock it or rub it against the G-spot, and for some strange reason it works. Don’t ask me why, it just does.

Ok so you’re probably saying to yourself, or me…So what’s the problem? It sounds practically perfect. Right? Unfortunately no. At least for me it’s not. This might be the perfect toy for the right body, and don’t ask me what that body looks like, because I have no idea. But like I said before, I do have issues with it. Though not enough to keep me from using it….frequently.

My main issue with it is the clit bumper. First, for me, it’s a bit too short. It measures about 2 inches long from where it bumps up against the base. I never thought my clitoris sat high, but I guess it does. So it’s very hard for me to get the bumper up to my clitoris. Then there’s the angle and inflexibility of the bumper itself. This thing seriously clamps down on the labia and clit like a silicone vise and puts a very strong pressure on them. And you might be wondering why I keep calling it a bumper. Try moving it just once and you’ll understand in a heart beat. What I have to do to compensate for these issues is use both hands. I hook one finger under the bumper at the base and hold it up just a bit. I know this may seem like a pain, but it’s worth it. The Ina can produce the most mind blowing combination orgasms, worthy of any and all work I have to put into it, to achieve them.

Continued in the experience section….
Now on to the rest of the toy. The overall size is 7 3/4 inches. It’s made of hard plastic with the top half either being covered with silicone or made of a very hard silicone. Either way, it is very firm with just a tad bit of give to it. The surface of the silicone is soft and velvety and not the least bit tacky. At the front of the base are 4 buttons. As I said before the + & - buttons are for increasing and decreasing the intensity. They are also for turning it on and off, and if you press both of them at the same time, it will lock your toy and keep it from accidentally being turned on when not in use. The up and down arrow buttons are for cycling through the different functions. These buttons are very easy to use and do not get in the way when playing with the toy.

The Lelo Ina is rechargeable and requires no batteries. The lights around the control buttons flash when it’s charging and then there is a steady light when it’s done. According to Lelo, a two hour charge will give you 4 hours of pleasure. But I’m here to tell you that at full blast, I only got 2 hours of pleasure before I had to recharge it. Though I’m not complaining, It was easy enough to just plug it back in and charge it again for the next time.

Ina is not waterproof, so be careful when you’re washing it that you don’t get the controls or the charging port wet. Also because it is coated with silicone, please only use water based lubricants with it.

The Ina comes with a lovely double layered black and white satin drawstring bag for storage, a complete instruction booklet and warranty papers. Yes, Lelo warranties all of their toys for 1 year.

Finally, even though I don’t think this toy is perfect, I still highly recommend it. In spite of its drawbacks, if I had to do it over again, I would definitely purchase it again. And if you think that this isn’t the right Lelo for your body type, they also have another new toy called the Mona, which has the same G-spotter without the clit bumper.
Follow-up commentary
I fall in love with this more every time I use it. And I do use it quite a lot. And the more I use it the more I'm getting the hang of it. You know, practice makes perfect.

This has quickly become my favorite dual stimulation toy.
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